Living Room Trends 2022: Top 10 Popular Styles To Try This Year

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In this article, we’ll walk you through the top 10 living room trends 2022. It is generally accepted that the kitchen is the heart of the apartment, and the living room is its soul.

Living Room Trends 2022: Top 10 Popular Styles

Usually great attention has been paid to the design of the living room, since, according to psychologists and designers, the interior of the living room is the personification of its owners: their taste, mood and lifestyle.

Based on this, the design of the living room 2022 should be rational and well-thought-out.

Eclectic style is taking the lead in the living room trends 2022. It is an opportunity to combine the most attractive and sometimes even incompatible features of different styles, even in the small living room 2022.

The main thing is to trace the general idea. For example, the connecting link can be the shape of objects, colors, general texture.

The arrangement of design elements should be creative, but not chaotic. All selected items should match in color.

Living Room Trends 2022: Eclectic Style

If you decide to choose furniture in different styles, then the decoration of the walls, floor and ceiling should be the simplest and in light neutral shades.


More than a decade has passed since eco-style appeared in the field of interior design. However, it continues to be relevant in interior design trends 2022.

The laconic eco-style living room trends 2022 will surely appeal to people who value freedom and lightness in the interior. Natural colors and materials, simple yet functional furniture.

Living Room Trends 2022: Eco Style

The color scheme, traditional for such an interior, is calm and natural. For instance, the warm shades of brown, white, beige and green.

The most popular natural materials used in the decoration are:


In 2022, pay attention to aged and stained wood;

Living Room Trends 2022: Eco Style


Transparent glass is always a win-win option.


As for rocks, it’s a maximum preference for matte and a minimum of gloss.

Living Room Trends 2022: Eco Style


Feel free to use copper, gold, chrome and steel, according to the chosen style.

Sofa upholstered in natural leather, imitation of camel wool or terracotta, is a new tendency in interior design 2022.

Living Room Trends 2022: Eco Style

The Scandinavian interior is dominated by a light pastel palette, which can be complemented by bright accent details. Nowadays, white or a combination of blue and white continues to be one of the living room decor 2022 trends.

Scandinavian countries such as Finland, Sweden and Norway do not have a lot of sun, so their inhabitants came up with the idea of creating bright interiors to make up for the lack of it.

Interior Trends 2022: Scandinavian Interior

They also have severely cold winters, so using wool or fur as part of home decor is another functional feature of their style, and it also creates a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

As for furniture, it should be extremely minimalistic and with a slight touch of vintage.

Interior Trends 2022: Scandinavian Interior

Loft Style

The living room 2022 in the Loft style is still relevant. A shabby floor or antique brick wall will look great when paired with modern lighting and furniture.

If the apartment is not located in a brick building, it is recommended to get textured wallpaper with the image of brickwork to create the appropriate style.

Loft Style

Here are some of the main loft design living room trends 2022 that characterize it perfectly:

  1. High ceilings
  2. Wooden or metal stairs
  3. Open spaces
  4. Light shades of textiles and large windows
  5. Combination of modernity and classics (for instance, designer wood furniture and aged mirrors)
  6. Stoves and fireplaces

High-tech Style

Living room 2022 can be decorated in high-tech style, which main features include:


Get serious about storage, get rid of the little things cluttering up the room, and you have a living room that looks clean and stylish at the same time.

High-tech Style 2022

Abundance of light

One of the living room trends 2022 is a metallized slatted ceiling with many built-in lamps. It will go well with the simplest wall finishes and glossy ceramic tiles.

Modern technology

The more, the better.

High-tech Style 2022

Unusual furnishing design ideas

When it comes to furniture, tempered glass is the ideal choice. It looks virtually weightless and make the living room look less cluttered.

Unusual furnishing design ideas

Mirror and shiny surfaces

Main hi-tech colors are white, black and gray. The use of metallic shades is especially important. Bright colors can play the role of accents. It is necessary to take one color as a basis, and build further composition around it.

