Kids Room 2021 l➤ Popular 13 Ideas and Design Trends To Try in 2021

Kids room design

If there’s one room in the house where you don’t have to follow strict rules, it’s the kids’ room. We’ve made a list of 13 kids room 2021 ideas and trends that can transfer any space into a dream room. 

In this guide, we have collected some of the most creative concepts and tendencies that can be used for designing a stylish kids room 2021. So without further ado, let’s get started. 

kids room 2021 popular ideas and trends

Kids Room 2021: Multi-functional Space

One of the biggest design tendencies for kids room 2021 is the idea of creating a multi-functional space, where you blend multiple areas in one.

When it comes to designing a multi-functional space for kids, it can be a combination of such spaces as the bedroom, playroom, and study area.

kids room 2021 multifunctional space

The best part of multi-purpose kids’ room is that you can save plenty of space while creating a versatile environment, where your kids can enjoy doing different types of activities at the same time.

In short, the creation of multifunctional space is one of the leading concepts among best kids’ bedroom ideas 2021 and it is not surprising because it comes with lots of advantages and surely looks super fun. 

kids bedroom ideas 2021 multifunctional interior design

Kids Bedroom Ideas 2021: Trendy Colors and Recommendations

If you have been following the latest interior color trends then you probably know that super bright and vivid colors are out of trend, and they are now replaced with more muted colors and subtle pastels.

In fact, pastel colors are the primary choice for kids room 2021, and some of the most trending colors of this year are the neo mint, subtle yellow, baby blue, dusty rose, lavender, aquamarine, and canyon red.

kids room 2021 dusty pink and mint trendy colors

The good thing with pastel colors is that they not only look very charming, but most of them are also rather gender-neutral, which means they can be used both for boys and girls room 2021. 

Moreover, pastel colors work the best in a shared bedroom where there are multiple kids because their versatility allows you to easily combine them with each other and make a playful palette that can be pleasing for several kids at the same time. 

kids room interior 2021 pastel colors

Girls Room Ideas 2021: Decorate with Floral Elements

Floral elements have always been present among interior design, however this year they are making a huge comeback with more modernized and attractive concepts.  

Nowadays, floral patterns and elements have become way bigger and more illustrative, while taking over the biggest trends for girls room 2021. In fact, oversized floral wallpapers and wall decorations are some of the most popular elements of this year. 

girls room 2021 floral pattern wallpaper

What is more, floral wallpapers also work beautifully as accents wall, in case you do not want to cover the entire room with floral patterns. Generally speaking, they are various ways you can incorporate this concept into the interior.  

All in all, floral elements look very girly, charming, and fashionable, which makes them a perfect design choice for girls room 2021. 

girls bedroom ideas 2021 floral pattern statement wall

Boys Bedroom Ideas 2021: Space Theme Interior Design

There are plenty of amazing design ideas for boys’ bedroom 2021 and the space theme is one of the most stunning examples of that. 

Rooms in this theme are typically designed with moody blue color shades and space grey tones.

As for the design attributes, nowadays there are plenty of various decorations in this theme, including planet stickers, space-motive beddings, stars shape pillows, small lights, etc.

boys bedroom 2021 space theme interior design

Generally speaking, space-theme rooms look very artistic and extraordinary; however, the best part of this concept is that it can positively affect children’s imagination and might also grow their interest in science.

Overall, space-theme is simply perfect for boys’ bedroom 2021 as it charms not only with looks but also with its educational concept. 

space theme boys bedroom design 2021

Kids Bedroom Ideas 2021: Save Up Space with A High-Rise Bed 

Incorporating a high-rise bed is one of the best kids’ bedroom ideas 2021 which comes with plenty of amazing benefits that are hard to overlook, especially if you have a small space and you want to create a multi-functional room. 

The best part of high rise beds is that you can use the top area as a bed, while the bottom part can easily be transferred into a study desk, playhouse, relax zone, or be used for storage organization.

creative kids bedroom ideas 2021 high rise bed

All in all, getting a high-rise bed is not only a worthy investment, but it also looks super cool and entertaining. It’s no wonder that it stands among the most creative kids bedroom ideas 2021. 

As you probably know, people have become more inclined towards using natural and sustainable materials in the last years.

Wood, bamboo, stone, and rattan only some of the most popular materials for creating eco-friendly furnishing items. 

This, of course, refers also to the for kids bedroom furniture, which has become much more responsible and eco-friendly.

So if you want to help the environment in some way, then try to get more sustainable furniture into your kids room 2021. 

kids room design 2021 eco-friendly furniture

Girls Room 2021: Attach a Hanging Chair

If you have ever had a hanging chair, then you probably know that hanging chairs are one of the most comfortable and stylish pieces that can be incorporated in different interiors. 

