Top 12 Amazing Interior Design Trends 2022: Styles, Decors and Colors

Interior Design Trends

Today we’ll talk about interior design trends 2022. What will be fashionable in interior design and what stylish trends will rule in 2022?

12 Amazing Interior Design Trends 2022: Styles, Decors and Colors
You will learn from our review.

The first trend to look out for is atmospheric glow.

It originates in the virtual space. Light gradients and shapes, luminous shades and shine, everything that attracts in digital design is now transferred to the real world, and therefore to interior design trends 2022.

Interior Design Trends 2022: Atmospheric Glow

If you want to settle it in your interior, choose wallpapers and decors with gradients. Shiny and iridescent elements will lead in decor trends 2022.

To improve the quality of life and feel close to nature, it is enough to transfer nature to your home. Therefore, the trend in the interior number two is biophilic design.

There is a wide scope for imagination here, you can turn a home into a greenhouse, or you can decorate rooms with textiles and wallpaper with a floral pattern.

Biophilic Design Trends 2022

Terraces and open balconies

Previously, everyone tried to glaze the balconies, but now designers are increasingly offering houses with open terraces.

People more and more frequently want to have a small green oasis, or a terrace for morning tea.

Interier Design Trends 2022

Tactile Textures

Global digitalization trends lead to the fact that most of the time we spend indoors, naturally there is a desire to surround ourselves with things that are pleasant to touch, so one of the key interior design trends 2022 is tactile textures.

Untreated wood countertops, chairs with marble inserts, lamps in the form of stones. Add wallpaper imitating concrete or boards to the walls, and you will discover this trend in your interior.

Sustainability In Interior Design Trends 2022

Sustainability in interior design trends 2022 means a waste-free production, something that we can use several times.

For example, we breathe new life into a sofa, and it becomes completely new after restoration and no one even says or notices that it has already been used several decades before us.

It is something that relates very well to the vintage style. It is relevant and popular, and it will never lose its relevance in interiors.

Sustainability In Interior Design Trends 2022

Classic Legacy

To create something new, sometimes you need to look back and take the classic motives of the past. This is where another trend emerges – the classic legacy.

Italian fashion houses already use it in their clothing collections. This is a kind of dialogue between the past and the future, a mix of different trends, colors and patterns.

You can decorate your interior using wallpaper and textiles with classic prints, but in a new, modern interpretation.

Sustainability In Interior Design Trends 2022


Nowadays, a new direction called japandi is relevant. Japandi style is a symbiosis of two directions in interior design: Scandinavian style and Japanese interior traditions (japandi = japan + scandi).

The result is a fairly harmonious hybrid. From Scandinavian interiors, it took practicality, organized storing and love for natural materials, and from Japanese – a craving for restraint, clarity, minimalism and simplicity.

Wood is the main element in this style, like other natural materials (bamboo, rattan and paper), so try to use them as much as possible when decorating your room. Also pay attention to the color of the wood.

For example, combining light and dark wood is a great way to create not only nice contrast, but also combine Scandinavian and Japanese styles.

Also, try sheer fabrics for decor to soften daylight. For example, translucent paper screens can dilute a minimalist interior well.
Indoor plants are another way to get in touch with nature and add some natural vibrancy to monochrome colors.

Japandi 2022

Under the influence of self-isolation, a trend has emerged that can be easily explained: we were forbidden to go outside, so now outdoor furniture is becoming the most welcome guest in the house.

Bamboo, rattan and reeds are moving into apartments, and the best companion to wicker furniture is, of course, the abundance of living plants. Together, they create an amazing winter garden feeling inside your home.

In interior design trends 2022, plants will be appropriate in absolutely all rooms, from the kitchen to the bathroom. Instead of plants in pots, you can use various phytowalls, for example, with stabilized moss.

They are now literally heading the wish lists and Pinterest accounts of interior designers. In addition to living plants, it will be appropriate to use various botanical prints on wallpaper and textiles, as well as compositions from dried flowers.

Decor Trends 2022: Plants

Combination of premises with private zoning

Due to the pandemic, most of the time we stay in the same place, therefore people need a little privacy. This applies, for example, to work or to some kind of Zoom meetings. It is very important to properly zone your living room or bedroom so that you feel comfortable in it.

For the most daring, there are combinations, when the bath is placed next to the bedroom, which refers to the hotel style, it seems to us that we are more on vacation, brings a kind of romanticism.

The most daring creative people put the bath right in the living room, it brings a feeling of freedom, mostly freedom of choice, action.
Now the boundaries of space are being erased, the space is becoming multifunctional, so people can afford to put a bath in the middle of the bedroom.

Decor Trends 2022

Dark, deep and muted shades of all colors have been in fashion for quite a long time, and they will not give up their positions in interior design trends 2022. Restraining colors will be considered the most popular. They form a calm background, create a feeling of coziness.

In the year 2022, eco-trends will not give up their positions. We are even more inspired by nature and all its manifestations, so natural neutral colors will become the main shades of the year.

Choose beige-sandy, gray and brown tones of different saturations as base colors. For accents, also go for natural earthy hues like dark green or terracotta.

Interior Trends 2022: Colors

The philosophy of the current fashion trend, which is followed by most eminent designers, is that in a modern space there should be as few bright (toxic) shades as possible.

This is necessary in order for a comfortable atmosphere to give a feeling of calmness and cleanliness of the room, which fully corresponds to the canon of design trends 2022.

The main rule of decor trends 2022 says: the interior is like a second skin. It gently envelops and soothes. Our home becomes our real refuge. Nothing should irritate the eye here.

No flashy unnatural colors. We can say that we are going back to “natural”. Now, primordial imperfection and merging with nature in all its manifestations are at the peak of popularity.

Interior Trends 2022: Colors

Comfort is paramount in every house (regardless of its size), especially in the bedroom. However, investments are also made in bathroom furnishings and seating furniture.

Compact, visually appealing soft furnishings such as double sofas or armchairs are a trend in the upper product segment. Here, special attention is paid to ergonomics.

Console tables, folding tables or small shelves provide a sense of order in everyday life and become an integral part of furniture trends 2022. Comfortable hammocks, in which it is pleasant to relax, move from garden to house.

Stools and benches are equipped with soft upholstery to add comfort to the kitchen and dining area. The sofas are adjustable and also stand on a platform that raises the cushions to a higher level.

Furniture Trends 2022: Comfort

Interior Design Ideas 2022: Rounded shapes

The trend for streamlined, rounded shapes is also gaining momentum. For example, the most stylish shape of the sofa will be a crescent moon.

Archways have returned to apartments and houses, and in general, the waveform is traced as a red thread in all interior trends 2022.

Rectangular shapes are a thing of the past. Everything around becomes softer, and even the corners of the rooms are rounded, following fashion trends.

Interior Design Ideas 2022: Rounded shapes

We can say that the style of the 1970s has partly returned to us, so you can use elements of furniture of that era: tables, lamps, armchairs and rounded sofas. Everything new turns out to be forgotten old again.

These were the key interior design trends 2022. We hope you find this information useful.

We wish you to turn your apartment into a comfortable and attractive corner where you can forget about problems and have a good rest.

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