Top 7 Popular House Design 2021 Interior Styles and Tendencies

house interior 2021 industrial chic style apartment Interior Design Trends

Are you in the midst of remodeling your house and need some inspirational ideas for house design 2021? Here are some contemporary interior design styles and ideas which will help you furnish your home up to the latest tendencies. 

Our guide list includes lots of amazing ideas and styles that can accommodate to any preference or visual taste. With that being said, let us start our discussion on house interior 2021. 

house interior 2021 modern style living room

Scandinavian and Hygge styles are two of the most prominent interior trends 2021, which are primarily based on clarity and tranquility highlighted with earthy tones and organic materials.

Scandinavian type of house usually includes neutral, greyish palettes combined with muted color shades. 

house design 2021 Scandinavian style living room

Besides, a typical Scandinavian house design 2021 also includes cozy furnishing elements such as soft fabrics, warming colors and lots of natural materials like woods, steel, and various organic textiles.

Meanwhile, the hygge style is founded on the idea of human well-being through the creation of an atmospheric and peaceful environment. To put it differently, hygge style house interior 2021 welcomes any type of decor and furniture which can create a soulful, tranquil and simple atmosphere.  

house interior 2021 Scandinavian style bedroom

Overall, the Scandinavian interior design is a very widespread and aesthetic trend in this season, which can easily be applied for the entire house, especially if you prioritize tranquility and comfort. 

House Contemporary Mid-Century Style

The next big interior style for house design 2021 is the contemporary mid-century classic, which first emerged after World War II and started to embrace the new technology and materials of that time.

One of the key characteristics that you need to know about this interior style that it dislikes clutter and highly prioritizes functional furniture with sleek lines, moody colors as well as organic and geometric forms. 

house interior 2021 modern mid century design

Some typical design elements are low sitting furniture pieces contrasting with high arches, wood panels, leather and plenty of natural materials like iron, steel, stone, etc. 

As for the color-scheme, mid-century house should have muted, moody colors mixed with pops of olive, burnt orange, mustard yellow, green and others. 

house design 2021 modern mid century

Overall this is a great style for house design 2021 because it is very flexible and can be mixed with up-to-date decor and furniture. The central principle with this style is not to overdo or clutter the space. 

One of the most widespread interior trends 2021 is the modern rustic house design, which is a blend of cabin-style and contemporary farmhouse design.

If you love excessively cozy and welcoming environments, then modern rustic is ideal you because it incorporates lots of wood accents, inviting soft furniture, some antique decor, warm colors and of course a cozy cabin.

house interior 2021 modern rustic style

The best part about house interior 2021 in this style is that they also mix old with contemporary, which means that you can easily implement lots of contemporary decor and furnishing elements such as light fixtures, mirrors, chairs, ceiling and the list goes on. 

Overall, choosing this modern rustic style for your house design 2021 means that you get to furnish your home like a stylish cabin with a modish twist to it. 

house interior 2021 modern rustic bedroom style

House Design 2021: Industrial Chic Style 

Continuing our style guide for house design 2021, we want to mention another interior style which was born a long time ago and that gone through a major design evolution while becoming the popular style of ‘industrial chic’ as we know it today. 

Industrial chic, also known as urban industrial unites factory-like design elements such as worn-out materials and masculine furnishings, with more contemporary, stylish decor pieces. 

house interior 2021 contemporary industrial chic

A typical house interior 2021 in this style includes sleek metal accents, exposed brick wall, reclaimed wood as well as neutral color palettes combined with some touches of bright colors. 

Industrial chic can be incorporated in any type of room, including kitchen, living room and even bathroom; however, it looks especially stunning in loft-like environments, where there is lots of space and big windows. 

interior trends 2021 modern industrial chic apartment

So if you are looking for urban, practical and yet modish style inspiration for your house interior 2021, then industrial chic is surely an amazing choice for that. 

House Interior 2021: Minimal House Design 

Simple, clean lines, reduction of clutter, monochrome design and of course, the concept of ‘less is more’ – all these elements are the typical characteristics of minimal house.

Minimalism is one of the notable movements of the last years and one of the biggest interior trends 2021, which is highly focused on creating mesmerizing minimal environments while only leaving all the essentials.

minimal house design 2021

The beauty of minimalism is that it does not need additional decorations or ornaments; it is delightful itself, with its serenity, clarity and relaxing atmosphere. 

Despite its simplicity, minimal house interior 2021 can also look lavish and distinguishing through unique furnishing items and stylish materials like glass, shiny metal, marble or anything else. 

house interior 2021 contemporary minimal style kitchen

In other words, if you want to have a minimal house with individuality and style, then just carefully pick all the essential furnishing items, and you’re good to go. 

Art Deco furnishing pieces are one of the most remarkable interior trends 2021, and they are basically the complete opposite of minimalism because it loves to be luxurious, elegant and also eye-catching.

In fact, striking patterns, expensive materials, bold furniture, gold accents, and statement colors are some of the iconic attributes of typical Art Deco house. 

modern Gatsby house design 2021

Art Deco interior in its essence is very similar to the Great Gatsby house style, with its sleek and elegant design concepts. 

What is more, since it is one of the most remarkable decor trends 2021, you won’t have a hard time finding fashionable Art Deco items for your house interior.

house interior 2021 art deco style bedroom

House Interior 2021: Bohemian Chic Style

Bohemian style, also known as Boho chic is one of the timeless interior styles out there, which reflects freedom, relaxation as well as a mix of exotic and vintage.  

Boho-chic loves lots of eye-catching patterns, rich colors, welcoming fabrics as well as various unique furnishing items like pillows, rugs, and blankets, all of which are iconic representatives of decor trends 2021. 

interior trends 2021 boho chic living room

The most distinguishing characteristic of this style is when entering a Bohemian interior; one can immediately notice the cultural or tribal influence, which makes the place so much more distinctive and full of life.

design trends 2021 bohemian style interior decor

If you consider furnishing your house in this style, then here are some more tips for you. 

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