Bedroom Trends 2021: Top 10 Best Design Ideas and Styles for 2021

bedroom trends 2021 grey palette interior Bedroom design

Bedrooms are one of the most versatile places in the entire house which are really fun to design. Here are 10 best bedroom trends 2021 that will help you create a stylish interior. 

In this list, we also collected stunning ideas and fashionable styles that can be incorporated into your bedroom design 2021. 

bedroom trends 2021 modern Scandinavian interior

As you know, in any sleeping space, headboards are one of the most important elements after the bed, because they are capable of enhancing the space with their stylishness and peculiarity.

In addition to being naturally modish, this year they have become much more accentuated and stylish through different unique design motives.

They have become so chic and eye-catching that there is no wonder why they are among the top bedroom trends 2021.

top bedroom trends 2021 upholstered headboards

What is more, the upholstered and wooden headboards are two of the most popular types nowadays, both of which are highly attractive so you can easily embellish the entire interior based on them.

By the way, upholstered headboards can come in vast selection of designs, sizes, textures, and colors, so do not be afraid to experiment and make a statement with them in your bedroom design 2021. 

modern bedroom design 2021 wood headboard trend

When speaking of making a statement, we could not pass by accents walls which are also among the best bedroom trends 2021.

This year’s statement walls have a major tendency of matching with the headboards or being their continuation. To put it shortly, the combination of two creates a highly attractive accent wall feature, which looks absolutely stunning and ultra-modern. 

modern bedroom design trends 2021 statement wall

Accent walls of nowadays can be designed through a wide variety of features like interesting materials, colors, unusual textures, different sizes, and the list goes on. 

By the way, wood panel accent walls are also among the most viral bedroom design trends 2021, so if you are seeking to impress and make a statement, then the wood paneling can surely be handy for that. 

bedroom design trends 2021 wood panel statement wall

Bedroom Design Ideas 2021: Above Bed Hanging Pendants

The next incredibly trendy component of the bed wall is the hanging pendants, which are nowadays designed to replace the nightstands, and they actually look so much better than the traditional lights.

The above-bed hanging pendants are one of the most trending bedroom design ideas 2021 that can easily integrate into any interior because nowadays there are endless design options and motives of this. 

bedroom design 2021 above bed hanging pendants

What is more, hanging pendants are also a perfect addition to an accent wall and headboard. Together they complete bedroom interior while making it much more put together and sophisticated.

All in all, if you want to have an exclusive furnishing attribute in your bedroom design 2021, then hanging lights are simply perfect for that. 

modern bedroom 2021 above bed hanging lights

Yet another popular design motive among bedroom trends 2021 is the face-line-art, which can be included in bedroom interior as a statement wallpaper, an art collage, or any other decor.  

What is more, if you do not particularly enjoy line-art objects, you can also decorate your bedroom interior with any kind of oversized art objects of your preference. In other words, if you want to make your space more eye-catching and artistic, then these bedroom ideas 2021 can undoubtedly be helpful.

bedroom interior trends 2021 face-line-art decor

Bedroom 2021: Plants and Natural Elements

If you were following the latest interior trends, then you probably know that the industry has become more inclined to the inclusion of plants in living spaces as well as to the utilization of organic and sustainable materials for creating furnishing pieces.

Nowadays, this concept is among the most widespread bedroom design ideas 2021, which means you will probably notice high usage of decorations and plants in sleeping spaces.

bedroom ideas 2021 plants and natural materials

Paint color is yet another significant component for any bedroom design, which is capable of instantly filling up the room with style and reflect your personality. 

Just like in the last couple of years, neutrals are still trending in bedroom design 2021; however, the real color trends are the earthly pastel tones like sage green, dusty pink, peach, sapphire ice, moody blue as well as neo-mint and warm browns.

sage green bedroom ideas 2021

This color scheme can be incorporated as through wall paints as with other furnishes like vanity, headboard, bed cover, or curtains.  These types of color additions make your space more attractive and contemporary.

Moreover, besides being among the top bedroom design trends 2021, pastels are also very aesthetic and calming, which is another advantageous reason to employ them into your space.

bedroom trends 2021 pastel colors

Bedroom Ideas 2021: Scandinavian Style & ‘Hygge’ Decor

Now that we have talked about individual bedroom trends 2021 let us discuss some of this year’s most trending styles for bedroom interior, the list of which leads Scandinavian inspired bedrooms.

Scandinavian style is one of the most remarkable interior design trends 2021, which of course addresses bedroom design as well.

A typical Scandinavian bedroom incorporates minimal, pastel colors, soft fabrics, natural decor materials, a variety of patterns, and an overall declutter of space.

bedroom design 2021 Scandinavian style grey interior

Hygge Furnishing Style

Danish concept Hygge which translates as comfort and coziness is another significant component of bedroom designs 2021, and it is mostly integrated into Scandinavian or Bohemian style environments.

Besides, since the Hygge concept prioritizes comfort, you can see plenty of such decorations as scented candles, warm, fluffy fabrics, pillows, cozy light fixtures, and other elements of personal liking.

All in all, this is a lovely furnishing concept for bedroom design 2021. 

modern bedroom design 2021 hygge decor elements

Bedroom Ideas 2021: Modern Rustic and Industrial Style

There are many amazing styles among bedroom trends 2021, and still, modern rustic interior distinguishes with its cabin-like atmosphere which is often displayed through exposed natural woods, welcoming color scheme and various comfy textiles. 

Contemporary rustic style bedroom 2021 incorporates darker textured woods, black metal, moody shade bedding, layered fabrics as well as other rustic style furnishing decorations.

Although this style is more typical among male bedrooms, it still looks equally stunning in more feminine tones as well.

bedroom design ideas 2021 modern rustic interior

Moreover, due to the common characteristics like worn-out materials and exposed textures, modern rustic interior effortlessly combines with contemporary industrial style, integrating some of its distinguishing characteristics as well. 

In fact, modern-industrial is like a stunning mixture of the two styles, which has already established its exclusive spot among the most trendy bedroom ideas 2021. 

bedroom design ideas 2021 modern rustic industrial style interior

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