Small Kitchen Ideas 2023: Best 8 Trends and Design Solutions for 2023

Small kitchen ideas 2021 trends and solutions Kitchen design

Renovating a small kitchen might be hard, but we’re here to help you. We’ve selected 10 best small kitchen ideas 2023, which can help you redesign your kitchen and make it visually bigger.

Kitchen design is an important element of any house, and whether big or tiny, with the help of some smart ideas and trends, you can make it look absolutely stylish.

Small kitchen ideas 2023 trends and solutions

So, without further ado, let us introduce you to the most attractive small kitchen ideas 2023, which can help you accentuate your kitchen while making it up to date.

Color is a major part of any kitchen interior, and it’s especially impactful in small kitchens because a pop of color can immediately catch an eye.

When picking a color for your small kitchen 2023, it is recommended to either pick muted colors or go with neutral, lightsome tones, because they will easily create an illusion of a bigger place.

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Trending colors for small kitchen 2023

Now let us talk about some color trends for small kitchens 2023.

Neo Mint

Neo mint is one of the greatest color trends of the preceding year, which continues to have a major color impact in small kitchen design 2023.

It is probably one of the most charming tones for tiny kitchen coloring because it’s not too bright; it is exactly the right amount of color emphasis that your kitchen needs.

neo mint color idea for small kitchen design 2023

Moreover, Neo mint also beautifully mixes with soft gold accessories like door handles, sink faucets, light fixtures or any other decor elements.

Classic Blue

Yet another trending color of this year is the stunning classic blue.

It’s a beautiful accent color for a small kitchen, that is pretty eye-catching, but at the same time, it has a dusky shade, which creates a moody atmosphere.

Classic Blue Color Shade for small kitchen 2023

Neutral Tones: Gray, Beige, White

If you don’t like the idea of having a colorful kitchen, then you can always go with more neutral tones, especially because they play a huge role in interior design 2023.

Not only these are forever color trends, but they also help to create an illusion of a larger space, which is an ideal solution for a small kitchen design 2023.

Neutral colors for small kitchen design 2023

So if you are looking for a stylish color that will make your small kitchen appear visually bigger, then you should definitely pick one or two neutral tones and set up your kitchen around them.

Small Kitchen Ideas 2023: Full-Length Cabinets

Now that we have introduced you to small kitchen 2023 color trends, let’s talk about some smart ideas, that can make your small kitchen seem broader and more dimensional.

One brilliant solution for broadening your petite kitchen is to install full-length tall cabinets, which will not only be useful for hiding the storage, but they will also lengthen your space and make it seem more sizable.

small kitchen ideas 2023 Full length cabinets

For additional amplification, you can also choose tall kitchen cabinets with a lacquered or reflective finish, which will naturally enlarge your space.

By the way, lacquered cabinets are also one of the major small kitchen trends of 2023, which is another reason for you to include them in your interior design.

full length cabinets for small kitchen 2023

Small Kitchen Ideas 2023: Flexible and Creative Storage

Having a lot of space for storage is one of the crucial solutions for a small kitchen, and while you can always squeeze in more cabinets, it’s not about quantity, but quality; or in this case capacity.

Small Kitchen ideas 2023 Flexible Smart Storage

One of the most creative small kitchen ideas 2023 is the inclusion of flexible storage, which in essence is a type of storage designed to squeeze in plenty of kitchen appliances or pantry goods.

Flexible storage can come in different forms and design solutions; it can be spacious cabinets, creative drawers or a plate rack; basically, anything that can maximize your storage capacity.

Creative Drawer for small kitchen 2023

Kitchen tile design plays a highly important role in kitchen design 2023 because it is one of the most stylish ways to accentuate your small kitchen.

This year, there is a great variety of tile selection with many various designs, shapes, and textures made both for kitchen walls and floors.

small kitchen design trends 2023 backsplash tiles

Among some fashionable tiles are the ones with geometric shapes such as hexagons, squares, rectangles, and parquet like forms.

Besides, one of the biggest trends in small kitchen design 2023 is the unique layout of tiles and their combination with other kitchen materials like wood, ceramic, metal and many more.

ceramic tiles for backlash small kitchen design 2023

Furthermore, kitchen tiles are so flexible and eye-catching that you can easily make a statement with them, especially if your kitchen furniture is in neutral tones.

