12 Effective Tips In Vintage Interior Design Which You Need to Follow

Interior Design Trends

Vintage interior design is one of the most sought-after decorating trends.

Architectural components in this styling enhance nostalgic, sumptuous, idyllic and modern externals with vintage furniture, decor supplements and lighting fixtures components.

Vintage mode gives unique, warm and cozy look to the interiors. It offers countless opportunities to make affluent and characterized combinations of classic and retro with modern furnishings.

The stylish combination of vintage and modern blends vintage furnishings, additional decor and lighting components into ultramodern home interiors.

Vintage Interior Design: 12 Effective Tips That You Need to Follow

The key factor for achieving a gorgeous interior design with vintage is keeping the balance of old and new. It can be very easy to create an old-fashioned home, but the goal is to find the right balance.

If you combine the interior design components correctly, you will be able to create the style you long for.

Here, we are going to provide you 12 handy tips that will be necessary to reach a strikingly impressive vintage style interior design.

Distinct Characteristics of Vintage Interior Design

  • Vintage style decor is a mixture of solid hues. Among the most distinct are verdant, sapphire, orange, rosy, lemony, and turquoise.
  • Vintage charisma is about characterization and personal attitude. That’s to say, you have to create a design that tells a story.
  • People who like remembering about the past are more likely users of vintage Interiors. They normally add portraits in their vintage modern living room.
  • Playing around with vintage trimmings mainly with old things or touching on modernism.
  • Never passing over the main principle of this style, that is blending old and new furniture and furnishing together.

Vintage Interior Design: 12 Effective Tips That You Need to Follow

The Origin of Vintage Style Decor

Originated in France, vintage style immensely spread over many art spheres, vastly fashion and interior design.

Its origination was rather spontaneous, first seen in art, then fashion, and after that in interior design.

It was the fashion trend of the 20th century, which instantly grabbed the attention of America and major countries of Europe.

Vintage is the best style that attractively incorporates femininity and elegance. Its charm of antiquity is beyond description.

For the perfect implementation of this style, antique furniture, materials, and tableware are essential.

Moreover, you will also need specific approach and skills from a grandeur master.

Vintage Interior Design: 12 Effective Tips That You Need to Follow

The focal point in this style is to take previous years’ trends and combine them with the latest ones. There are no rules to arrange the space in the right way, you should just concentrate on the harmony. This stylistic direction aims to add extra charm to older trends for creating cozy and relaxed atmosphere.

Everlasting Elegance of Vintage Interior Design

Vintage does not mean old design. It is all about adding a sense of nostalgia to the styling.

This is the main reason that vintage interior design is never neglected and its popularity is only increasing year by year.

Along with the development of minimalism, vintage style decor successfully bounced back.

Vintage interior design covers a broad spectrum of terms extending from retro, country to shabby chic. This gives hints to combine antiques with modern in the correspondent manner.

Vintage style decor is the merging of magnetic colors, lavish textures, and a blend of all-embracing styles.

For more personal approach you can add vintage pieces together with modern and traditional decor units.

Vintage Interior Design: 12 Effective Tips That You Need to Follow

Vintage Style Decor Features


In order to correspond to vintage style, the furniture in this trend should have a history.

The criteria for antique furniture includes the use of natural materials, like wood and soft furnishings. Opting for a natural material is not enough.

The texture of furnishing should also be considered. For instance, you don’t need to furbish wood to make it smooth.

It will appear far more original with grazes, slits and scratches. Besides, you can add wood carving, bronze or brass attachments.

Typical modes of vintage furniture can contain a wardrobe, bedside tables with drawers and etched knobs, soft chairs with wooden frame and circular sofa with engraved legs.

Vintage Interior Design: 12 Effective Tips That You Need to Follow

The pleasant interiors of the vintage living room can be completed with a coffee table and a sofa with cushions.


Vintage style curtains are usually long, gracefully slender and slight decorated with laces and matching fasteners. According to the entire interiors of the room they can be rather glowing or refined.

Neutral-colored walls without additional patterns can be matched with bright curtains and floral designs. Curtains can be decorated monotonously if your interior is rich with patterns.

For table decoration, decorative lacing towels and napkins will appear constituent on dining, coffee and bedside tables. Upholstering should either be correspondent to the background, or be brighter.

Furniture with floral furnishing can be quite suitable in a room with darker walls.

A harmonic complement can be made by decorative cushions with flower motifs and a restrained carpet.

