Garden Design Trends 2022: 20 Wonderful Ideas to Try in 2022

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Today, we are going to tell you about the best garden design trends 2022. Want to make your garden look fabulous and trendy? Knowing what the basic garden design trends 2022 are, you can easily make your dream come true!

The modern landscape is a perfect combination of harmony with nature and the use of “smart” technological innovations.

Garden Design Trends 2022: 20 Wonderful Ideas to Try in 2022

How to make your outdoor decor 2022 more perfect, beautiful and modern?

Let’s find out!

Unusual plants will make the garden itself and caring for it much more interesting.
Small edible plants will become especially popular in garden plots. To do this, you do not need to abruptly turn the garden into a vegetable garden.

For example, an original-looking melothria scabra is among garden design trends 2022. In many countries, its edible fruits are called cucamelons (watermelon cucumbers).

This African guest can also be grown on the balcony and used as a balcony design 2022.

Garden Design Trends 2022: Unusual Plants

Integration with the Interior

The house design 2022 and the “open space” technology are practically inseparable things. This literally means huge windows, often on the entire wall, which allows you to “embed” the view outside the window into the interior.

Such a poetic solution requires that the outdoor decor 2022 be thoughtful.

Garden Design Trends 2022

Small Garden Ideas 2022

The plots are becoming more and more expensive, and the designers, realizing this, support us – a small garden is among garden design trends 2022!
Just pick multifunctional items for it. For example, a small decorative lawn and a small “bonfire” can be created on the zone divider.

Do you want many types of plants at once? Grow them in containers – the garden will look neat and bright at the same time.

Small Garden Ideas 2022

Fauna Support

If you love animals, why not help them? Find out what species live in your area, and organize help for them, and maybe even housing.

For example, hedgehogs and many bird species can benefit your garden by killing pests. And if you are ready to host them, and you do love nature, it will be much more pleasant to be in the garden.

Garden Ideas 2022

With the growth of mass production, original and handmade became a true trend. What it will be – a pretty feeding trough or a massive stone arch, as if from a fairy tale, depends only on you and your skills.

Outdoor Decor Trends 2022: Handmade

Fences, not necessarily high, but certainly original, are the highlight of the garden design trends 2022.

Garden Decor Trends 2022: Fence

The most popular will be Art Nouveau style fantasy options. Although, your creativity is also needed here!

There are increasingly common gardens that resemble a natural landscape. The abundance of flat paths, retaining walls and fruit trees is replaced by areas where an unusual relief or natural reservoir has been preserved.

A piece of real forest that remains untouched will perfectly decorate the territory. You may even meet forest dwellers there. Such elements create coziness and relaxation.

Natural Garden Design Trends 2022

New Garden Ideas For 2022: Lazy Garden

“Lazy Garden” is the dream of everyone who wants a corner of relaxation in nature, but does not have time to take full care of plants.

Owners of six (or more) acres no longer want to hunch back in the garden all the time, so more and more often their choice falls in favor of laconic design and simple, unpretentious crops. To plant it once and forget it, ideally for the whole season.

How to minimize the complexity and intensity of gardening work?

Choose perennials for flower beds and the most unpretentious plants to care for;

use technological innovations for garden care;

carefully think over the size and shape of the lawn;

turn to landscape designers for help.

The easy-to-maintain garden 2022, which does not take a lot of time, is beautiful and at the same time provides an opportunity to relax and gain strength. This is the main demand for today.

And, of course, the maintenance of the garden is reduced to a minimum if at the very initial stage we provide for a professional laying of flower beds, an automatic irrigation system, and even connecting the garden to the “smart home” system.

New Garden Ideas For 2022: Lazy Garden

Enlargement and Minimalism

Modern houses are less and less reminiscent of village huts or medieval castles. On the contrary, modern style, laconic and minimalistic forms are relevant for most projects.

This architectural trend manifested itself in the garden design trends 2022:

  1. alpine garden and rockery can be transformed into a couple of large, spectacular stones,
  2. dry stream with beautiful boulders,
  3. beautiful fountain, flowerpot,
  4. the pond on the plot often has a more expressed shape and is decorated with several plants.

New Garden Ideas For 2022 minimalism

Gravel Paths Instead Of Paving

Solid cobbled paths give way to more natural gravel and other garden paths depending on the style of the garden: paths from tree or pebble cuts, wooden decking, and all kinds of combinations of wood and stone chips.

