Best Dining Room Trends 2021: Top 10 Design Ideas and Styles

dining room design 2021 best trends and styles Dining room design

Nowadays, dining rooms aren’t just for function, but also for the aesthetics of the entire house. Here are 10 stylish dining room trends 2021 that can be handy for furnishing a modern dining space.

In this guide, you will learn about some best dining room design ideas 2021 along with visual examples and additional helpful tips.

So keep reading on to be updated with the best dining space trends and design motives of this year.

Dining Room Trends 2021 Scandinavian style interior design

In the last couple of years, round tables have gained high popularity among consumers, captivating them with their stylish appearance and favorable practicality, especially in smaller environments.

Being one of the biggest dining room trends 2021, round tables come in a wide variety of impressive motives and design concepts, making it really hard to resist their stylishness. 

dining room trends 2021 wooden round tables and modern chairs

As mentioned earlier, round tables are also especially perfect for smaller environments, as they tend to be much more compact and cozy compared to more traditional square or rectangle shapes.

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Besides that, the curviness of the edges creates a more comfortable and personal environment for close gather ups which is a very beneficial characteristic unique only for round tables. 

dining room design trends 2021 modern round table

Overall, if you seek to integrate some trendy dining room design ideas 2021 into your interior, then you can surely start with this one.

Dining Room Design Ideas 2021: Statement Chairs

Inclusion of statement furniture has always been a great method of accentuating the space and making it more eye-catching, and this year, attractive chairs are one of the main statement elements for dining spaces.

Statement chairs typically distinguish through their unique designs, bold ornaments, unusual choice of colors or other attractive motives.

As a matter of fact, colorful velvet chairs are one of the biggest dining room trends 2021 that can transfer any environment from plain to extravagant.

Dining room ideas 2021 red statement velvet chairs

So if you want to upgrade from plain interior to stylish dining room design 2021, you can simply purchase some statement chairs, and they will give your space a stylish makeover. 

Dining Room Ideas 2021: Benches as Chair Alternatives

As unusual as it may sound, but benches are one of the most exclusive dining room ideas 2021, which are especially common in Farmhouse or Rustic style interiors.

Benches are not only a great way to bring in more seating space, but they also look very nice and sleek. In addition to that, they also have some distinctive inviting atmosphere which transfers to the whole place, making it much more welcoming for the viewer. 

Dining room ideas 2021 benches as chair alternative

If you were keeping up with the latest interior trends, then you probably know that the inclusion of plants is a significant tendency recently. In fact, plants have become so widely popular that they are nowadays one of the most major dining room trends 2021.  

Plants are not only very environmentally friendly, but they also wonderfully combine with the rest of the interior, while creating a welcoming and healthy dining atmosphere. 

dining room design 2021 natural plants wall

The best part of this trend is that you do not have to limit yourself to one or two plants, you can actually add a bunch of natural elements in your dining room design 2021, thus establishing a healthy dining area for you and your family. 

Dining Room Design Ideas 2021: Mix and Match 

Now that we have talked about some of the most top dining room trends 2021 let us mention several contemporary dining area design ideas that really caught our attention. 

The first one is the idea of ‘mix and match’, which typically refers to the concept of combining different but complementary objects into one harmonized set.

This applies to both interior styles and other design attributes such as furnishing items, colors, textures, etc.

dining room trends 2021 mix and match chairs

As mentioned already, the concept of ‘mix and match’ is one of the leading dining design ideas 2021 at the moment, which captivates people with its liberal and fashion-forward furnishing motives and combinations.

In fact, if you go through some of the most trendy dining room designs 2021, you might easily find an interior where many items can have seemingly contrasting styles and design concepts, and yet together they somehow look very attractive and appealing. 

dining room ideas 2021 mixed style interior

By the way, if you’re new to mix and match concept, here’s a helpful guide for you to be more confident when furnishing your house.

