Home Decor Trends 2021: 10 Best Decor Ideas for Interior Design

Living room design

If you are in the middle of updating your house and need some decoration ideas, then here are the top 10 home decor trends 2021 to help you with that. 

In this list, we also included some of the most popular home design ideas 2021, which will help you style your interior look like it just came out of a fashionable magazine.

So without further ado, let’s begin our discussion. 

home decor trends 2021 living room interior

We want to start off by saying that there are plenty of amazing home decor trends 2021, but abstract line art is probably the most popular among them. 

This is a relatively new home decor trend that quickly took over the entire world of interior design with their chicness and a large variety of aesthetic drawings.

home decor trends 2021 wall decor abstract line art

What is more, these days abstract line art is like a must-have decor item in any contemporary interior, which can also be incorporated as a set of various prints.

The great thing about abstract line art is that they come in a wide variety of stunning designs, suiting every taste and preference, due to which they stand in the leading positions among best home decor ideas 2021.

popular home decor trends 2021 abstract wall art

Home Design Ideas 2021: Greenery and Houseplants

With the growing tendency of eco-friendly living and with the rise of Bohemian and Scandinavian interior styles, people have become more stirred up to integrating natural plants into their interior. 

In fact, nowadays, plants stand among the most popular home design ideas 2021, which are capable of transforming any interior into an eco-friendly and welcoming environment.

modern home design ideas 2021 greenery and houseplants

Moreover, besides the eco-friendly factor, plants are also extremely stylish and at the same time, very affordable decorations that are especially perfect for low budget furnishing.

Due to their various helpful benefits, affordability, and aesthetic value, natural plants are considered to be one of the best home decor ideas 2021.

modern home decor ideas 2021 natural plants and greenery

For several years, the tendency toward wallpapering was rather in existent or at least not as noticeable, but it was until their recent massive comeback which literally took the world of interior design by storm. 

In fact, new botanical wallpapers are one of the biggest trends in home design 2021, which help to transform any ordinary interior into an attractive and modish space. 

top home design ideas 2021 botanical and exotic wallpapers

Yet another major decor idea that stands among popular home decor trends 2021 is the full length standing mirror, which can be incorporated in various room interiors, from the bedroom to the living room.

The great thing about standing mirrors and mirrors, in general, in addition to being functional, they also help to elevate the room and creating an illusion of a bigger space.

This can be especially handy for decorating smaller interiors. 

popular home decor trends 2021 full height standing mirror and a plant

At the beginning of our trend list, we have somewhat mentioned that Bohemian style has become very popular lately, but now we want to give more details on this and talk about some specific decor items that are currently in the list of best home decor trends 2021.

Generally speaking, Bohemian style interiors typically incorporate lots of different textures, attractive patterns, and colors while also putting high emphasis on natural materials and home comfort as a whole.

popular home design ideas 2021 boho chic style home decor

As you can see in the photo, the contemporary boho-chic interior looks very modish & welcoming, and that is primarily due to their unique selection of decorations which are typically made from natural or sustainable materials. 

Some of the most trendy boho decorations in home design 2021 are the pouf ottomans, woven baskets, rugs, pillows as well as a wide variety of vintage pieces that bring additional soulfulness to the interior. 

boho chic home decor 2021 natural pouf ottoman

Home Decor Ideas 2021: Side Tables

A side table is one of those decorations which is both very practical as well as aesthetic; and which can complete your whole interior while also making it look more modish and put together.

Apart from that, because of their versatile quality, affordability and stylishness, side tables are considered to be one of the best home decor ideas 2021. So if you are looking for some trendy decoration to accentuate your place, then side tables will be excellent for that. 

modern home decor trends 2021 metal side table

Trendy Home Design 2021: Layered Interior and Decor

One of the greatest home design ideas 2021 which can help you style your house like a true designer is to decorate with layers; in other words to achieve a fashionable interior through unusual, sometimes bold but also very attractive furnishing choices.

This concept of layering is also often called to ‘mix & match,’ because the general idea is to combine and pair various mismatched materials, textured or patterns in a way that the overall interior looks unusually stylish and harmonious.

best home design ideas 2021 layering and mix & match style

What is more, the great thing about layering is that there are no specific rules, except for having a specific color-scheme, which means that you pretty much have the freedom to do what your imagination tells you. 

So if you are a creative person who likes to experiment and decorate, then you should definitely try the concept of interior layering into your home design 2021.

contemporary home decor ideas 2021 eclectic style and layering

The Danish concept “Hygge” which is translated as “comfort” or “coziness” has become very well-known lately, especially due to its massive popularity among interior design.

As a matter of fact, hygge style is currently one of the most home decor trends 2021, and some of its iconic decor items are the soft blankets, fuzzy pillows, candles, different cozy fabrics, and basically, anything that brings you comfort.  

popular home decor ideas 2021 Scandinavian hygge style decor in living room

Trendy Home Decor 2021: Small Sculptures 

If you have been following the latest interior decor trends, then it is likely that you have already realized that sculptures are making a big comeback lately, serving as ideal finishing decor in all kinds of interiors. 

Moreover, the integration of small sculptures in ordinary environments is one of the most trending home design ideas 2021, and judging from numerous interior pictures, we can only say that looks absolutely stunning. 

modern home decor trends 2021 small sculpture and vases

At this point, you have probably noticed that eco-friendliness and sustainability are very prominent in home decor trends 2021 and our last two decor trends are yet another indication of that. 

Ceramic and recycled glass vases are two of the most amazing organic home decors of this year which are not only environmentally friendly, but they also look absolutely stunning. 

top Home decor trends 2021 recycled glass flower vases

Besides that, the great thing about these vases is that they come in a wide selection of designs, colors, sizes, and shapes, which means you can easily find something that fits your taste and liking.

Overall, if you are looking for some modish organic home decor trends 2021 to include in your interior design, then ceramic or recycled glass vases are ideal choices for that. 

eco friendly home decor 2021 matte ceramic flower vases

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