Mirror and shiny surfaces 2022

To create a neoclassical style, you need a spacious and bright room with large window openings and high ceilings. The design contains architectural techniques, like columns, arches, stucco moldings.

Color palette is discreet, preference is given to pastel colors.

Neoclassicism is characterized by the use of copper and bronze elements.

It includes creation of accents, like large mirrors, floor vases, antique clocks.

Natural materials, expensive types of wood, stone, and other similar materials, or their substitutes are among living room trends 2022.

Natural wood flooring always remains out of competition. If there is no opportunity to use natural wood, then preference is given to a laminate of natural color. The living room also uses large tiles that look like marble.

Traditional furnishings are chairs with unusual legs, armchairs with carvings, beautiful cabinets with stained-glass windows.

When purchasing furniture, provide a place for equipment so that everything looks concise. It is better if the equipment is built-in and does not attract attention.

Interior Design Trends 2022: Neoclassic

Living Room Design Ideas 2022: Color Blocking

Color blocking is experiencing a third surge of popularity in 2022. This technique came to interior design from fashion catwalks. It involves creating an image of a room by using large color spots (blocks).

The idea is simple: you need to highlight a few large elements and supplement them with details.

For example, a wardrobe, sofa or carpet can appear as large color spots. And they will be supplemented by armchairs and decor.

Prints are rarely used, mainly in accessories or carpets, they are selected in accordance with the style, and most often it is geometry or simple abstraction.

It should be emphasized that color blocking does not involve working exclusively with bright colors. Pastel shades also look very impressive.

The main condition is to choose colors so that they do not merge with the general background.

Living Room Design Ideas 2022: Color Blocking

They say «Everything new is a well forgotten old». So why forget the old when you can use it in modern times: the vintage style in the 2022 interior is proof of this.

The slogan of this style is fewer frills, more comfort.

In the living room 2022, it is necessary to withstand a certain era, and not mix different ones. But, as an exception, the presence of modern items is encouraged.

It is only necessary that they fit into the vintage style of the interior in the required color scheme. The color scheme should be chosen correctly – pale colors, muted tones, dull shades are most suitable for living room decor 2022.

The main accent could be a rare sofa. A coffee table and armchairs with traces of many years of use will complement the room. Photos and pictures from the last century will look good on the walls.

And it is better to cover the floor with parquet. After all, this is an attribute of the past century.

Living room trends 2022: Vintage

Classic Style

The living room decor 2022 in a classic style is a sign of good taste. It does not scream, does not catch the eye, does not irritate with aggressive colors, so the classics are suitable for people of different ages.

Here are some classic style living room design recommendations:

If you want to have color accents in the interior, then take a closer look at complex and deep shades. Coral, turquoise, dull shades of purple are allowed in accessories.

No gilding, inlays, inserts from other materials. Furniture of modern classics in its elegant form looks expensive and luxurious.

Wallpaper can be used instead of paint and plaster. However, in this case, it is advisable to choose plain textured options.

Another option is to zone the space using niches and a combination of different coverings. It is especially relevant if the living room and kitchen are combined.

Large vases are appropriate in this style. And even porcelain dishes in the closet, antique figurines, antique candlesticks – it all depends on the budget and your desire.

English classics design pieces are surely welcomed (for example, fireplace).

Living room trends 2022

People are used to comfort – it is not surprising that interior design eagerly responds to this request.

The living room 2022 apartment should be as comfortable as possible: electric curtains, light and equipment control from a smartphone and voice commands, robotic vacuum cleaners and window cleaning robots.

The living room, which serves exclusively as a lounge area, is a rarity: modern spaces should be multifunctional, combining several purposes at once.

Most often, in addition to the relaxation space, the living room 2022 performs the following functions: dining room, mini-office, kitchen, home theater and sometimes even a bedroom.

Living Room Trends 2022: Functionality And Comfort

To sum up, we want to mention that it doesn’t matter in what style your living room will be decorated, it is important that the living room design delights you every day and gives you maximum comfort.

So do not be afraid of change – create and enjoy.

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