Modern Interior Design: Top 12 Remarkable Design Options

Interior Design Trends

Current trends in housing design are usually called modern interior design. This wide-ranging concept is connected with a whole group of interior trends that are responsive to the needs of the time.

They are combined by the desire for cleanliness and clarity of lines, selectivity in decor, an inclination towards practicality.

When speaking about modern interior design, we do not refer to the name of a particular style. It’s wrong to say like that. It is simply about the style that meets the essence of the times, which becomes apparent in the forms used in the room decoration.

Modern Interior Design: Top 12 Remarkable Design Options

If we talk specifically about the names of specific directions, then modern ones can be: Minimalism, Loft, Neo-classic, Ethno, Scandinavian style.

They are relatively suitable for this definition, and adhere to current trends. In general, most often in design, a blend of completely different components borrowed from various design directions is used.

So they are usually called, for example: minimalism with ethnic elements.

Modern Interior Design: Top 12 Remarkable Design Options

But it is crucial to figure out the relative concept of modernity, giving privilege to your personal preferences. You should not chase fashion and opt for minimalistic interior design just because it is in trend now.

The main thing is to find the best one close to your soul.

When working on modern house interior, it is of more importance to work out the chosen direction with high quality, harmoniously and professionally.
Here, we will talk about more trendy, minimalistic design options, called modern.

Modern Interior Design: Top 12 Remarkable Design Options

Some Features of Modern Interior Design

  • Straight lines;
  • Rough materials;
  • Extraordinary combinations;
  • Involvement of air;
  • Muted hues with occasional bright accents;
  • Simple shapes in plastic walls, ceilings and furniture;
  • Lack of plaster molding, curled cornices and details;
  • Exclusion of patterned wallpapers.

The Peculiarities of Modern House Interior

Modern interior design is very diverse, such mutually exclusive styles as classic and minimalism are still in use, and it is impossible to single out any general trends for different styles. But we will try.

So if you see that one or more of these rules are violated in the project proposed to you, this is definitely a reason to think.

Straight lines in classic modern interior

Curved lines are not used, let’s face it. Whether it’s minimalism, or a loft, or even a classic-styled interior – make sure that your designer doesn’t make curved walls or fancy curves on the ceiling.

It will look terrible 99 percent of the time. Someone will argue that there are no bad lines, and for some famous Western architects, everything is entirely composed of curved lines (take at least the work of Zaha Hadid), yes, this is true, but this is definitely an exception.

If you are not in America and do not order a design from a world-class interior designer, it is better to refrain from curved lines. Curved lines are not bad at all, it is just extremely difficult to use them correctly, and not all architects cope with this.

Modern Interior Design: Top 12 Remarkable Design Options

Rough materials

When it’s not about classic modern interior designs, rough, poorly crafted materials are definitely trending. Even where they do not dominate the room (unless the Loft style is chosen), they are very often used in contrast with polished surfaces.

So if the design of your home looks too sleek, think about peeling off the plaster here and there.

Rough materials will give the interior the freshness of an unfinished drawing. You can use them in your modern style bathroom and modern bedroom interior.

Extraordinary combinations

Very often in modern design, the technique of working in contrast is used, which is less common in classic interiors.

For example, in a minimalist apartment, you can easily find a picture in an old carved frame, or stylized as a classic colonnade in the modern style living room.

It is clear that such a combination can no longer be called a clear adherence to one style, but this is by no means a bad thing.

Such a neighborhood, on the contrary, helps to reveal and more expressively show the nature of both contrasting elements. Likewise, contrast and added expressiveness can be achieved by mixing diverse textures, materials and colors.

Modern Interior Design: Top 12 Remarkable Design Options

Aristocratic Style in Classic Modern Interior

This is appropriate for both vast country houses and tiny apartments. With modern materials used, it retains the natural motives in the classic modern interior decor.

The most significant expressive units suggest using moldings for marking symmetrical relief, keeping the color in the premise of light, bright natural shades.

Modern Interior Design: Top 12 Remarkable Design Options

Ideas for A Modern Minimalist Interior

The secret of the everlasting popularity of the trend is in the easiness of forms, transparency of hues, and organized space. The furniture is kept to a minimum, but enough for convenience.

The style doesn’t suggest strict limits in the application of hues. You can use warm pastel tones, cold metallic and natural shades.

It is essential to keep the feeling of open space. Try to include maximum natural light, as it helps to create a cozy living environment, as well.

Modern Interior Design: Top 12 Remarkable Design Options

Hi-Tech in Modern Interior Design

The high-tech design includes the use of technical innovations.

Progressive people are the main lovers of this style. The core features are straightness, simplicity of forms, the use of neutral-cold shades in white, gray, black, some bright tones can be applied as well.

Make sure to have smooth and glossy surfaces in raw brick, glass, metal or concrete and keep the environment with minimum decor. This can be appropriate for modern style kitchen.

Modern Interior Design: Top 12 Remarkable Design Options

Modern House Interior Solutions for Comfort

A large single-color wall, large planes made of one material, massive elements with a minimum of details and divisions – if a designer offers you such design solutions, do not attribute this to a lack of ideas and lack of inspiration. In fact, everything was done correctly.

Of course, such airiness and emptiness should work in contrast with elements rich in details (this can be furniture or decor), the interior should not be completely empty.

But a lot of space and not cluttered with details is definitely good for modern house interior.

Modern Interior Design: Top 12 Remarkable Design Options

Color Combinations in Modern Interior Design

This is probably the golden rule for any interior, of all times. Whether it’s a light color scheme, or a dark one, classic or minimalism – an excess of bright colors will always look bad and, in terms of functionality, make it difficult to be in the room.

It’s not about making the design of the apartment colorless and monochrome, just black, white, all shades of brown, gray or any pastel hue should prevail. But other saturated colors will overload the interior and tire the eye.

Modern Interior Design: Top 12 Remarkable Design Options

They can only be used as bright spots against the general background.

There are only a few rare exceptions to this rule regarding styling under folk pseudo-naive styles.

The Simplicity of Modern Interior Design

Modern style is highlighted by simplicity and minimalism of forms. Straight, simple lines, large planes without unnecessary articulations and details. The emphasis is on the texture and texture of the materials used in the project.

In modern style living room you will not find floral ornaments or classic stucco moldings. There may be exceptions when it comes to some stylistic mixes like Neo-Classics or Ethno.

The Loft may have retro furnishings or antique decor details like pinpoint accents. But in general, the trend is that the details are getting smaller and the shapes are simplified.

Even if stucco molding is used, its elements are simplified and modernized in comparison with classical counterparts.

Modern Interior Design: Top 12 Remarkable Design Options

Modern House Interior in Minimal Decor

If you decide to use wallpaper in the design of your modern bedroom interior, then a large pattern is definitely not what you should use. Although a large drawing can be applied on an accent wall, and only as an exception.

But it’s definitely not worth covering all the walls with them.

Of course, there are exceptions to any rule, and in very expensive collections you can find decent proposals with a large pattern, but here you need to be very careful. It’s easy to make mistakes and make the space hard to read.

Modern Interior Design: Top 12 Remarkable Design Options

As for the use of wallpaper in general, as a type of decoration, this option has not been the only one for a long time, and most often completely different techniques are used in modern interiors.

Starting from simple painted plaster, decorative plaster, minimalistic wood panels, stone and even concrete.

The main trend is full strength, wear-resistance and naturalness of materials.

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