Hanging chairs are like a dream gift for every person, especially for kids. In fact, hanging swing chairs are one of the biggest boys and girls room ideas 2021. 

cool ideas for girls room 2021 hanging chair

Boys Bedroom 2021: Add an Indoor Slide 

Going on slides is one of the most fun and enjoyable outdoor activities for kids, but nothing compares to the feeling when your favorite slides are placed indoors and more specifically in your room. 

It is actually one of the most trendy and creative boys’ bedroom ideas 2021, which is often incorporated into the interior either with high-rise bed or as a separate attribute. In short, this is a very fun and creative idea for kids’ rooms.

creative ideas for boys room 2021 indoor bed slide

Kids Bedroom Ideas 2021: Invest in a Teepee Tent 

When designing a kids’ room, you should pay significant attention to the inclusion of fun activities and games, because they can play a big role in the development of children’s social skills and teepee tent is a great indication of that.

In fact, teepee tents are actually one of the most trending and popular kids bedroom ideas 2021, which not only look very cozy but they also come with a number of useful benefits

creative ideas for kids room 2021 teepee tent

One of the most important advantages of getting a teepee tent is that it can positively affect your child’s imagination and social skills. Besides that, it is also a very comfortable sitting and reading zone area, which can be further enhanced with some cozy pillows, a blanket, and fairy lights.

What is more, teepee tents are also pretty affordable, lightweight, and easy to assemble, so you do not need specific skills or equipment to set them up.

In other words, the inclusion of teepee tents is one of the most worthy and creative kids’ bedroom ideas 2021 which is really hard to disregard.

ideas for kids bedroom 2021 teepee tent

Trendy Interior Ideas for Kids Room 2021: Scandinavian Style 

If you have been following interior trends in the last couple of years, then you are probably aware that Scandinavian and Nordic style interiors have considerable popularity nowadays. 

This, of course, spreads to the kids’ room interior as well. What is more, it is actually one of the fast-growing concepts among kids’ bedroom ideas 2021. 

Scandinavian style kids bedroom 2021

Scandinavian style kids interiors typically distinguish with their neutral and tranquil color-palette as well as with their minimalistic features and lightsome atmosphere.

Besides that, due to their gender-neutral color scheme and aura, the Scandinavian style is often used for designing a shared room.

So if you are struggling to find a fashionable and yet gender-neutral style for both girls’ and boys’ bedroom 2021, then you should definitely try this concept. 

kids room 2021 Scandinavian style interior design

Choosing wallpaper for girls’ rooms can seem to be a tough job, but when you know the latest trends and popular options, the choosing process becomes much easier. 

The first big wallpaper trend for girls’ room 2021 is the polka dot pattern, which looks very playful, cute, and girly.

By the way, polka dot wallpapers come in various color-palettes and pattern sizes, so there a large variety of options to choose from.

beautiful polka dot wallpaper for girls room 2021

Wallpapers with geometric shapes and patterns have always been in trend and they do not seem to be out in the near future.

As a matter of fact, they are highly trendy for girls’ bedroom interior 2021.

girls room geometric wallpaper 2021

When designing a room for their kid, people nowadays focus on choosing more gender-neutral colors, this way detaching their kids from typical gender stereotypes.

Nevertheless, there are still some design tendencies that are more common among boys’ rooms than in girls’ rooms and vice versa. 

In fact, one of the most common wallpaper choices for boys’ bedroom 2021 is the superhero theme wallpapers which typically include such characters as Batman, Spiderman, Mickey Mouse or Avengers to name a few. 

boys room ideas 2021 avengers inspired wallpaper

At the same time, animal theme wallpapers are also very popular among boys’ bedroom interiors and they are especially common among nursery rooms or in the interiors designed for toddlers. 

wallpaper for boys bedroom 2021 animal theme print

As you can already tell, there is a huge selection of decor choices for kids room 2021, however, there are two specific decor trends that distinguish with their stylishness and lovely charm.

The first decor trend is fairy lights, which have been very popular in recent years and nowadays they are one of the must-have decor objects in kids’ rooms, which can be used as a decoration for bed, wall photos, teepee tent, and many other ways.  

kids room decor trends 2021 fairy lights

The next big decor trend is the cloud shape objects like hanging light pendants, cotton-made decorations, wall ornaments, and stickers. They create a very relaxing atmosphere and add more natural, earthy feeling to the entire room.

kids room decor 2021 cloud shape lights

Final Thoughts

As you can see, there are plenty of amazing trends and ideas for designing a fun kids room 2021. We hope this guide helped find some inspiration and learn more about the latest kids’ interior trends.

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