Gravel Paths Instead Of Paving

Garden Hearth, Campfire Zone

The garden hearth is an extraordinary, attractive area in the garden.

But changes are taking place with it. More and more people want to have a cozy place with a fire, the opportunity to prepare a delicious and healthy dinner and a pleasant atmosphere for heart-to-heart conversations.

A noisy barbecue area with a huge barbecue is gradually turning into a quiet corner for home evenings.

Garden 2022

The realities of our life have set a new direction in the arrangement of garden gazebos. It turned out that work and leisure can be combined. Remote work allows you to spend your working time not in the office, but in a shady garden and silence.

That is why the gazebos have become smarter, more functional and more comfortable. They are located in secluded corners of the garden, surrounded by plants without strong smells and bright colors.

Garden Decor Trends 2022: Gazebo-Office

Garden 2022 as an Extension of the House

In the garden, you can organize not only a playground and patio area, but also a home office or living room.

“Living” garden spaces are created today with the help of gazebos and pergolas, fashionable canopies, modular furniture systems.

Garden 2022 as an Extension of the House

2022 Landscaping Ideas: Vertical Gardening

Vertical gardening is a multifunctional “tool” in landscape design 2022.

With its help, you can save precious square meters, zone the garden space, decorate the recreation area, create hedges, decorate the facades of houses and buildings.

2022 Landscaping Ideas: Vertical Gardening

Smart Garden

The term “smart garden” is already familiar to many. As in the case of the smart home, here we are talking about an intelligent system that greatly facilitates the maintenance of the garden.

Smart modern garden design trends 2022 include lawn heating and watering, weather and soil sensors, smart lighting, heating (lawn, roof, stairs, walkways), automatic lawn mowers and pool cleaners, fogging system, and much more.

Smart Garden Lighting

Smart garden lighting is more than just a night light. It is a competent lighting scenario and the use of modern lighting devices.

Smart Garden Lighting 2022

And also smart light is lighting automation taking into account energy saving and creating a safe zone, remote control of devices, stylish modern lamps and light sensors, programmable lighting for creating your own lighting scenarios.

Maximum Naturalness

In such gardens, it seems, there is no planning: flowers grow as if by themselves, trees stand in a free order surrounded by uncut thickets of grass, and fill-up paths from rubble and pebbles are between them.

More and more often, homeowners want to see such an “imitation of a wild forest” instead of an ideal garden.

Smart Garden Lighting natural 2022

2022 Landscaping Ideas: Geoplastics

Backyards have fewer and fewer even, smooth lawns. Natural design today is unthinkable without geoplastics, which includes the creation of terraces, mounds, artificial deepening, slopes, and reservoirs that were not originally there.

Geoplastics is considered off the charts in landscape design, since specialists often have to not only transform existing irregularities, but also create them from scratch, taking into account soil mobility, groundwater level and drainage. It turns out no worse than in nature.

2022 Landscaping Ideas: Geoplastics


The garden, according to the new garden ideas for 2022, can become not only a decoration of the yard, but also a completely functional space. Many people are thinking about how to make the most of the backyard, even at the planning stage of the house.

In such projects, the place of flower beds is taken by sports facilities, mobile outdoor offices, drying grounds, as well as playgrounds and outdoor barbecue areas.

At the same time, the fashion for bulky structures is becoming a thing of the past. Instead of summer kitchens, there are terraces with a canopy, instead of volumetric stoves, there are compact platforms with an outdoor fireplace.

Smart Garden 2022

Vegetable Garden

Another useful variation on a functional garden. If trees, then fruit ones, and the bushes are entirely berry. Instead of flower beds, there are vegetable beds, and greenhouses instead of gazebos.

Beauty and greenery in such a garden does not diminish, but you can always put on the table environmentally friendly zucchini, tomatoes, herbs and even the first harvest of “your” strawberries with fragrant raspberries.

Vegetable Garden 2022

However, modern ones differ from standard vegetable gardens by an increased level of comfort. There will already be garden furniture and recreation areas.

During the pandemic, we have become accustomed to relying on ourselves in many ways, finding new opportunities to maintain health and earn money. Vegetable gardens and mini-beds are now being arranged in all possible places, even on roofs and as a balcony design.

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