Popular Flooring Trends 2023: Colors, Materials, Styles, and Textures

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Choosing flooring can be tough. To help you with that, we’ve put some of the most popular flooring trends 2023 in a list along with several useful tips for additional help.

So if you are in the middle of remodeling your house, purchasing fundamental materials and you’re confused about what flooring to pick, then you are exactly where you need to be.

Flooring trends 2023 wood and carpet

In this list, we will introduce you to some of the most popular flooring trends 2023, and we will also provide you with helpful guidance on how to make the right decision so that you won’t regret it after.

Wood Floors 2023: Colors, Textures, Styles and More.

Wood is probably one of the long-established flooring options of all time, and although nowadays there are plenty of floor selection, wood floors are still in high demand.

In fact, wood floors are in the leading positions among the most popular flooring trends 2023, while offering a wide variety of selection for every preference and interior style.

Please have look on:

popular wood floors 2023 natural colors


The primary color trends for wood floors 2023 are: whitewashed, gray, light brown, two-tone combinations and darker cool shades.

This year, you will notice that most wood floors are inclined toward cool and desaturated color shades, all of which rarely have yellow or warm undertones.

chevron natural wood floors 2023


Generally speaking, textures play a significant role in flooring trends 2023, and wood floors are no exception.

In fact, when it comes to wood flooring, the more texture, the better.

Wood floors 2023 are all about textures, and therefore there is plenty of selection, including distressed, reclaimed, wire-brushed, hand-scraped.

distressed wood floors 2023

All in all, anything with emphasized hardwood-like texture is among wood floors 2023, so if you’re ever confused about what to pick, just go with an accentuated wood flooring.


When it comes to wood floor finishes 2023, then there are three main options which are smooth and glossy woods, matte or no shine and oil-like and yet natural-looking glow style option.

matte oak wood floors 2023

All of these finishing options can be noticed not only in wood floor selection, but also among other flooring trends 2023 like ceramic or laminate.

Wood Floors 2023: Layouts

Flooring layouts are yet another sub trend for wood floors and other flooring trends 2023 in general.

It is mainly because they play a major role in the overall look of the flooring.

In 2023, you will notice lots of layouts like herringbone, diagonal, chevron, hexagon and wide planks.

All of these layouts can be applied to the other flooring materials in 2023.

popular flooring trends 2023 chevron wood layout

All in all, wood floors 2023 are made in various shapes, colors and textures, which means that everybody can find at least one option that matches their preference and style.

Laminate Flooring 2023: Traditional and Waterproof Options

Of course, wood floors are highly durable and look very elegant in any interior; however, one of their major cons is that they are also pretty expensive.

Fortunately, nowadays, there are tons of wood alternatives that look almost exactly like hardwood while they are much more affordable in their price and laminate flooring 2023 is one of the best examples of that.

laminate flooring 2023 natural colors

Laminate flooring 2023 offers a lot of different choices from color schemes to hardwood texture imitations that look equally stylish and very natural.

However, the best part of contemporary laminate flooring is that they also come with a waterproof option, which makes them an even better option for house flooring.

gray laminate flooring 2023 modern

All in all, if you are looking for a stylish, affordable and yet durable flooring option, then you can definitely pick something from a large selection of laminate flooring 2023.

Ceramic tile is another popular flooring 2023 option that goes beyond the bathroom or balcony. There is so much choice of ceramic tiles nowadays that are easily suitable for not only the bathroom but also the kitchen, living room and elsewhere.

In fact, there is a major trend of living room floors covered with naturally toned or lightsome ceramic tiles, that instantly modernize the room while making it look much more spacious.

modern flooring trends 2023 ceramic flooring for living room

Besides that, living rooms with ceramic flooring are often combined with a textured carpet, which is also among the most popular flooring options 2023.

What is more, ceramic tiles are also very popular kitchen flooring 2023 option, that is used especially in larger kitchens with more contemporary style and monochrome color scheme.

Popular kitchen flooring 2023 ceramic tiles

As for the color choices of ceramic tiles 2023, most of them are in natural, light tones or completely white, typically with a glossy finish.

Shiny ceramic tiles 2023 typically come in large sizes, creating a one-piece floor atmosphere, while the textured or matte tiles become more common for bathroom flooring.

popular flooring 2023 matte bathroom ceramic tiles

In fact, ceramic tiles for bathroom flooring 2023 come with more patterns, textures and smaller pieces, although glossy ceramics also are not an exception either, especially in larger modern bathrooms.

Carpets or rugs are yet another popular option among flooring trends 2023, which become more textured and bold this year.

In 2023, carpet designs are becoming more creative and bold, while including many eye-catching textures and colors that can accentuate any room interior.

popular flooring trends 2023 modern carpet design

As mentioned already, they can now be combined with monochrome glossy tiles or many popular options of wood floors 2023.

One of the most creative flooring trends 2023 is probably the mixed-material flooring type, which is basically when two or sometimes multiple flooring materials are combined in one.

This can be wood and ceramic, laminate and rug or rug with ceramic and the list can go on. This type of flooring is especially common for studio-like small apartments, which have merged the kitchen and living room.

popular kitchen flooring 2023 combined materials

What is more, the combination of hexagon tiles and some type of wood is very common, so don’t be surprised to find it among the most popular kitchen flooring 2023 options.

All in all, if you a small house and you are looking for a creative way to set boundaries among different spaces, then the two-in-one flooring is a very contemporary and creative solution for that.

popular flooring options 2023 combined materials

Final Thoughts

As you can already see, flooring trends 2023 are full of various interesting materials, textures, finishes and layout designs.

From modernized wood floors or laminate to a more contemporary ceramic flooring or two-in-one, there is a lot of flooring selection that can be suitable in any house interior.

We hope this list helped you learn more about the most popular flooring options 2023 and that this new knowledge will guide you when making a final decision for your interior flooring.

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