Office Trends 2021: Top 10 Popular Ideas and Design Concepts

office trends 2020 best styles, ideas and colors Office design

Nowadays, office interior can play a huge role in work productivity and efficiency. In this list, we gathered the top 10 office trends 2021, which will inspire you to design your office according to the latest standards and with modern design solutions.

So if you are looking amazing office design 2021 ideas then get comfortable and continue reading.

Without further ado, let’s get it started.

office design trends 2021 top styles and ideas

An open-space design concept got massive popularity in the last couple of years, and it does not seem to hold back in the near future. In fact, an open-space concept is in the leading positions among top office trends 2021.

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Open-space offices typically attract attention with their spaciousness, high agility, and versatility.

They also create more possibilities for collaboration and communication between different employees regardless of their position or job sector.

office trends 2021 open-space interior

What is more, studies showed that an open floor plan is much healthier for employees, because there is more natural light, better airflow, and more movable space.

Lastly, the open floor plan allows plenty of design flexibility, so you can remodel and furnish it in many ways, which is another great reason for incorporating this concept into your office design 2021.

office trends 2021 open floor concept

Office Design 2021: Industrial Style Interior

Just like with the open floor concept, industrial interior style is one of the most dominant office design ideas 2021, which effortlessly blends with open floor concept and captivates people with its eye-catching design motives and furnishing ideas.

A typical industrial style office includes plenty of exposed materials, worn out-textures, bold and rusty furnishing accents.

Some of the most iconic elements of this style are the boldly exposed pipes and bricks, large windows, concrete materials in combination with metal and wood, as well as big industrial light-fixtures.

office design 2021 urban industrial style interior

Overall, if you want to incorporate this style into your office design 2021, then the interior should have a factory-like feeling with a highly stylish atmosphere. 

In other words, your office should not be too industrially overwhelming or masculine; instead, it should have a perfect balance between comfort, function, and stylishness. 

modern office interior

In the last years, people have become more and more conscious of sustainable responsibility and eco-friendliness, and this leads to an increase in the creation of sustainable areas, including office spaces.

In fact, sustainability is one of the most prominent office trends 2021, which is typically reflected through the significant use of natural materials such as various variants of woods, bamboo, stones, etc.  

office trends 2021 sustainable design interior

What is more, with the growing popularity of eco-friendly environments and furnishing pieces, there are plenty of new ultra-stylish design motives that could enhance any office design 2021. 

If you also seek sustainability in your office design, then you can implement renewable energy, add more reusable products, and use organically made furniture items, to name a few.

office ideas 2021 sustainable wood interior design

Office Design Ideas 2021: Bring in Nature

With the growing popularity of sustainable interior, natural elements, and more specifically plants have become a must in office design 2021. 

Plants and plant-wall installations are not only a great solution for cleaning up the air, but they also make your office feel more living and connected to nature.  

office design 2021 natural plants

Besides that, incorporating plants into your office interior is also a very stylish design idea, especially if you have sustainable furniture and interior.  By the way, you can easily mix and match different types of plants and create an interesting layout for them.

Overall, if you are looking for some eco-friendly and fashionable office design ideas 2021, then having plants and other natural elements is undoubtedly a fantastic idea, as it comes with plenty of significant advantages.

office trends 2021 natural plants

Office Ideas 2021: Creating Dynamic and Flexible Spaces

Dynamic and flexible interior, which is also known as agile working, is one of the fast-growing office trends 2021, and that is because it allows workers to move around the different parts of the office and choose a specific working mode that fits them.

A typical flexible and dynamic office includes various working zones such as collaborative areas, brainstorming zones, meeting rooms, quiet working areas, and the list goes on. In other words, these are the spaces that quickly adjust and change according to the needs of the moment.  

office design ideas 2021 dynamic and flexible spaces

Office Decor 2021: Movable Furniture

Speaking of office flexibility, we could not forget about one of the leading office decor trends 2021, which is the movable furniture. 

Modular furniture like chairs and tables on wheels, movable walls, and other types of adjustable decorations are some typical examples among movable office decor 2021. 

modular office design 2021 movable furniture

Moreover, movable office decor also helps employees to move around, accommodate, and create a personal space where they feel comfortable working, which can increase work productivity and efficiency. 

Office Decor 2021: Comfortable and Ergonomic Furniture

If you have ever worked in an office environment, then you probably know that comfortable furniture can have a significant impact on the working atmosphere, while the opposite can lead to major health and work issues.

Therefore, nowadays, ergonomic and comfortable furniture is one of the top office decor trends 2021. It is mainly because ergonomic furniture is designed to support the natural posture and movement of the human body.

office decor trends 2021 comfortable ergonomic chair

Overall, ergonomic furniture comes with plenty of health benefits for the human body, and they are simply perfect for daily use. So if you are looking to purchase some trending office decor 2021, then start with these types of furniture. 

The concept of community space has never so important for office design than it is today.

The thing is that these types of areas evoke a sense of belonging among the employees, which, in its turn, positively affects their workflow.  

Besides that, community zones play a significant role in building communication among the workers and strengthening company culture as a whole. With so many benefits in its pocket, it is no wonder why community spaces are one of the top office trends 2021. 

office design ideas 2021 communal space

Office Design Ideas 2021: Entertainment and Leisure Zones

Just like with the community spaces, entertainment, and leisure zones play a substantial role in evolving communication around the office as well as creating a more positive working atmosphere. 

Besides that, leisure zones are one of the most eye-catching office design ideas 2021, which gains more popularity every day.

Some of the most typical examples of leisure and entertainment areas are the game rooms, sports rooms, and relaxation zones.

office decor 2021 play rooms and game zones

Modern reality has changed a lot lately, and so did the working environments.

Nowadays, office designs are moving away from traditional, formal settings and instead shift towards establishing a more casual and home-like atmosphere. 

This helps workers to better accommodate the working atmosphere while feeling as comfortable as at home.

Besides that, a cozy, home-like environment helps to increase productivity and positively affects the well-being of employees. 

office design 2021 home-like residential atmosphere

Moreover, this is also of the more or less cost-effective office ideas 2021, because you can choose one cozy area like a lounge zone or a  kitchen area and your office will immediately look much more welcoming at affordable costs. 

At this point, we have talked a lot about the trending office ideas 2021, let us discuss some of the most trending color choices for working environments.

The first thing that you need to know about this year’s color palette for office design is that it is rather minimal, subtle, and muted. Typical neutrals like whites, beiges, and grays are still highly popular choices for office design 2021. 

office design 2021 color trends

Other color trends are the classic blue (Pantone color of the year), aquamarine blue, dusty green or sage green, neo-mint, and warm peach. You can also choose other colors of your preference, just make sure they are in muted or dusty tones. 

Moreover, although many people go for the tendencies, it is actually more recommended designing your office interior with your brand’s statement colour-scheme or choose color tones that match your business industry. 

office design color trends 2021 classic blue or aquamarine blue

As you can already tell, there are plenty of attractive office trends 2021, and our last trend is yet another indication of that.

If you were keeping up with the office trends in the last couple of years, then you probably know that private booths are one of the most trending furnishing elements in working environments.

office ideas 2021 private pop-up booths

Pop-up private booths or similar individual cubicles are a great way to enhance the workflow and incorporate some privacy for the employees, especially their office is designed in the open-space concept. In other words, it gives them another option for privacy and noise cancellation.

All in all, private booths and other spaces of similar types are very modish office design ideas 2021 that are not attractive, but they also offer plenty of other benefits for the working environments.

trends in office decor 2021 private booths and cubicles

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