Eco Interior Design with 10 Most Fascinating Style Trends

Interior Design Trends

The use of eco interior design is essential for the need of environmental protection and wellness. This style is agreeable to those who want to be surrounded with coziness and convenience, causing minimal damage to the environment.

A significant plus of eco-friendly decor is the available solution for any taste, in a variety of price categories.

Eco Interior Design with 10 Most Fascinating Style Trends

Originally, the style was created for saving residents of large cities from stress and negativity caused by the accelerated pace of life and environmental pollution. Moreover, there are also benefits we would like to discuss:

  • In eco style there is no place for plastics and polymers, it is also undesirable to use staining, at best, you can apply a primer, stain and varnish.
  • Contrary to popular belief, modern high technologies are inseparable from an ecological style, because they are aimed at saving and humane treatment of natural resources, for example, washing machines and dishwashers are economical in water and energy consumption.
  • Purity of materials, simple lines and shapes are fundamental for eco style interior design.

Here, we are going to represent the main principles of eco interior design for achieving a really natural corner in your place.

Eco Interior Design with 10 Most Fascinating Style Trends

The Harmony of Eco Interior Design

The aesthetic values and appearance of eco-friendly interior design is not its only benefit. Eco-friendly decor in a house or apartment provides you with an unmatched opportunity to slow down both your body and soul.

It fills the atmosphere with pleasurable emotions, detaching you from the fuss of the city and surrounding him with peacefulness and harmony.

Color Solution in Eco Style Interior Design

In order to create an eco-friendly interior design, you should use natural colors and shades derived from them. Bright acidic and complex combinations are not acceptable. They are inappropriate in such a design – after all, eco interior design disposes to rest, relaxation, everything should contribute to it.

You will do the right thing if you use pure, unambiguous tones: woody, sandy, beige, white, blue, gray, blue, grassy, terracotta, brown, black in a small amount, pale yellow and others.

Eco Interior Design with 10 Most Fascinating Style Trends

Just try to choose colors based on how they look in the natural surroundings of wildlife (blue sky, pleasant foliage, blue water, gray-brown tree bark).

Eco Friendly Materials

Eco interior design suggests the use of natural, one might say, pristine materials. They are solid quality wood, natural stone, glass, forging, ceramic tiles.

Wood is the primary material, indicating that the interior is in eco friendly decor, thus, most often, it is used here in large quantities to embellish the ceiling, floor, walls, furniture and other elements.

The ceilings can be whitewashed or pasted over with wallpaper, as well as trimmed with wood.

The most possible solution for floor is the use of materials in wood, stone or ceramics.

Eco Interior Design with 10 Most Fascinating Style Trends

Furniture in Eco Friendly Interior Design

Furniture from natural wood prevails, preferably from solid wood. These can be tables or stools made of solid trunks, tabletops. The shapes are simple; the textures are natural. You can use rattan furniture – due to its texture, it facilitates the massiveness of the natural furniture.

Of course, we must not forget that furniture of this style cannot be cheap. Even more expensive is solid wood furniture. Anyway, you can try to find a private craftsman, which is a more budgetary alternative.

Eco Interior Design with 10 Most Fascinating Style Trends

When choosing the right furniture style, pay attention not only to the nature of the material, but also to the shape of the items that you are going to purchase.

Simple, even somewhat primitive forms of tables, beds, armchairs and chairs, cabinets and sofas will eloquently indicate their belonging to eco interior design.

Eco Friendly Decor Accessories

As a decor illustrating the features of eco style, choose all kinds of baskets and chests made of rattan and wicker, ceramic and glass dishes, vases and decanters, woolen rugs and straw mats, linen and cotton textiles, bamboo roller blinds.

Eco Interior Design with 10 Most Fascinating Style Trends

Plant motifs on wallpaper and textiles, dishes and rugs will fit unusually organically into the eco interior, being the spiritual completion of the natural image of the room, however, one should refuse to use the pattern simultaneously on many surfaces at once.

Lighting in Eco Interior Design

Natural light is a must for an ecological interior. In case it’s not sufficient, you will need to add artificial lighting. You can use built-in luminaires that seem to be invisible. They help to create a luminous flux complementing the window light.

Decorative lighting with lampshades in various textiles and adorning components will work perfectly.

Eco Interior Design with 10 Most Fascinating Style Trends

Eco Friendly Bedroom

It does not matter whether you equip a bedroom for yourself, children or guests who periodically visit you, the eco-friendly interior design here can be felt very clearly or sound only echoes in the decor.

Cover the walls with neutral paper wallpaper with a floral pattern, or paint over with water-based paint to decorate with paintings later. Lay a light carpet made of natural fibers on the floor, the ceiling can be simply whitewashed or decorated with decorative beams.

Eco Interior Design with 10 Most Fascinating Style Trends

Use translucent curtains to decorate window openings, and cover a laconic wooden bed (with wrought iron elements) with a woolen blanket.

An eco-friendly bedroom is endowed with a strictly defined function of a relaxation room, so there is no need to place tea chairs and bookshelves in it.

Eco Style Bathroom

It is possible to decorate a bathroom in an eco style interior design so that it clearly corresponds to it with facing materials. Don’t forget that such an interior itself should not be overly saturated, especially when the room is small enough.

As eco friendly bathroom materials use matte rough tiles or stone for the floor, mirrors in rough frames, specially treated wood furniture, ceramic sanitary ware.

Tip: To diversify the interior and emphasize its flavor, pick up a sink of an unusual shape (resembling a tub, for example).

Eco Interior Design with 10 Most Fascinating Style Trends

Beautiful and incredibly aesthetically pleasing, besides, with the benefit of the feet, the pebble masonry of the entire bathroom floor or only part of it near the bathtub and sink will look like.

We are sure that each of you deserves the best: peace, surroundings, interior, so do not deprive yourself of the right to live in a beautiful and environmentally friendly house.

Eco Friendly Kitchen

Modern ecological kitchen is senseless without progressive household appliance.

They not only make our everyday life easier, but also aim to preserve human health and the environment. In addition, the shiny facades of kitchen equipment can be disguised behind the doors of cabinets made of pure hard wood: oak, beech, cherry.

Speaking about the appearance of kitchen furniture, it should be noted that it should be no more pretentious than in the living room or bedroom, made in an eco-friendly interior design.

Eco Interior Design with 10 Most Fascinating Style Trends

The lines are straight, the shapes are simple and clear, without any obvious decoration. You can decorate the walls with hanging shelves, on which you can then place ceramic jugs and wicker baskets, fresh flowers in pots.

Although the eco style is somewhat reminiscent of the country style, they should not be confused, using numerous textiles (tablecloths, napkins, curtains, towels) as accents. On the contrary, their number should be minimized here.

Eco Friendly Decor Living Room

To make the living room of eco style interior design more sophisticated even when using eco style features in its design, you need to use expensive natural materials in the decoration of the room: parquet or natural stone for the floor, good-quality fabrics for upholstery, hard wood for furniture.

Eco Interior Design with 10 Most Fascinating Style Trends

Metal-plastic windows and doors, so popular today, are completely unsuitable for use in an eco-friendly interior.

To make the furnishings look natural and appropriate to this style, it is better to order high-quality wooden frames, processed according to all the rules.

Durability and aesthetics are guaranteed.

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