Interior Design Trends 2021: Popular Colors, Materials and More

interior design trends 2021 grey and neutral living room Interior Design Trends

Creating a contemporary interior can be challenging. In this guide, we’ll introduce the best interior design trends 2021, which will help you furnish your place according to the latest standards and concepts.

Like in the previous year, interior design trends 2021 are full of stunning ideas and aesthetic concepts that can adjust to any preference or environment, so without any delay, let’s start our trend list, shall we?

interior design ideas 2021 neutral colors

We are starting our trend guide, with one of the most fundamental interior aspects, and that is the contemporary color choices for this season.

Generally speaking, interior designs 2021 have two main coloring-schemes: the first one is the gray with neutrals or muted tones, and the second one is the bold accents mixed with neutral tones.

interior design trends 2021 bold accent furniture

Now let’s discuss each color-schemes in detail and with examples.

The primary color focus of this season is the gray merged with other neutrals like white, black beige, light brown, or similar lightsome colors.

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Besides that, many interior designs 2021 also include muted colors like light green, blue or coral which beautifully go with the basic neutrals and grey shades.

interior design trends 2021 grey and neutral living room

These types of neutrally colored designs look very aesthetically pleasing to the human eye, and besides, they also organically combine with other decor elements, which makes them an ideal color choice for any house.

What is more, besides being the primary color focus among interior design trends 2021, neutrals are also very prevailing in furniture design 2021, which by the way, is highly inspired by the Nordic style.

interior design trends 2021 neutral color living room

In fact, Scandinavian and Nordic style houses have a significant influence on the overall interior design 2021, which probably explains the neutral and muted coloring trend.

Like in the preceding year, naval color continues to be part of interior design trends 2021 and be an emphasis color in neutral environments.

Naval color or the classic blue is one of the most stylish colour-pop choices of this season that can be implied to the walls, furniture pieces as well as various decor items.

interior design ideas 2021 naval color wall and furniture

In fact, one of the major furniture trends 2021 is the naval retro velvet couch, which is an astonishingly beautiful statement piece that also comes in other accent colors and furniture types.

Speaking of other statement colors, this year you will also see lots of striking tones like dark green, burgundy, terracotta and even muted yellow.

interior design trends 2021 naval color statement furniture

By the way, these types of velvet color – accents are the main focus for retro-style furniture design 2021 as well as retro accent walls, both of which we will discuss shortly after.

All in all, if you don’t like a complete monochrome approach for your interior design 2021, then you can easily accentuate your place with some sort of striking color, for instance, a naval piece of furniture or another statement item.

furniture trends 2021 navy blue bathroom cabinets

Interior designs 2021 are all about establishing an organic, eco-friendly environment, which is predominantly highlighted with the usage of sustainable and natural materials, and especially lightsome woods.

This year you will notice that practically all the interior designs include natural substances like various woods types, bamboo, woven fabric as well as iron, steel, concrete, etc.

decor trends 2021 natural materials and neutral colors

What is more, besides being the primary material for decor and furniture designs 2021, wood and light hardwoods, in particular, are also used as accent walls or ceilings in the kitchen, bathroom or elsewhere.

By the way, when we talk about natural materials, we also point to the fabric materials used for pillows, blankets, rugs or other decors. In other words, the more environmentally friendly they are, the better.

furniture trends 2021 natural materials and neutral colors

Overall, these types of furniture and decor look not only contemporary, but they also create an organic and naturally cozy environment which is the fundamental concept of interior designs 2021.

Since we brought up the topic of natural materials and their significant role, let us introduce you to one of the groundbreaking interior and furniture trends 2021, which is the sustainable furniture.

With each passing year, more and more people start to incorporate an eco-friendly lifestyle and consequently, more interior designers try to implement sustainable materials in the furniture and decor.

furniture trends 2021 Eco-friendly table and chair

In fact, eco-friendliness is, and recycling are two of the greatest furniture trends 2021, which result in the creation of stylish and environmentally-friendly furniture pieces, that can accompany any indoor setting.

