Kitchen Design 2022: Top 10 Fascinating Styles and Ideas

Kitchen design

Kitchen design 2022 is becoming more and more interesting. The kitchen is a favorite hangout spot for many people.

Here you can create magnificent culinary marvels, taste them, or simply spend quality time with family and friends. To do so, you must create the most relaxing atmosphere possible, taking into account not only the decorative but also the functional aspects of the interior.

Kitchen Design 2022: 10 Fascinating Styles and Ideas

So, let’s briefly summarize and supplement the newfangled kitchen design 2022 trends.

Vintage Style In The Kitchen Design 2022

Have you ever thought about vintage style?

If you prefer antiques, then this style is what you need. Such kitchens are significantly different from others, they radiate warmth and comfort, bring elegance to the interior, create a unique charm, thanks to which everyone who stops by your kitchen will be amazed by its appearance.

Vintage Style In The Kitchen Design 2022

Indoor plants will perfectly fit into the interior of a vintage kitchen, giving it freshness and cheerfulness. You can use natural or artificial flowers, decorative grasses.

When it comes to choice, tropical evergreen vines will be the most attractive.

Vintage Style In The Kitchen Design 2022

Peace, simplicity and nostalgia are the characteristics of the vintage style. It is dominated by unobtrusive, calm colors that very easily turn the clock back and make you think that you are in a kitchen belonging to a previous generation.

Use a range of neutral tones in large quantities, combine them with creams, beige and light grays that can be applied to walls and floors, and use them in lighting and furniture choices.

A vintage kitchen design 2022 should be filled with useful details. Therefore, you will need original designed spice shelves or organizers (metal hanging baskets) for canned food. These details will put things in order in your kitchen, help you keep and arrange all the necessary products in a compact way.

Bar Counter And An Island

Of the different layouts, the island project is always the most common. The space of the kitchen can be easily increased by getting rid of the dining table, replacing it with a bar counter.

Literally right away, you will find space for new cabinets, shelves and household appliances. This issue will be solved in the blink of an eye if you install this piece of furniture.

Thanks to it, dinner with your loved one will transform into a romantic date, resembling a café. And when guests appear, you don’t have to set a bulky table far from the kitchen.

Bar Counter And An Island

If you are a true style connoisseur and marble lover, you will appreciate the stunning look of this chic stone on a polished countertop. Although such material has negative properties – it quickly absorbs moisture.

But if you are extremely careful and especially diligent, you will always have time to wipe up the stain from spilled wine, tea or coffee in time.

A delicate onyx stone looks extraordinary on the bar counter. Moreover, if you set an original lighting inside the bar counter, the stone will acquire an exquisite character.

Does the height of the bar matter? Of course, there are certain size standards, but most do not adhere to these standards. This is due to the small size of the kitchen.

Therefore, they apply to the use of racks that are closer to the height of the dining table. Hence, the fact that the height of bar stools is adjustable.

Modern Kitchen 2022

It is impossible not to single out the uniqueness of the modern kitchen design 2022: convenience, practicality, as well as functionality, replenished with laconic, as well as harsh features, arouse particular interest.

Wood, also glossy metal and glass are perfectly combined in the modern kitchen design 2022. Colored accents are welcome, asymmetry is what makes modern kitchens fascinating as well as inspiring.

Modern Kitchen 2022

As for the style solution, the design has ceased to correspond to any one style: more and more often, both materials and textures that come from different styles are combined in the design of a modern interior.

So the coldness of the stone gets along well with light curtains, and an ornate chandelier can quite coexist with Scandinavian minimalism.

Modern Kitchen 2022

Scandinavian Style Kitchen 2022

Those who choose the Scandinavian style love functionality and simplicity. It is perfect for the modern kitchen 2022. This style may not seem like the best option at first glance, but its characteristic minimalist approach to the interior is impressive in its elegance.

White acts as an accent, visually expanding the space. This effect is also achieved through lighting. The diffused light of functional spotlights and diode strips visually increases the area of the room.

Sand, light brown and beige shades are allowed. The whiteness of the interior can be diluted by combining this color with wood, multi-colored tiles.

The austere beauty of the style will be emphasized by light walls and solid beech kitchen furniture. The emphasis in the furnishings is on the finishing of leather, metal, linen, wool.

