Interior Color Trends 2022: Popular Shades, Combinations and More

Interior Design Trends

The issue of choosing interior color trends 2022 must be approached carefully. The color scheme in the interior design plays an important role, because even our psychological health and mood largely depends on it.

Interior Color Trends 2022: Popular Shades, Combinations and More

Each room has its own purpose and colors should be selected with this in mind. This approach will make your home harmonious.

Kitchen interior color trends 2022 will not change much. The same neutral colors, a combination of modernity and retro, are in fashion.

It is very easy to decide on kitchen interior color trends 2022. Since this room is intended for the preparation and consumption of food, the color scheme should cheer you up and improve your appetite.

In 2022, when decorating a kitchen interior, you should think about using the following colors: green, yellow, beige, orange, gray. They can be combined with light blue and red. It is important to create a cozy atmosphere.

Kitchen Interior Color Trends 2022

According to experts, dark green combined with black or ivory is a perfect color combination. Household appliances of black color will add zest to such a kitchen

Too bright and saturated colors in the kitchen can negatively affect digestion and even reduce appetite. Therefore, use color accents carefully.

Although each person perceives colors differently, so be guided by your preferences.

Color Accents

You have decided to buy beige furniture set. Perfect solution! But this is not a reason to decorate the whole room in color with furniture and make everything around it beige and cream. Use contrasting colors, add accents, and liven up the room.

The choice of color combinations is huge, so don’t be afraid to experiment. Avoid monochromatic interiors.

Decorative elements can have a wide variety of colors. It is important not to overdo it and not turn your room into “fireworks”. Don’t use all the colors of the rainbow at the same time.

Kitchen Interior Color Trends 2022

When choosing interior color trends 2022, in addition to the functional purpose of the room, you should take into account the room’s dimensions.

A large, spacious room can be filled with light and comfort with the help of warm colors. They evoke positive emotions, create a positive attitude.

The postulate that only light walls can expand a small room is a thing of the past. An analysis of modern projects helps to understand that a bright accent on one wall allows you to emphasize its versatility and separate one zone from another.

Color of The Year 2022: Orchid Flower

The orchid flower is a bright rich purple color, which is a fairly “strong” and “distinctive” color.

As a rule, most of us believe that orchid flower color is used more often for the rooms of children and teenagers. This color really enjoys great popularity among teenagers, thanks to such characteristic properties as confidence, energy, strength and growth, which are so characteristic and necessary for the younger generation.

The orchid flower color has been named color of the year 2022, enjoying its rise in popularity in interior design.

Color of The Year 2022: Orchid Flower

Living Room Paint Colors 2022

The living room is designed for receiving guests and just for family relaxation. So you should be very careful about choosing a color scheme. Not everyone will feel comfortable in a dark or too colorful room.

Choose shades that are neutral and non-irritating.

Make the background light, soft, and accents and details can be made bright, or vice versa. In the case of an insufficient number of accents, the desired revitalization of the interior cannot be achieved.

Living Room Paint Colors 2022


The ocher color is gaining great recognition, occupying a niche of beige, gradually becoming neutral, that is, combined with any shades.

All shades of ocher in combination with neutral colors will serve as a good basis for the interior of an apartment or house. Such colors do not irritate the psyche, they have a beneficial, calming effect on it.

Living Room Paint Colors 2022

Neutral colors

Neutral colors are always in vogue, and 2022 will be no exception. Light shades of yellow, pink, green, white and gray are an excellent solution for the kitchen, especially in combination with bright decorative elements (decorative dishes, wall clocks in the form of forks and spoons, bright curtains, mini trees, if space permits).

You can safely choose white and beige designs. For lovers of pastel colors, the modern 2022 interior in pink (pale and “dirty” shades) and in gray will suit. It will be possible to add brightness to monochrome design using violet and magenta colors.

Pumpkin, mango, sea buck thorn shades are a good choice for decorating a living room or bathroom. Especially if you love originality and brightness.

Neutral colors 2022

Bedroom Colors 2022

Since this room is a personal territory, here you can do whatever you want, taking into account only your tastes and preferences. The bedroom colors 2022 can range from black to red.