The primary materials for this type of furniture and decor are bamboo, sea grass, recycled wood, and textiles, as well as other reusable substances.

rattan sustainable furniture trends 2021

Interior Design Ideas 2021: Industrial Chic

One of the most contemporary interior design ideas 2021 is the incorporation of a fashion-forward industrial approach through various furnishing items and design techniques.

Generally speaking, industrial-chic can be incorporated in the interior with such design elements as painted brick walls, cement floors, stunning metal bar stools, glass light-fixtures and plenty of other unique decorations.

interior designs 2021 industrial chic kitchen

Besides that, industrial-chic looks especially stunning in studio-like apartments or open-space houses, which have a raw, unfinished feeling to it.

The best part of industrial chic is that it can perfectly blend with neutral colors, raw materials as well as other interior trends 2021 that are mentioned in this guide.

interior design ideas 2021 industrial chic style house

One of the most exceptional and marvelous interior trends 2021 is the fancy retro comeback which is mostly implemented in the furniture and decor designs as well as stunning statement walls.

The new retro-style basically takes the furniture style from the 70ies or even 20ies and gives them an extra coloring, texture and contemporary luxury, which results in eye-catching and fancy decorations and furnishing pieces.

modern retro chic interior design ideas 2021

Some iconic elements of this style are the shiny gold metal, colorful and glossy velvet, patterned fabrics as well as statement wallpapers or wall designs.

This style of interior design 2021 typically looks very extraordinary, eye-catching and rich, which is perfect for those who do not like minimal style interior and instead want to have a modern luxurious environment.

interior design ideas 2021 retro chic style living room

Overall, the new retro-chic is quite contradictory to the rest of the interior design trends 2021; however, it’s equally trendy and stylish, so if you don’t like minimalism, then you can select this style as an inspiration for creating a modish fancy interior.

Interior Design Ideas 2021: Line Graphic Art

We have already discussed the trending colors and materials of this year and now let us talk a little bit about one of the most interesting interior design ideas 2021, which is the line graphic art on walls.

Face line-art is one of the latest viral trends in design, which at first was just part of graphic design, but then it quickly spread to jewelry and now to decor trends 2021.

decor trends 2021 face line graphic art

In 2021, you can find stickers and wallpaper with such design; however, if you are good at art and you like DIY-projects, then you can easily grab a pain to a marker and draw some kind of line art on one of your walls.

Besides, if you don’t want to paint your entire wall, you can always buy face-line-art prints or other decor elements. In any case, it won’t be difficult to find line-art pieces as they are one of the most buzzing interior trends 2021.

interior design ideas 2021 face line art wallpaper

Interior Design Ideas 2021: Decor Elements from Nature

As you can guess, the connection between human and nature is a very significant theme in the interior design trends 2021, and it is not only through materials and colors, but also with other decor and design solutions.

Having a plant corner, or some type of greenery is a great method to accentuate your apartment while making it more environmentally. Besides, it is one of the major interior trends 2021.

interior trends 2021 indoor plants

Besides, if you think you can not handle having a real plant, you can always get fake plants or simply get other home decorations that will include natural elements in them, whether it’s the color, form or the pattern.

In fact, one of the most beautiful interior design ideas 2021 is the watercolor paintings on the wall, which typically include natural elements like palm leaves, small flowers or any other greenery.

decor trends 2021 watercolor wallpaper

So if you want to incorporate some interior trends 2021 in your indoor design, then you can either get several small plants or get other alternatives like unique decorations, printed wallpaper or DIY statement wall with green components.

As you can see, most interior trends 2021 are highly based on the natural factor; from materials and colors to decor and furniture items, all of them try to incorporate an organic element and create an atmospheric environment for the human being.

What is more, despite muted colors and mostly organic materials, all the interior trends 2021 are ultra-modern, voguish and beautiful. In fact, the common element in most interior design ideas 2021 is that they all have some sort of unique characteristics and highlighted personality.

interior design trends 2021 industrial style living room

All in all, if you were looking for modish interior design ideas 2021, then we hope this interior trend guide inspired and informed about the latest tendencies and approaches.

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