Exterior Design Trends 2022: Top 11 Popular Styles, Colors and More

Exterior Design

It’s nice to come home, where everything is arranged in a trendy style that is comfortable for you, but the exterior design trends 2022 are no less important.

It is not so difficult to design the exterior correctly. You need to find out the current exterior design trends 2022, choose the one you like and implement it with the help of modern technologies. And do not forget about the details.

Exterior Design Trends 2022: Popular Styles, Colors and More

Natural colors, natural textures, loft style, minimalism and many other exterior design trends 2022 are presented in this article.

Natural colors are surely among exterior design trends 2022. These are various shades of gray (marengo, graphite, anthracite), yellow-brown gamut, blue, green tones.

Exterior Design Trends 2022: Popular Styles, Colors and More

Gray and brown are universal and fit well into a variety of design solutions, blue and green are more daring and rare solutions.

An interesting solution for decorating a house and a garage is natural materials such as stone or wood. Using them, you can make the gate a harmonious addition to the landscape.

However, natural material is not the most budgetary choice. Therefore, imitations of natural textures, which look no less advantageous, are increasingly used.

Exterior House Trends 2022: Natural Textures

Loft Aesthetics

Loft-style exterior home trends 2022 are characterized by simple lines, laconicism and restraint. Plastered walls, the use of bricks, wood, metal in decoration are just a few visual signs of this trend in design. In general, this style is about brutality and functionality.

As for the design of garage doors for a house in this style, structures with the texture of sheet copper or concrete would be an ideal solution.

Exterior House Trends 2022: Natural Textures

Perhaps the most common are minimalist exterior design trends 2022. It is a trend that has gained great popularity in the design of interiors and exteriors in recent years.

Its main characteristic is clear and laconic lines, lack of desire for luxury and pretentiousness that characterize the buildings of previous years.

In buildings made in the style of minimalism, you will not find any unnecessary details or decorative elements, bright and bold colors, complex finishes, etc. Despite this, such buildings look very original and attract people’s attention.

The main features inherent in this area include the following:

  • geometry and clarity of the overall composition;
  • use of large open space;
  • monochrome and the use of predominantly light shades;
  • installation of hidden lighting, which performs an exclusively practical function, but at the same time is able to favorably emphasize one or another section of the building;
  • large, often panoramic windows;
  • maximum quality lighting.

Exterior Home Design Trends 2022: Minimalism

More Light, More Windows

If we talk about naturalness, then the first thing that is a priority today, is light, and the more, the better. Therefore, one of the exterior design trends 2022 is the use of large panoramic windows, which not only provide the maximum amount of natural light inside, but also look beautiful from the outside.

Exterior Home Design Trends 2022

Passive House 2022

More and more people nowadays are building “passive houses“. This is a special technique in building houses, which appeared in Germany at the beginning of the 2000s.

The bottom line is that a “passive house” is the same house, but only it does not consume energy from additional sources, but recycles what it receives inside.

For example, you turn on an electric stove or a washing machine and the house stores the heat generated by these appliances. Or, alternatively, solar panels, which also store energy and then heat the house.

There are many examples of how to do this, but the bottom line is that the house should be airtight and with a well-thought-out facade that will not release heat. These are the same panoramic windows and insulated walls.

Everyone can build such a house, insulate and install solar panels. Today, technology is becoming more practical and cheaper. A great trend that will surely linger for the next decade.

Passive House 2022

High-tech style is considered close to minimalism. They are united by the desire for geometry and clarity of lines. Facades made in this style are usually painted white or gray.

The main feature of hi-tech is the use of engineering equipment parts not only for their intended purpose, but also as decorative elements.

This role is often played by ventilation or pipelines. Externally, houses designed in this style imply open structures, in addition to which metal columns or engineering equipment are used.

The actual decoration of facades in this style is often performed using plastic or metal panels.

2022 Home Exterior Trends: High Tech

Of course, while paying attention to the latest exterior design trends 2022, you shouldn’t forget about the good old classics. Facades of houses made in this style are still very popular.

Classicism is perhaps the only style that remains popular, despite today’s designers’ craving for minimalism. In such buildings, you can see that the laconicism and simplicity of the lines are diluted with spectacular and luxurious elements.

It is here that columns, large stucco moldings and balustrades are present. All these details are made mainly of white stone, therefore, to give the building expressiveness, you should use a dark and deep shade of the walls.

Undoubtedly, this option is suitable for those who do not like the minimalism of the exterior design 2022. And even though such styles as Gothic or Baroque are not so common anymore, the classical trend remains invariably popular.

Of course, the design of such a facade is a rather time-consuming and expensive process. However, it is worth remembering that classic motifs will never go out of style, so your house will impress guests for years to come.

Classic Exterior Design Trends 2022

Another common type of house facade decoration is country-style cladding. Since this version of the facade was originally carried out for local ranches, its main feature is practicality.

Such houses must be spacious and durable to withstand even the most adverse weather conditions. In addition, they often lack decorative details, so such buildings look simple and uncomplicated.

Country Style Exterior Design Trends 2022

This exterior design is distinguished by smooth lines and the absence of “rough” decorative elements. However, such houses do not differ in modesty: despite the use of finishing materials in natural shades, modern style allows the presence of bright inclusions that attract attention and speak of the original and extraordinary architectural taste of the owner of the house.

Among the most popular modern style exterior design trends 2022 are:

  • floristic elements;
  • original illogical forms;
  • the presence of hand-made elements.

Modern Style Exterior Design Trends 2022

Color Selection

In addition to the design of the facade and decorative elements, it is important to take care of the correct selection of colors for the exterior of your house.

Some styles directly dictate which shade is better to use, and some give you complete freedom of choice in this matter. Very often, designers recommend using a contrasting color combination.

For example, choosing a light background for the walls will work well with dark window frames and a similar roof. Simplicity of colors and contrasts will make the facade of your home more stylish and spectacular.

Modern Style Exterior Design Trends 2022

Bright Accents

Of course, as mentioned above, the modern style of both the interior and the exterior involves the use of simpler, neutral shades such as white, beige, gray or black.

However, you should not exclude bright accents that will help your house stand out from the rest of the buildings. It is through the use of bold colors that it is best to create an extraordinary and original design.

If you do not want to decorate the entire design of the facade of the building in a bright yellow or acid pink color, you can transform the building using bright accents – doors, window frames, lighting systems, etc.

For more daring people, experts advise experimenting with installing a bright roof or using an accent wall – a technique that is popular for interior decoration.

However, it is important to remember that in order for the bright elements to blend harmoniously with the main ensemble, choose neutral tones for the rest of the facade elements of a modern house. White or gray walls are ideal in this case.

Their advantage is also that they are combined with absolutely any bright shade. With proper design, you will get a result that will draw people’s attention with its originality.

Modern Style Exterior Design Trends 2022

White Color

And, of course, do not forget about one of the most popular exterior design trends 2022. It is about using monochrome white.

At first glance, it may seem that such a building will look boring and uninteresting, but this is not at all the case.

The beige or white facade of the house stands out favorably against the background of the surrounding buildings, it looks clean and fresh. As a bright accent, homeowners often use green spaces in the form of flower beds or shrubs.

exterior home design trends 2022

Following current exterior design trends 2022, you get a stylish exterior that will delight the eye for years to come.

At the same time, it is important not to forget that your individuality is at the forefront. It is important to preserve it when decorating a house. Fortunately, there are all possibilities for this today.

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