Top 10 Light Fixtures 2021 Trends, Tendencies and Ideas

Freeform Light Fixtures 2021 Interior Design Trends

Light fixtures are not only a great way to light up your entire house, but they also help to showcase your style too. Today we will talk about light fixtures 2021. From experimenting with different materials to adding bold colored pieces, there are various ways you can have your lighting design.

To help you with that, we have collected a list of 10 trending light fixtures for 2021, which will help you decorate your house and impress everyone with your stylish interior in the upcoming year.

Geometric Shapes and Defined Forms in Light Fixtures 2021 Trends

Geometric Light Fixtures 2021

The first trend prediction among light fixtures 2021 is the lights with geometric shapes that have clear lines and refined form.

Light fixtures with geometric shapes will add a sense of structure and order to your interior design while making it stylish and trendy.

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This trend has been present for quite a while, but it doesn’t seem to fade away in the near future. In fact, you can notice a lot of geometric elements and forms in the interior design trends for 2021.

So if you want your house to look more organized and put together, then definitely try adding light fixtures and other decor elements that have defined geometric shapes.

Free-form Abstract Shapes

Freeform Light Fixtures 2021

As we are talking about trending shapes and forms, let us introduce you to the next trend of light fixtures 2021, which is the free-form shapes and lines.

Just like with the geometric shapes, free-form light fixtures add a personality to your interior; they bring creativity and uniqueness to your house.

Besides that, twisting lines and abstract forms easily match with more simple interior design elements and stand out in their background. Therefore, it’s no surprise that they are high on the list of trending light fixtures for 2021.

Light Fixtures 2021: Soft Metallic Finish

If you go through the most famous furniture and interior design magazines of nowadays, you will probably notice that many of the interior pieces include soft metallic finish to it.

Soft Gold Light Fixtures 2021

Whether it’s the edges of a coffee table, or the holder of a light fixture, they have some type of metallic element in them. This design component not only adds a sense of elegance to the piece, but it also makes it look much more expensive.

Gold Metal With Monochrome Design

A major part of this trend also includes the design combination with gold metal and monochrome colored textures. This type of light fixtures especially look more stylish and luxurious.

Black and Gold Light Fixtures 2021

So, if you want to achieve that type of interior design, then use this light fixture trend in 2021.

Light Fixtures With Combined Materials

When speaking of trending light fixture of 2021, it would only be wrong not to mention the trend of combined materials.

If you are following both fashion and design trends of 2021, then you probably know that combining different materials and textures is one of the biggest trends now. And light fixtures and other decor elements are no exception.

Trending Light Fixtures 2021 Combined Materials

In the upcoming season, you will see a lot of mixed materials like wood and metal, steel and ceramics, and the list goes on. Interesting right?

So, if you want to do something creative with the lighting of your room, then add some light fixtures of this type and impress everyone.

Light Fixtures in the Industrial Style

Industrial lighting is trending for already many years, and it doesn’t seem to go out of date. In fact, it is only getting better in the design of light fixtures of 2021.

New Trending Light Fixtures 2021

Simple geometric tubes, concrete, bold lines, a textured combination of wood and black metal. These are just some design elements of industrial style light fixtures which you will see in the next year.

This type of light fixtures will work perfectly in any interior, especially in a large, open space. Just add some industrial style decor, and your place will instantly look very modern and stylish.

Circle Sphere Light Fixtures for 2021

The next big trend for light fixtures 2021, is the circle sphere shape design. You might now think that this is not a very interesting design trend, because it is too simple, but don’t judge too fast and let us explain.

Circle Sphere Light Fixtures 2021

The uniqueness and exclusiveness of circle sphere-shaped light fixtures of 2021, is the material that they are made of. The more exclusive the material is, the more unique your light fixture will look.

One of the most widely used materials are shining or high-quality glasses, different metals, as well as other materials that have interesting texture or design. It’s only up to you, which one to choose.

A statement light fixture can save everything in 2021

Just like in furniture trends of 2021, statement pieces that are eye-catching and bold are also part light fixture trends of 2021.

You know how they say, a statement piece can save everything; the same goes with a statement light fixture in your interior.

New Light Fixtures for 2021

If you have a simple interior design, but you want to make it look stylish and beautiful, then simply add a light fixture with a bold design element or add bright colored decorations.

See, it’s simple. All you have to do is to experiment with different decor pieces. Most importantly, don’t be scared of bold colors or abstract forms.

As you have noticed, we have talked a lot about the importance of different materials for light fixture designs and the next trend also has to do with materials.

New Light Fixtures 2021

Organic materials like glass, stone, marble, bamboo and different types of woods can be included in the design of trending light fixtures of 2021. These types of light fixtures look unique and authentic.

They also look very nice with other organic decor and fabrics, while creating a calm and harmonious atmosphere.

So if you want to create a similar atmosphere and you’re looking for new light fixtures in 2021, then you should give this trend a chance.

Get New Bulb Light Fixtures for 2021 

Simple, transparent bulbs continue to be one of the trends of light fixtures in 2021. They are one of the long-lasting trends of the last years, and they do not seem to hold back.

New Light Fixtures for 2021 Bulb

The main reason for their popularity is that they are pretty affordable, and yet they create a stylish, warm atmosphere.

Among trending light fixtures 2021, you will see light bulbs of different types: bulky and simple, shiny or transparent, combined with industrial materials and elements.

All in all, bulb light fixtures can be a great addition to any interior design.

Light Fixtures 2021: All White Minimal Design

The last trend of light fixtures 2021 is going to the lights with all-white minimal design. Are you surprised? Then, let us explain and give more details on this one.

All-White Light Fixtures 2021

The uniqueness of these types of light fixtures is that they can be all kinds of different forms and materials but always with all-white design.

Meanwhile, the best part is that they can go with any and every decoration in your house.

What is more, if you love a simple, minimal interior style, then these types of lights are ideal for you, so give them a chance, because they are one of going to be one of the most trending light fixtures in 2021.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, there are many ways you can decorate the lighting of your house. All the trending light fixtures 2021 are unique in their own way.

They all create a different atmosphere and add personality to your interior design.

From all minimal, geometric light fixtures to free-form, abstract lights, you can choose the one that fits your personality and style.

We hope this list helped you in some way and will guide you when buying new light fixtures for 2021.

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