Small Kitchen Ideas 2022: Top 15 Best Design Solutions

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We would like to present to your attention a brief overview of the most striking small kitchen ideas 2022, noted by well-known experts in the field of kitchen design and kitchen furniture interior.

Small Kitchen Ideas 2022: 15 Best Design Solutions

The kitchen is the center of all family life events.

Therefore, functional design, comfort, modern appearance can be easily called the main priorities for the design of the fashionable interior of the small kitchen 2022.

Small Kitchen Ideas 2022: The Linear Kitchen

The linear layout (kitchen – dining room – living room) is among perfect small kitchen ideas 2022. The public area turns out to be cozy and modern at the same time.

In order to create a convenient working triangle with this arrangement of furniture, you can choose a kitchen with an island – a free-standing rectangular table.

You can use the island as an additional countertop or as a replacement for a dining table, and you can also move a sink or hob to it.
In addition, the island is always a few capacious storage boxes in addition to the main ones.

Small Kitchen Ideas 2022: 15 Best Design Solutions

Natural marble is one of those materials that have firmly entered the fashion trends of this decade. In the coming years, its presence in the decoration will only gain momentum. And it is also fashionable to use several types of marble in one interior or even in one zone (floor / walls / backsplash).

The pros and cons of marble in the interior are known to many. Among the advantages are durability with proper care, expensive, appealing to the eye appearance, variability of shades and patterns.

The assortment of patterns of natural stone is very rich (from small stains and specks to sweeping stripes), and each of them is unique.

Therefore, a countertop, an island or a backsplash made of marble will make your small kitchen 2022 exclusive and unique.

Small Kitchen Ideas 2022: 15 Best Design Solutions

Mirror Walls

Mirrors in a small kitchen 2022 can work a miracle – “double” its size.

A mirror in front of the window will double the quantity of light in the room. With this trick, here are three small kitchen ideas 2022: installation of a floor mirror, backsplash mirror cladding, wall cladding with a mirror, for example, near the dining area.

Small Kitchen Ideas 2022 Mirror Walls

Best Kitchen Design 2022: Mirror Tiles

Mirror tiles have recently become a fashionable finishing option in luxury interiors. Most often it is found in the Art Deco style small kitchen ideas 2022 with a cocktail, almost bar-like atmosphere.

Various visual effects are achieved by combining the dimensions of the mirror tiles. For small areas, it is preferable to use medium tiles or mosaics.

Best Kitchen Design 2022: Mirror Tiles

Small Kitchen Ideas 2022: Glass Slider Doors

The glass slider doors are great for any modern kitchen design 2022, be it a minimalistic or neoclassical. In different styles, the design of doors will differ in the nature of the glass and the type of glass.

Structures of such a plan not only fit perfectly into every interior, but also provide an opportunity to use the maximum usable area and create a sense of spaciousness.

Small Kitchen Ideas 2022: Glass Slider Doors

Small Kitchen Ideas 2022: Geometric Ornaments

Geometric ornaments in the design of the backsplash and other areas on the walls and floors are popular in a variety of styles: Classical and Neoclassical, Scandinavian and Art Deco.

Sometimes they can even be found in a modern and minimalistic small kitchen ideas 2022.

Rectangular brick-like ceramic tiles will be an excellent solution for a loft or modern style small kitchen 2022.

Small Kitchen Ideas 2022: Geometric Ornaments

White Kitchen

White will continue to be one of the most essential kitchen design 2022 trends, almost entirely eliminating beige.

The classic light color will work if your kitchen is small and dark. It is the white color that will visually enlarge the space, brighten it to a large extent. Choosing white as the main color for arranging such a specific space, you definitely will not go wrong.

Small Kitchen Ideas 2022

Light Pastel Shades

Another technique in the small kitchen design 2022 trends is a design in light pastel shades. Diluting the kitchen design with another, brighter color, you will make the space stylish and easy to perceive. The modular cabinets with glass doors will give lightness to the kitchen.

Even in the smallest kitchen, you can arrange a space that is cozy by all accounts. The main thing in this process is a properly selected kitchen set.

For example, a kitchen in white and yellow colors will look great in the house of a cheerful, positive person, a kitchen in pastel colors will emphasize the soft and delicate nature of its owner, and a gray kitchen is perfect for bold, creative people.

Small Kitchen Ideas 2022

Three- and Four-color Design of the Kitchen Set 2022

Two-tone kitchen sets came into vogue back in the 2010s, but tricolor ones appeared relatively recently. Usually two colors are matte or glossy, one color imitates wood / concrete / embossed material, and the fourth is represented by a pantry unit.

Three- and Four-color Design of the Kitchen Set 2022


Do not forget about lighting, it is worth placing the backlight in the most necessary places where you are most often and where you work, for example, over the stove, sink, cutting countertop.

For a modern kitchen design 2022, compact ceiling spotlights set on a rail system are ideal as general ceiling lighting.

Such lighting can be installed along the kitchen cabinet line or along the perimeter of the ceiling at a distance from the wall.

 Design of the Kitchen Set 2022

Hide the Unnecessary

The sink in such a kitchen set is multifunctional. You can place a trash can or hide unnecessary things in the space under it. In the kitchen of a modern hostess, there are a lot of useful household appliances of different sizes and shapes.

To hide this «technical progress» and organize the space, you can use cupboards and cabinets.

Infrequently used items of kitchen equipment not only spoil the overall picture of the kitchen, but also get filled with dust, so it is better to hide them in a cabinet, where they will be no less convenient.

Small Kitchen Ideas 2022

Small Kitchen Ideas 2022: Built-in Appliances

It is best to equip a kitchen with a small area so that the appliances are built-in.

So you can solve the problem with a lack of space as much as possible. A properly selected set, in which every centimeter of space is used with economy, will help make the kitchen more spacious, comfortable and cozy.

Small Kitchen Ideas 2022: Built-in Appliances

Best Kitchen Design 2022: Modular Furniture

Modular furniture will become an organizer of order in your kitchen. With the carefully thought-out small kitchen design 2022, you can easily place a dining table and a few stools where four people can easily dine.

Furnishing a kitchen with a couch in 2022 will be inappropriate. This will reduce the free space, which is always so lacking in the kitchen. Moreover, it will disrupt the overall picture and smear the line of style.

Small Kitchen Ideas 2022

Upper Cabinet As a Flower Stand

Drought-resistant and shade-tolerant plant varieties are usually placed on it. At the top, you can arrange ampelous plants that will beautifully fall down. Chlorophytum, sansevieria and kalanchoe will be excellent residents of the upper kitchen cabinets.

Add a little imagination and creativity, then your small kitchen 2022 will be a cozy, relaxing place for the whole family to gather.

Small Kitchen Ideas 2022 Upper Cabinet As a Flower Stand

Wide Windowsill

This element will assist in solving the problem of the window’s inconvenient location in the kitchen. Replace the worktop with a wide window sill, but do not forget to combine all the details of the small kitchen 2022 interior with a single thought.

Namely, the same decorative elements (uniform style, uniform color scheme).

kitchen design 2022 trends

Using this option, you can easily relax while looking at the surrounding landscape outside the window.

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