Leading world designers most often complement the fashionable kitchen design 2022 with stone and mosaics, enrich the space with accompanying decorative elements – glass items, soft carpets, various pillows and tablecloths.

Scandinavian Style Kitchen 2022

Modern Kitchen Ideas 2022: Provence Style

In case you like a special French glamour, then kitchen design 2022 in the Provence style will definitely impress you.

Soft colors of surfaces, floral themes and vintage components are welcome in the wall with visible bricks, ceramic decor components, mosaics and as few technical devices as possible.

Modern Kitchen Ideas 2022: Provence Style

Kitchens Combined With Other Living Areas

Kitchens combined into one open space with other living areas are still very relevant.

This cannot but affect the appearance of the kitchen. Increasingly, in addition to functionality, attention is also paid to its aesthetics, which in this case of an open plan should correspond to all other zones.

With the modern development of kitchen design 2022, clean and simple styles are becoming more and more relevant. Open kitchens are increasingly becoming the backdrop for the living room or dining room, so most often the kitchen is not bright, it is decorated very simply, in calm and not catchy tones, which is most inherent in minimalism.

And such decorative elements as handles, mixer, extractor hood or lighting fixtures are selected so that they visually connect the kitchen with the rest of the zones. For the same reason, more and more often the kitchen is made closed, so that those who come to visit you do not immediately understand where your kitchen is.

The design of such an invisible kitchen includes sliding partitions that move apart during cooking and hide in the kitchen. This technique allows you to increase the importance of decorative elements in the room and direct attention to more significant and beautiful objects.

Kitchens Combined With Other Living Areas

Kitchen Design 2022 In Natural Colors

In 2022, blue-gray, gray, graphite kitchens will be fashionable, as well as kitchens decorated in warm brown tones or shades of green, for example, in emerald or mint colors.

That is, kitchens in natural colors and their neutrals tone will be the most fashionable.

Darker and more saturated colors will also be in the kitchen design trends 2022: such as burgundy and dark blue. As bright accents, it is best to use green in spring.

Tall cabinets and Scandinavian-style handles trend is still fashionable. Another trend is cabinets with glass and often backlit doors.

When choosing accessories, preference should be given to warm, golden, and coppery tones.

Make a note that in 2022 matte surfaces are preferred over glossy ones. The tiles should be matte in the kitchen area.

Kitchen Design 2022 In Natural Colors

Kitchen Decor 2022: Collectible Showcase

If you are a collector of vases, kitchen utensils, figurines, or you just love beautiful and unusual exhibits, then you can place them on the hanging shelves in the kitchen.

Try to create a single stylistic exposition, then your interior will become non-standard and spectacular, and the space under the ceiling will be a showcase, not a dust collector.

Of course, we all know that the warmest air accumulates at the top, but this is not a reason to refuse to store wine under the ceiling. Firstly, with a hood, it isn’t all that hot at the top. Secondly, room temperature is fine for red wines.

So your wine collection will be reliably hidden from children and will become a decoration of your kitchen.

Kitchen Decor 2022: Collectible Showcase

Retro Kitchen Design Ideas 2022

Remember what kitchens looked like in the recent past. Cheerful, vibrant hues are perfect for bringing a retro look to your home. Colors like orange, lemon green or red will cheer you up, while muted pastels, browns and elegant blue give your kitchen the look you want.

Two-tone options for kitchen sets are very popular (radically opposite shades or similar in tone).

Retro Kitchen Design Ideas 2022

Find textiles with distinctive geometric patterns in vintage stores and instantly create a retro look.

For a retro-style kitchen to look harmonious, you need antique pieces of furniture in warm colors. You can easily add a retro look to a tall wooden bar, upholstered chairs, or a small round table.

Retro Kitchen Design Ideas 2022

Kitchen Ideas 2022: Tall Cabinets To The Ceiling

Wall cabinets should be phased out in 2022.

All utensils, dishes and appliances can be stored in the lower part and in tall cabinets.

Kitchen Ideas 2022: Tall Cabinets To The Ceiling

They create the impression of a single kitchen wall (the guest does not even understand where the cabinet is, and where the wall is – one smoothly flows into the other).

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