Interior Color Trends 2021: Best Paint Colors to Choose This Year

best interior color trends 2021 popular colors Interior Design Trends

Picking an ideal color for the house interior can be fairly complicated. To help you with that, we made a list of top interior color trends 2021 that can guide you when making a final decision for the color scheme of your place. 

To make this article more helpful, we decided to include some color advice for specific room interiors as well. So without further ado, let us introduce you to the most popular paint colors 2021.

modern interior color trends 2021 most popular colors

Color of the year 2021: Navy Blue 

First off, let’s begin with the interior color of the year 2021, which is the gorgeous navy blue. This dark blue shade is the descendant of Pantone’s classic blue, which was claimed as 2020s color of the year.

Navy blue is an excellent color for creating an elegant and tranquil environment, which can be applied both for painting the walls and for furnishing the interior with all sorts of decorations.

interior color trends 2021 navy blue living room design

Besides that, navy blue is also one of the newest furniture colour trends 2021, which is used in almost all types of furniture from the living room sofas and pillows to kitchen cabinets and chairs. 

Moreover, this color looks especially stunning on velvet furniture, another major trend of this year, which is mostly used in the living room interior.

Overall, navy blue is an excellent color option if you want to have a modish, classy, and serene living space.  

best interior color trends 2021 navy blue velvet couch

Sage green is yet another serene color that stands among top interior color trends 2021.

This is a very aesthetic, earthy shade, which looks absolutely incredible in all interiors and decors.

The charm of this color lies in its natural tone and soothing aura, which brings comfort to the eye and transfers it to the entire interior. 

interior color trends 2021 sage green Scandinavian style bedroom design

What is more, due to its calming tone, sage green, and its various shades are often incorporated in modern Scandinavian style bedrooms, making them, even more, inviting and cozy. 

In fact, due to its growing demand, sage green is now one of the trending bedroom colors 2021.

In short, if you want to set up a very aesthetic and calming interior then you should definitely think about incorporating this colour in your space.

modern interior color trends 2021 sage green

The next super stylish color on our list is the dusty rose, which is among the most popular paint colors 2021 and it is not surprising at all, be this color is totally stunning.

Besides that, this year’s dusty rose color has a little bit of warm brown and slightly red undertone to it, which makes this color more welcoming and pleasing for the eye. 

popular paint colors 2021 dusty rose bedroom interior

Furthermore, besides being a widely used paint color for the living room walls, dusty pink is also one of the biggest trends among girls’ bedroom colors 2021. 

We have already introduced you to some of the most prevailing interior colors of this year, now let’s talk a little about the fashionable living room paint colors 2021, which primarily revolve around the brown caramel and spiced honey tones. 

These two gorgeous warm tones are in the epicenter of the contemporary living room color – palette and looking at the images of some interiors; we can only say that they are simply gorgeous. 

popular interior color trends 2021 spiced honey beige bedroom

Bedroom Colors 2021: Cool Grey Tone Interiors

Grey shades have always been a modish color choice for all kinds of interiors and currently, it is among the most trendy bedroom colors 2021, which stands out with its chic and exquisite look.

Moreover, cool grey color shades are especially common among Scandinavian style bedrooms and home environments, where these tones perfectly blend with the iconic clean interior and cozy atmosphere.

best bedroom colors 2021 cool grey modern interior

Generally saying, because of their neutral tone and timelessly modern quality, grey palettes are always in high demand, and just like in the previous years, they are in the top rankings of the most popular paint colors 2021. 

Another green color representative on our list is the glorious light olive green shade, which is one of the most leading interior color trends 2021.

Similar to most green shades, light olive green is a very relaxing and inviting color that can be incorporated in all interiors; from bedrooms to the living room.

modern interior color trends 2021 light olive green living room

As a matter of fact, olive green is especially widespread among living room paint colors 2021 because it captivates with its effortlessly attractive and comfy feeling.  

If you were following the color trends of the last year, then you probably know that the Scandinavian blue – gray was very widespread among interior design and it still is.  

In fact, blue – gray is still considered to be one of the most stylish shades in the list of most popular paint colors 2021, which captivates people with its graceful hue and peaceful ambiance. 

popular colors 2021 blue grey living room interior

Nowadays, many people incorporate the Scandinavian blue-gray in their living rooms or dining rooms, however, it is best known among the top bedroom colors 2021.

What is more, other than being a wonderful paint color for walls, it is also widely applied in furnishing and decorative pieces, including sofas, armchairs, pendants, pillows, and bedding.

popular bedroom colors 2021 blue grey Scandinavian style bedroom interior

Modern Bedroom Colors 2021: Soft Pastels and Muted Hues

If you go through modern bedroom photos, you will notice that most interiors are either in soft pastels or in other muted shades because these are the central bedroom colors 2021.

The secret charm of these types of colors lies within the earthy, relaxing undertones that make these colors so alluring regardless of the interior. 

modern bedroom color trends 2021 soft pastels and neutrals

Generally speaking, it is safe to say that most interior color trends 2021 revolve among pastels or muted tones that typically attract people with their peaceful aura and lovely aesthetics.   

So if you can’t decide on which colors to pick for your interior, then surely go for the pastels or muted colors because they are not only trendy but also very pleasing for the eye.  

trending bedroom colors 2021 soft pastels green, blue interior

The last trend on our list is probably one of the well-known and most loved color-scheme in the interior design. Yes, we are talking about the neutrals.

After their massive comeback a few years ago, neutrals have not left podium ever since. In fact, beige, cappuccino, light browns, and whites are still among the most popular interior color trends 2021, which continue to charm everyone with their fashionable and homey interior designs.

popular living room color trends 2021 neutral interior

Besides that, the great thing about the neutrals is that they never get tiring, but even if ever get tired of them, you can easily accentuate the interior with some kind of statement paint color or furnishing element.

All in all, if you do not like to experiment with diverse colors or you quickly amend your mind, then certainly pick a neutral palette as it is always in trend.

Besides, it also confidently holds the leading rankings in the top interior color trends 2021. 

luxury living room paint colors 2021 neutral interior

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