Top 25 Creative Dining Room Trends 2022 To Try Now

Dining room design

For dining room trends 2022, a rectangular table and a couple of chairs is an overly simple solution. Many people have recently begun to realize the fact that the dining room also requires thoughtful design and decoration.

Top 25 Creative Dining Room Trends 2022 For You

Today, the attitude towards interior design has changed a lot, and the dining room has begun to be given as much attention as the interior of the bedroom or bathroom.

The place where we meet with the whole family every day should be not only comfortable, but also stylish and cozy.

Make a round table the center of the dining area, and instead of standard wooden or plastic chairs, choose options with a soft back and seat and lay a carpet (yes, you can do in the dining room).

Dining Room Trends 2022: Round Table

The atmosphere will immediately become more comfortable. And don’t forget about good lighting. The designers are sure: several small lamps look more interesting than one large lampshade.

Dining Table as an Extension of the Windowsill

If you do not plan to move the table from one corner of the dining room to another, then this solution is for you.

Extend the countertop from the kitchen unit along the window to the table: you will get both a work and dining space, where it will not only be convenient to receive guests, but also sit with a laptop, if necessary.

Dining Table as an Extension of the Windowsill 2022

Window Sill – Bar Counter

When there is no room for a full-fledged dining area, you have to use all available surfaces – for example, a window sill. It can be deepened and turned into a bar counter. Artificial stone, wood, quartz are suitable for the countertop.

But you can use the same tiles and mosaics for decoration as on the kitchen backsplash.

You can increase the number of seats by replacing a pair of chairs with a banquette. A large corner banquette would be even better. If you put it by the window, you can do without a backrest, and put decorative pillows in a row instead.

Dining Room Trends 2022 with a Banquette

Dining Area with Built-in Sofa

Another way to equip a spacious dining area is to design cabinets with a special niche for a built-in sofa. Decorate the wall behind the sofa with pictures and sconces of an interesting shape.

We are sure that such a soft zone will become a favorite place for the whole family to relax.

Classic wall decoration above the dining area usually includes gastronomic images, a series of black and white pictures or a collection of reproductions.

The choice of a painting is a matter of taste, but one must not forget about the harmonious combination of the image, the frame and the interior itself.

Dining Area with Built-in Sofa 2022

Decorative plates are another version of dining room trends 2022. Ideal for Provence, Country, Rustic styles.

Dining Room Trends 2022: Decorative Plates

Showcasing a Personal Collection

If your nightstands are overflowing with straw hats, wicker baskets, unwanted vinyl records, cutting boards or vintage radios, use the collection for wall decoration.

Showcasing a Personal Collection 2022

Probably, there is no kitchen where the clock is not used in the interior.

But your wall above the dining area requires some special decor. Why not decorate it with a huge clock or, for example, a whole collection of vintage wall clocks?

Decor Trends 2022: Wall Clock

Dining Room Ideas 2022: Writing Board

This decor option came to us not so long ago and is already actively used in the design of hallways, kids’ rooms, kitchens and dining rooms. The note board can be chalk or slate, cork, magnetic.

It is convenient to quickly write down recipes, messages to loved ones and shopping lists.

Dining Room Ideas 2022: Writing Board

Dining Room Design 2022: Open Shelves

The traditional idea of a practical decor. Open shelves above the dining area are good for interior items, for showcasing your collections and for useful little things.

Dining Room Design 2022: Open Shelves

TV Over the Dining Area

Not fresh, but one of the practical dining room trends 2022 for those who have every family dinner accompanied by watching a new, interesting film.

TV Over the Dining Area 2022

We highlight the wall above the dining area with color or textured material, a combination of different materials, bright wallpaper, an original print, a niche or protruding part of the wall.

Dining Room Trends 2022: Accent Wall

3D Wallpaper Or 3D Stickers

Photo panels, vinyl 3D stickers or a fragment of 3D wallpaper in the dining area will also help highlight the wall above the table.

Too large images, such as giant tomatoes or pods, are best left for other rooms: the smaller the 3D fragment, the smaller the objects depicted on it should be.

3D Wallpaper Or 3D Stickers 2022

Mirror Over the Table

Is a mirror appropriate in the kitchen or dining room for an accent wall? Yes! Stylish and beautiful. And the mirror will add light and visually expand the boundaries of the room.

Mirror Over the Table 2022

The richer the lighting, the cozier the dining room 2022 atmosphere. Add a pair of wall sconces, pendant lights for dining table lighting, or a trendy floor lamp.

Interior Design Trends 2022: Additional Lighting

An idea that does not lose its relevance is the design of a dining loft area with bricks.

Brick imitation options: decorative brick, PVC 3D panels, time-consuming plaster version, 3D brick wallpaper, decorative gypsum tiles, brick-cut drywall panels and flexible stone chips.

Brick Wall Design Trends 2022

Decor trends 2022 made of large letters (plaster, wood, cork and others) still do not give up their positions – they are still used to decorate walls.

The family name, initials, quotes are laid out on the wall in letters, and the wall is also decorated with a collection of one letter in different design options or even a random set of letters.

Decor Trends 2022: Letters

Cutlery on the Wall

Themed dining room 2022 decor is cutlery. This can be a collection of spoons, panels with silhouettes of spoons and forks, or, for example, large decorative cutlery.

Cutlery on the Wall

Light, beautiful and stylish idea. Vintage things in the interior always look spectacular: plates, letters, empty frames, mirrors and photographs, watches and dishes, vintage boxes instead of shelves, etc.

Vintage Decor Trends 2022

Wreaths And Rings

In order for such a design not to evoke associations with funeral wreaths, use a minimum of decor on the rings – leave part of the circle empty, without flowers, branches, spruce paws.

Or use a decor that will evoke wholly different thoughts and emotions: branches with berries or tangerines, for example. In the form of a circle, you can place your collections of plates, records and other objects on the wall.

Vintage Decor Trends 2022

Spectacular and stylish decor option, a great alternative to TV. Less time for bad news, more time with family.

Dining Room Design Ideas 2022: Phytodesign

Dining room trends 2022 for a green wall above the dining table: stabilized moss and tillandsias, flowers in small hanging pots on vintage rails, a living phytowall on the entire accent wall, succulents in miniature cones.

Dining Room Design Ideas 2022: Phytodesign

Wine Cabinet

Storing wine requires a certain temperature, which must be maintained on a constant basis. If you can’t afford a wine cabinet, you can get by with the original hanging structure for storing wine and glasses.

Dining Room Design Ideas 2022: Phytodesign

Family Photos on the Wall

It is one of the most beautiful dining room design ideas 2022 if implemented correctly.

For example, choose your favorite photos, edit them to fit the same style, put them under glass and find beautiful frames, and place them on the wall correctly.

Collection options: huge photographs in black and white, colorful bright photos, architectural landscapes and more.

Dining Room Design Ideas 2022: Phytodesign

Children’s Drawings

Have your children grown up? Frame their first drawings and use them as wall decor trends 2022 – give positive emotions to your children and yourself.

The handmade dining room trends 2022 are perfect for a tight budget. There are so many handmade wall decor options that even a person without special talents can find an idea for himself with the possibility of implementation.

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