Door Design 2021: Best Tendencies and Styles in 2021

Full Height Door Design 2021 Interior Design Trends

Buying an interior or entrance door can be somewhat difficult because we all desire the door to be not only fully functional but also look modern. In order to make the right choice, you need to keep up with the trends of door design 2021.

To help you with that, we made up a list of door design trends 2021 that will guide you this year.

So without further ado, let’s begin our discussion, shall we?

New Door Design 2021: Full Height Doors

One of the most major trends of this year is full-height doors with a length of more than 2 meters.

Full Height Door Design 2021

Door design 2021 is full of this type of doors made with different materials, textures, and colors.

It’s no surprise, because they help to raise the ceiling visually in addition to looking stylish and ultra-modern.


In case the ceilings of your apartment are not very long or you want to make them look higher, then full-length doors are just for you.

Door Design 2021: Big, Wide Entrance Doors

Another remarkable door design trend 2021 is wide doors that look outstandingly large.

Wide Wood Door Design 2021

This type of doors work especially nice for the hallway of a big mansion or a big house.

Most main doors of 2021 are pretty big and wide; this way they help to create an unforgettable first impression along with looking contemporary and luxurious.

Saving Space With Glass and Wood Sliding Doors

If you’re looking for modern interior door trends 2021 for a small place, then our next selection is just for you.

Glass Sliding Door Design 2021

Sliding doors have been in trend for the last several years, but this year they are getting better with more exciting styles and tendencies.

And the full-glass sliding doors are one of the most graceful types, which are dominating door design 2021.

Glass sliding doors are not only an amazing design decision for small spaces, but they also seem very stylish and make the space look so much bigger.

New Door Design 2021: Pivot Doors

Yet another very stylish trend of door design 2021 is the pivot doors, that are very flexible and super chic.

They are another excellent option for saving space and for having the ultimate flexibility in a small area.

Modern Pivot Door Design 2021

Pivot doors are probably one of the most fashionable door designs of this year, which can make any house look super stylish and elegant.


Pivot doors have a significant role in wood door design in 2021 too, so if you don’t like fiberglass or steel, you can surely go for wood.

Wood Door Design 2021: Interesting Structures & Patterns

Wood doors have been there forever. They are not only durable but also very elegant, especially this year with interesting design solutions.

Wood Door Design Trends 2021 Textures

Wood door designs in 2021 have a lot of exquisite structures and patterns, like straight lines, geometric patterns or other ornaments.

So if you’re looking for a new door design for 2021, then buying a wood door with a unique pattern will be a great option.

Front Doors 2021: Doors With Mixed Materials

Similar to interior and furniture styling, mixed materials play a significant role in wood door design 2021 as well.

From wood and aluminum, metal and fiberglass to the combination of all of them, you can find a variety of doors that are made with combined materials.

Wood Door Design 2021 Combined Materials

This type of doors look better for the hallway space, because they can have a pleasing impression on your visitors, while making your house look instantly more stylish.

Wood Door Design 2021: Moody Colors

When speaking of wood door design 2021, we want to specifically talk about the trending color choices for this type of doors.

Moody colors such as various shades of gray, brown and black are the primary color choices for wood doors and interior door trends 2021.

Wood Moody Color Door Designs 2021

Doors with these types of colors will not only look modern in your interior design, but they will make your house seem much more welcoming for you and your guests.

The next tendency we are going to talk about has to do with interior door colors and interior design in general.

Going through different magazines and photos of interior design 2021, we have noticed that a lot of interior visuals include doors with full monochrome colors that blend with the wall.

Monochrome New Door Design 2021

In other words, if you have painted your walls with black, dark green or any other color than you can do the same with your door design 2021 and let it blend with the rest of the apartment tones.

Nevertheless, the critical trick in this sort of indoor design is to go with muted colors instead of bright tones.

This kind of door and interior design might not be for everyone, but it definitely looks very contemporary, artistic and absolutely stylish.

Front Doors 2021: Doors With a Pop of Color

Our last tendency of door design 2021 that we are going to be talking about is the trend of front doors with a pop of color.

If you’re renovating your house and looking for an inexpensive way to upgrade your front door, then painting it with some kind of bright color is a great way to do it.

Door Design 2021: Best Tendencies and Styles in 2021

Just choose your favorite color, be it red, blue, black or something else and upgrade your front door with minimum expenses but stylish results.

One important tip when it comes to painting your door is to make sure the paint is made for exterior design, and applies to the material of your front door.

In case you don’t want to do it yourself, then you can always find colorful doors in different stores.

Overall, colorful doors add so much personality to your house in addition to being a creative variation amongst the other tendencies of door design 2021.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, door design 2021 is full of amazing, modern ideas that can complete both the inside and outside decor of any house.

From pivot, sliding doors to stylish wood door options, there are a wide variety of door types you can choose from.

Each of the door design trends 2021 have their unique advantage and style, and each of will bring a specific atmosphere to your home.

One last tip for making a final decision is to make a list of your preferences and choose one of the options based on your budget and taste.

We hope this list of door design trends 2021 was effective for finding the best door choice for your house.

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