Vintage Interior Design: 12 Effective Tips That You Need to Follow

Finishing and Decorative Supplements

Unique decorative approach is really crucial for reaching the desired vintage style. Here, every detail should be considered thoroughly. For wall decorating, there are two possible ways of decorating.

You can either opt for neutral-toned paint or wallpapers with patterns; such as impressive flower ornamentation.

Concerning the ceiling, the most appropriate option can be applying milky shades with refined harshness or wood with some scratches. Coarse texture will appear quite a natural solution in this context.

For floor wood, timber and linoleum are among the most preferable options. In general, they are hidden under big carpet covering matching the wallpapers.

Vintage Interior Design: 12 Effective Tips That You Need to Follow

As a decoration of the room, you can use black and white photographs, vintage style paintings in laced or wooden frames.

Not only floral patterns but also natural flowers are significant elements in vintage design. You can add them in ceramic or glass vases.

The use of music boxes, old-fashioned chandeliers and lamps, candlesticks and books will create specific atmosphere.

Various Materials for Vintage Style Decor

In vintage style the materials for everything must comply with general standards.

For instance, ceilings must be only natural. You can use wood, gypsum, vinyl or fiber cement, but not stretch or plastic panel ceilings.

To add exceptionally exquisite mood and charm to interiors, they should be in some cracks.

For floor, it is again acceptable to use natural materials; cork, bamboo, wood, linoleum, recycled or wool carpets. You should just be attentive to comply with the reasonable forms.

Vintage Interior Design: 12 Effective Tips That You Need to Follow

You can choose between two types of walls; monochromatic or with ornamented wallpapers.

Whether you choose one or the other, you should be cautious with the furniture and the additional supplements you are going to use.

A very useful tip is to go minimum with one of them.

Color Elements in Vintage Interior Design

Color is everything in vintage, retro and rustic styles. The vivid shades in retro can be ideal for vintage interior design, allowing to add the splendid colors to any room.

Adding playful patterns to catchy colors will help to demonstrate your design.

The patterns can be in various forms of polka dots, stripes, floral and any other welcoming textures. As long as vintage suggests feminine designs, floral wallpapers matched with creamy, white or light brown furniture settings will make your home absolutely cozy.

Vintage Interior Design: 12 Effective Tips That You Need to Follow

Pastels shades in sapphire, rosy, peach, and sage green are another way to indicate this style. Colors and patterns are great means to achieve subtly aesthetic vintage style home design.

The Focal Point of Vintage Style Interior Design

The secret of vintage interior design is that it doesn’t suggest decorating entire home in one style. You can just add some vintage elements to the rooms you want, or opt for only vintage bedroom or vintage living room.

Furniture and additional supplements can be perfect solutions to achieve a vintage-looking room with certain elements. You may use old large mirrors, shabby dining tables, dressers, and cabinets.

Vintage Interior Design: 12 Effective Tips That You Need to Follow

Vintage style allows to create a distinct mood highlighting individuality. It is both affordable, effortless and you will pass enjoyable time creating this design.

Vintage Style Decor: DIY & Decoupage

A perfect solution to create this design with maximum affordable means is to create it yourself. You can find plenty of tutorials when you surf the internet that provide varied options to turn your old furniture into a vintage one.

Decoupage is a technique that uses paper and glue to stick images to objects.

So, it’s that simple, you should cut the image you want and glue it to the object, putting the glue also on the image.

You can use it both for furniture, and for entire room decor.

Vintage Interior Design: 12 Effective Tips That You Need to Follow

Blending Various Styles

Vintage style is not about applying only vintage to the room. The best thing about it is that it encourages to blend styles.

For an ideal vintage design, you will need to mix and match modern setting with antique background, or vice versa.

For creating a retro style apply spirited accents with vivid colors. It may seem to you that retro style furniture appears discrete, so it would be proper to use it as a piece of art.

If you go more peasant, you should add sensational pieces to give it a cozy touch.

Vintage Interior Design: 12 Effective Tips That You Need to Follow

And take a note that in any combination and blending, it is essential not to exaggerate it.

Using Antiques in Vintage Living Room

The use of antiques in home design can be rather challenging. The use of old furniture or adornments, does not yet mean that you use antiques.

Vintage Interior Design: 12 Effective Tips That You Need to Follow

If you include an antique, it must be in decent condition. As not each antique piece can comply with your design scheme, you should do a thorough research of it before using.

When opting for an antique, make certain the design constituents stand the test of time.

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