Gold accents are one of the most stylish interior design trends 2023, which also refers to kitchen decor and accessories too.

Soft gold accents like shelve handles, faucets, or light fixture elements delightfully match with muted shades of the kitchen interior, while completing the entire room with an elegant finish.

small kitchen design trends 2023 soft gold accents

Besides, they also easily match with many colors and kitchen materials like white marble, natural wood, black metal, lacquered ceramic and many others.

In other words, gold accents and touch-ups can make a huge difference in any place; hence, we’re not surprised that they are among the most ultra-modern small kitchen design trends 2023.

soft gold accents in small kitchen design 2023

Small Kitchen 2023: Use of Natural Materials and Textures

Furniture and decor materials are usually one of the first things that we notice when entering a small interior. Therefore, it’s very vital to make the right choice when buying kitchen materials that are going to dominate most of your small kitchen interior.

To ease your work, we made a shortlist of several trending materials that will help you make a final decision for your small kitchen design 2023.

Small kitchen interior trends 2023 Natural Materials

Natural Wood and Wood Alternatives

Natural or artificial wood has always been one of the most popular materials for kitchen furniture, but this year they are especially trendy and wide-spread among kitchen cabinetry.

This year you can find a lot of kitchens furniture with oak wood or any other natural wood types that are in lightsome shades.

oak wood material small kitchen ideas 2023

Besides that, you can also replace natural wood cabinets or shelves with beautiful wood alternatives like laminate, plywood or others, that will look equality stylish in your small design 2023.

Marble and Quartz

Similar to wood, Marble and Quartz are also two of the most used materials for kitchen interior and this year is no exception as both of them stand among the most trendies materials for small kitchen design 2023.

The reason for their popularity is that they are not only highly durable and stylish, but they also help to widen up the space, which is a great quality for a small kitchen.

Small Kitchen Ideas 2023 Marble and Quartz

As we mentioned before, 2023 is mostly about neutrals, so if you end up purchasing a counter stone or a statement back splash tile made out of these two materials, then undoubtedly go with the lighter shades.

Lacquered Materials and Shiny Finishes

The last two material trends that we’d like to mention are the lacquered materials and shiny finishes, which are all over small kitchen design 2023 photos.

Reflective, shiny materials for small kitchen design 2023

As previously mentioned, these types of materials have an exclusive feature of reflectiveness, which instantly creates an illusion of a roomy space.

So if you were looking for helpful small kitchen ideas 2023, then now you know that you can surely pick between woods, natural stones as well as reflective materials with a glossy finish.

Small Kitchen Ideas 2023: Industrial Chic

Now that you know what colors and materials to buy, let’s figure out in what trending styles you can set up your small kitchen.

One of the most prevalent small kitchen styles is the industrial chic, which is also equally common among other interior design trends 2023.

Industrial chic small kitchen design 2023

In short, the industrial-chic refers to the decor and furniture made from textured, raw materials that often look unfinished, old, but at the same time; they look stylish and fashionable.

However, when decorating your kitchen in this style be careful not to overdo it, because it might result in a cluttered view, which is definitely not a helpful design idea for your small kitchen 2023.

industrial style small kitchen design 2023


Just pick up some accessories or more scalable pieces like bar stools or light fixtures in this style, and your kitchen will immediately feel more stylish and put together.

Small Kitchen Ideas 2023: Minimal and Simple Interior

Our last tip for you has to do with the following contemporary quote: “Minimal is the new black.”

If you haven’t guessed it already, we’re going to talk about the forever trend and concept of minimalism, which is one of the greatest interior design trends 2023, which also refers to small kitchen design.

Minial small kitchen design 2023

Minimalism and simplicity are apparent pretty much everywhere in small kitchen design 2023 and here are some of the best indications of that: cabinets with absolute no handles, simplified furniture, minimal or muted colors, and instead increased storage appliances and concepts.

So if you’re seeking for some simple and effective small kitchen ideas 2023, then simply go minimal and keep your place organized.

minimal simple kitchen 2023

And this concludes our list of trends and small kitchen ideas 2023, which will help you create an illusion of a broader space while making it make it more modernistic.

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