Dining Room Design 2021: Loss of formality and tradition

You have already guessed that interior design trends 2021 are very much focused on incorporating more liberal and refreshing ideas rather than keeping up with traditional motives. 

In fact, if you seek to have a contemporary dining room design 2021, then you should replace conservative and formal furnishing ideas with fresh and exciting conceptions. 

dining room trends 2021 loss of tradition and formality

What is more, do not be afraid to experiment and have fun with contemporary motives; just remember that besides being functional, your dining room should also be captivating and enjoyable. 

Yet another viral tendency of dining room design 2021 is the Scandinavian style, which typically stands out with its neatly stylish and very tranquil feeling.

A typical Scandinavian style dining room includes minimal and neutral colour-scheme, lots of natural materials like wood as well as functional and yet chic furnishing pieces.

Interior design trends 2021 modern Scandinavian dining room design 2021

In other words, Scandinavian style interiors are one of the few dining room trends 2021 that distinguish with their effortless elegance and natural stylishness. 

Dining Room Design Ideas 2021: Modern Luxury Interior

If you prefer grandeur and lavishness to simplicity, then modern-luxury style dining room design 2021 will be your favorite design concept.

Contemporary fancy dining rooms usually integrate grand-looking furnishing items, magnificent accent elements, as well as attractive materials like glass, gold metal, shiny ceramic, eye-catching textiles, and other attributes in the same tendency. 

dining room design ideas 2021 modern luxury style interior

With that being said, if you decide to pick this style for your dining room design 2021 make sure to pick each item cautiously so that you won’t overwhelm your room with a bunch of lavish pieces that do not really harmonize with each other. 

Chandeliers play a substantial role in any environment, and dining rooms are no exception. Actually, the inclusion of fancy light-fixtures is one of the most remarkable dining room design ideas 2021, which specifically distinguish with their grandeur and stylishness. 

Nowadays, luxury chandeliers come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and design motives.

Besides that, they typically include modish materials such as shiny metals, high-quality glasses, steel, wood, etc. 

dining room decor trends 2021 fancy golden chandelier

All in all, if you aim to create a luxury dining room design 2021, then you should undoubtedly include some sort of fancy lights in your interior.

Dining Room Ideas 2021: Personality and Uniqueness

At this point, you have probably already noticed that most dining room trends 2021 mentioned in this guide have one common characteristic, which is the distinctive personality.

In fact, all dining room ideas and trends of this year have some distinguishing characteristics that can help you create the personality of your space.

dining room ideas 2021 calming modern minimal interior

In other words, when planing your dining room design 2021, you should definitely think of what type of unique characteristics and personality do you want your space to have. 

With that being said, we conclude our trend list on dining room ideas 2021, and we hope that this guide helped you have a better understanding of the latest tendencies and concepts. 

dining room ideas 2021 cozy welcoming interior

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  1. Cynthia T

    These dining tables and chairs remind me of old library tables and chairs. They lack any design. The white and gold chairs may last one dinner with kids.

    1. Designer

      Children that are resilient and filled with energy become our decor nemesis when it comes to opting for what type of dining table will fit our family’s lifestyle.

      There are 3 solid tips on what to look for when selecting the best kid-friendly dining tables for your home:
      • square footage;
      • family size;
      • the shape of the table.
      You may find so many styles of furniture in dining room trends 2021 that you fall in love with. However, you should consider carefully the table surface you are going to choose. The surface of this table should be easy to clean. It should also be smooth for working on crafting projects with your kids.

      Try to avoid glass top tables, plastic or laminate, painted metal tables, and surface texture.

      Here are some styles to inspire you: solid wood, engineered wood, marble tops.

      There is also a completely different surface to consider, marble. This texture is smooth, easy to clean, and just looks stunning. A black iron base offers a unique contrast to the white marble tabletop.

      Well, I hope I could provide you with informative and inspiring ideas. After all, our goal is to provide you with resources in order you can create a beautiful family space with functional furniture.