Top 9 Popular Living Room Furniture 2021 Trends and Styles

best trends among living room furniture 2021 statement sofa Living room design

It’s no news that furniture is capable of transforming any interior. Today we’ve picked 10 best trends and styles among living room furniture 2021 that will help you update your interior and make it look up to the latest standards.

In this guide, we have also included some useful decoration ideas and tips which can further enhance the entire look of your living room design 2021.

So, without any delay, let’s start our little discussion.

top living room furniture trends 2021 best colors

Living Room Furniture 2021: Statement Sofa

Gone are the days when sofas were made purely for function and comfort.

These days, designers also heavily focus on the stylishness and aesthetic appearance of sofas, which is mainly reflected through the integration of bold design choices. 

In fact, one of the top trends among living room furniture 2021 is the so-called statement sofa, which specifically stands out with exclusive, bold design and its unique ability to accentuate any kind of interior. 

living room furniture 2021 velvet blue green couch

What is more, statement sofas of this year are typically made with lavish, colorful materials that are created in such trendy shades as navy blue, mustard yellow, olive green, etc.

Overall, nowadays statement sofas look very stylish and attractive, so if you want to accentuate your interior with an exclusive piece of furniture, then you should definitely incorporate a statement sofa into your living room design 2021. 

modern living room furniture trends 2021 mustard yellow velvet couch sofa

When speaking about statement furniture, it would be wrong not to mention the significant role of velvet material among top living room furniture trends 2021.

This year, modern living rooms offer a large variety of velvet furniture and decor, from couches and armchairs to ottomans and pillows, which differentiate with their luxurious appearance and stylish design. 

popular living room furniture trends 2021 green velvet armchair

With the increasing tendency toward eco-friendly living, more and more furniture designers aim to integrate organic materials like wood into their works. 

As a matter of fact, the inclusion of natural materials is in the list of the best furniture trends 2021 which is not surprising at all because eco-friendly items look very aesthetic and totally exquisite.

modern living room design 2021 eco-friendly natural materials

Another major trend among living room furniture 2021 is the accent armchair, which is an amazing furnishing item that is capable of enhancing the room while making it seem more complete. 

Nowadays, accent chairs come in a wide selection of interesting materials, colors, sizes, and they can easily be decorated with cozy items like pillows or blankets.

modern furniture trends 2021 yellow swoon accent armchair

Moreover, the best part of accent chairs is that they are perfect for filling up an empty space, especially when combined with other decors like a lamp and a side table.

So if you have such type of empty area which needs to be furnished, then you should undoubtedly get an exclusive accent chair, which will not only fill up the empty space but also be a wonderful addition to your living room design 2021.

best furniture trends 2021 statement accent armchair

If you are keeping up with the latest interior trends, then you most probably know that Scandinavian style interior and furniture are currently in high demand.

In fact, it is considered to be one of the best living room furniture trends 2021, which stands out with minimal and stylish design elements that are often accompanied by the heavy use of natural materials. 

modern Living room design 2021 Scandinavian style furniture

Apart from that, the great thing about Scandinavian style furniture and interior, in general, is that due to their neutral color palette, coziness, and simple design, they tend to always look trendy.

In other words, if you want to create a timelessly modern and fashionable interior, then you should definitely go for the Scandinavian style for your living room furniture 2021.

popular Living room furniture trends 2021 Scandinavian style furniture

We have already discussed the importance of natural furniture and eco-friendly design, but now we would like to specifically address some of the most popular sustainable materials which are the wicker, cane, and rattan. 

These seemingly old school materials are doing a major modern comeback among furniture design which is primarily connected with the growing popularity of the ‘grandmillennial’ and vintage styles.

best living room furniture trends 2021 rattan, wicker, cane furniture

What is more, these three sustainable and beautiful materials are taking over the living room furniture trends 2021, with a variety of modern designs that are totally gorgeous.

All in all, if you are into modern vintage style and sustainable design, then you should surely consider encompassing this trend for your living room design. 

beautiful living room furniture 2021 rattan chair design

Yet another old-school but very chic furniture style is art-deco, which confidently holds its top ranking in the list of most stylish living room furniture trends 2021. 

Modern art-deco furniture pieces are made with lots of colorful velvets and other expensive fabrics, soft gold metals, elegant design, and overall luxurious look which can transform any ordinary interior into a classy environment.

luxury living room furniture 2021 art deco style furniture

As you may or may not know, side tables have got big popularity in recent years, while constantly evolving and eventually becoming a must-have item in interior design.

What is more, metal side tables are actually one of the fast-growing living room furniture trends 2021, which stand out with their sleek and stylish appearance that is capable of enhancing any interior.

decor and furniture trends 2021 metal side table

When speaking of modern living room furniture 2021, it is important to mention the massive tendency of bold colors, prints, and patterns that are pretty much everywhere among contemporary furnishing pieces.

Nowadays, designers use lots of attractive, vivid colors like blue, yellow, green, pink, and others, which look absolutely stunning on furniture items.

Moreover, modern furniture pieces and decors also incorporate a large variety of bold prints and patterns like botanical, floral, geometric, and abstract. 

best furniture trends 2021 bold color, materials and styles

Generally speaking, most of the popular trends among living room furniture 2021 primarily revolve around bold design choices and concepts that help to enhance the entire interior.

So when you start shopping for new furniture items, you should certainly consider getting at least a few pieces that are truly exclusive, or they have a unique design. 

popular living room furniture 2021 Scandinavian abstract design

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