The main thing is personal comfort. But since the bedroom is a resting place, there are certain guidelines for choosing colors.

For a more comfortable bedtime, it is preferable to use pastel colors in the design of the bedroom. The purple shade in the bedroom is very good. A soft and calm atmosphere should envelop you with calmness and coziness.

The room should be associated with cleanliness. This effect can be achieved by using white combined with cyan.

Bedroom Colors 2022

One of the most popular interior color trends 2022 will be ultramarine. “Juicy” ultramarine is perfect for decorating a workspace. Upholstered furniture will also look beautiful in this color.

Dark blue is great for the kitchen. It goes well with neutral colors like white, milky, gray, and black. Such a room can be supplemented with decorations in gold, silver.

Interior Color Trends 2022: Blue

Kids’ Room

Initially, you should determine the functional purpose of the room, only then proceed to the selection of colors. For example, psychologists have proven that it is preferable to decorate a kids’ room in calm, soft colors.

Yellow color affects concentration of attention, increases the child’s creativity.

Red shades in the interior will awaken the energy and mobility of the baby, but an overabundance of emotions will prevent him from sleeping peacefully.

Kids’ Room 2022

Noble gray is at the peak of popularity. It is a favorite companion of the olive tone. Its main role is to combine the various textures present in the room.

For this, completely different shades of gray are used, ranging from rich graphite to smoky beige. As a result, the whole composition looks complete with its own individual character and mood.

Popular Paint Colors 2022: Noble Gray

Gray color and its shades are perfect for decorating a living room and office.

The unconditional trend is lighter shades of green, especially the shade known as Neo mint.

This color will look stunning in the room decor 2022, especially when combined with white.

Shades of green are quite deep and rich, and are relevant for home textiles. It is recommended to use them for upholstery of furniture.

Interior Color Trends 2022: Green

Combination of Contrasting Shades

First, it should be noted that the entire color palette is conventionally divided into three tone groups: warm, cold and neutral. But there are situations in which one color evokes either a warm or a cold feeling.

Blue tones are associated with chunks of ice, while orange warmth is associated with the sun. Changing color combinations leads to a complete transformation of the room.

Interior color trends 2022 and various combinations of contrasting colors can be used to create a comfortable and cozy atmosphere. The background can be done in calm or bright colors. And then you can add colors of a different tonality to this background.

For example, a warm orange, beige color, pale yellow will harmonize well with red.

Combination of Contrasting Shades 2022

By building such combinations, you can get a very good result. The antipodes are: red-green, lime-purple, lilac-yellow, black-white, light green-pink.
There are shades that do not get along well with each other. When decorating a stylish interior in 2022, you should not use warm, dark and cold light colors at the same time.

The same applies to the combination of a light warm with a dark cold color. For example, burgundy (dark warm) is not friendly with blue (light cold), and yellow (light warm) does not get along with blue (dark cold).

Scientists have proven that such combinations have a negative effect on the psychological state of a person. But in the modern world it is customary to combine the incompatible, and such subtleties are sometimes not paid attention to.

But now you understand the importance of a skillful combination of shades, and you can easily bring to life any color scheme.

Brave ground is a discreet neutral color that is perfect for decorating any room, from the bedroom to the living room.

Dark, deep and muted shades remain in vogue for a long time. The interior color trends 2022 are those that create a sense of coziness.

As statistics show, most people choose brave ground when decorating a room. Perhaps this is due to the fact that many people associate it with nature, which has a calming effect. A correctly selected color can create a certain psychological effect on a person and warm a cold room.

Color Trends 2022: Brave Ground

Color Zoning

Zoning will be in trend for 2022. Therefore, feel free to use this find and separate different zones of the same room with the help of different design.

For example, the window area can be decorated in gray, white, burgundy colors and made a working one, the rest of the space can be decorated in azure blue, ultramarine,  beige and made a living room.

Color Trends 2022: Brave Ground

There are many subtleties when choosing the interior color trends 2022. The same color can appear differently in different parts of the room: brighter in one, less saturated in the other.

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