Wallpaper Trends 2022: 15 Great Design Solutions And Ideas

Interior Design Trends

Without further ado, let’s take a look at some of the main wallpaper trends 2022. In this article, we will try to answer five main questions: what are the features of this type of wall covering, how to choose and combine wallpaper correctly, what kind of wallpapers will be trendy in 2022 and why they will never lose their relevance.

Wallpaper Trends 2022: 15 Great Design Solutions And Ideas

The desire of a modern person for nature is also supported in interior design. Eco-friendly materials for wall decoration have been leading the market for several years.

Coverings made of jute, linen, silk, felt, cotton fibers are not only harmless to the environment, but they also help to create a special atmosphere of comfort and tranquility in the house.

And thanks to the variety of color and style solutions, such wallpaper trends 2022 can organically fit into any interior concept: from luxurious baroque and strict classics to bold modern and gentle Provence.

Natural wallpaper design 2022, made from environmentally friendly materials: bamboo, paper, is suitable for kids’ room.  It can also be a perfect bedroom wallpaper 2022.

These wallpapers do not emit any harmful substances, and therefore are absolutely safe. But sticking them up is a real problem.

Eco-friendly Wallpaper Trends 2022

Bamboo is very thick and requires special glue and some skill.

Paper ones are very thin. They are difficult to work with, as they quickly get wet from the applied glue and do not fit well, especially if the wall is not perfectly flat.

Therefore, it is better to take such wallpaper with a margin to compensate for the damaged material.

Tropical Wallpaper Ideas 2022

Botanical prints are some of the top wallpaper 2022 favorites. Moreover, tropical motifs have become the most relevant this season: palm leaves, exotic monstera, rare and unknown plants.

Effectiveness of such prints is added by their size – large, and sometimes just huge.

This wallpaper design 2022 attracts attention at first glance, but at the same time it is not at all annoying and looks quite natural in interiors. It helps to add life and pleasant emotions to modern design concepts, characterized by some coldness and austerity.

Tropical Wallpaper Ideas 2022

Clear geometric prints are still at their peak. These patterns are incredibly versatile: lines and shapes, angles and intersections, verticals and horizontals.

In 2022, designers propose to pay special attention to bold decisions in the spirit of Memphis and op-art.

Of course, we are not talking about the most extravagant manifestations of these styles, from which an unprepared person can have a culture shock.

Geometric Wallpaper Trends 2022

But the simplified geometry with unobtrusive optical effects and illusions has the right to be present in wallpaper trends 2022.

A correctly selected pattern will help to correct some of the features of the room.

So, a vertical strip visually raises the ceiling, an unobtrusive print on a light background will add freshness and air to the interior, and a combination of several types of wallpaper with multidirectional prints in a room will help to zone the space.

Geometric Wallpaper Trends 2022

Wallpaper Inserts

Wallpaper inserts are a great solution for a space zoning.

The inserts can be of various sizes, for example, they can occupy an entire wall, a corner of a wall, a niche in a room.

Or it can be inserts with a rich pattern, a pattern in the form of paintings or “medallions” within the framework.

Wallpaper Inserts 2022

Tactile Wallpaper

Fans of monochromatic wall decoration should take a closer look at tactile wallpaper trends 2022. These coverings have a pleasant-to-touch surface that can imitate the surfaces of velvet, velour, suede, leather, and even wood and marble.

Typically, tactile wallpaper is produced on a non-woven base with a textile coating of cotton, woolen or synthetic fibers. They look very cozy and stylish in interiors.

Tactile Wallpaper 2022


Patchwork is a very interesting combination technique suitable for a kids’ room. Different wallpapers are cut into squares or rectangles and pasted in a “creative mess.” The main thing is not to lose the sense of proportion and style.

You can use wallpaper for a patchwork combination, for example, with similar motives in the pattern or with different patterns, but with a repeating color.

Patchwork 2022

French Pastorals

Scenes from the life of the French province are experiencing another surge in popularity in wallpaper trends 2022.

Two directions have entered 2022: Toile de Jouy and Chinoiserie. The first one includes coverings imitating thin cotton fabric with a printed monochrome pattern. Most often they depict peaceful scenes of rural life: shepherdesses in a meadow, hunters and animals among the trees, ladies at a picnic.

Thanks to the graphic nature of such prints, wallpaper a la de Jouy can organically fit into both classic and modern interiors.

The second direction – Chinoiserie – focuses on oriental motives, but does not convey them literally. It interprets them in a European manner. There are Chinese pagodas, ancient dragons, branches of flowering plums, and beautiful birds among the flowers.

French Pastorals 2022

Wallpaper Ideas For 2022: Terrazzo Wallpaper

One of the discoveries of the year in interior design is the Terrazzo print. It repeats the pattern of Venetian mosaic floors, made using a seamless technology from cement with the addition of lime, fragments of colored glass and small stones.

Wallpapers of this color look fresh and moderately elegant in the interior. They can liven up boring classics or add positive to minimalism.

Wallpaper Ideas For 2022: Terrazzo Wallpaper

Spotted Wallpaper

Another non-standard solution for minimalist concepts is the “Dalmatian” wallpaper.

Such wallpaper trends 2022 look at ease in the interior and even quite boldly. They can be the right accent that makes ascetic minimalism interesting and attractive.

Spotted Wallpaper 2022

Animalistic Wallpapers

It is not the first time that animal prints have appeared on wall coverings, but in the wallpaper trends 2022, such prints become more decorative. One of the actual options is the repetition of the figures of wild animals on a dark muted background.

Among the popular representatives of the fauna are tigers, elephants, giraffes, lions and monkeys. In addition, you can “get” painted peacocks, fish, cranes or wild geese at home.

Animalistic Wallpapers 2022

Modern Wallpaper 2022: Knitted Wallpaper

Another interesting and very attractive “novelty” of 2022 is the so-called knitted wallpaper. Its pattern repeats the texture of a canvas knitted from thick yarn.

Such coverings look very original and aesthetically pleasing. They are especially relevant for the now popular Scandinavian style.

Modern Wallpaper 2022: Knitted Wallpaper

Ombre Wallpaper

Wall decoration with a smooth transition from one color to another looks fashionable and very impressive in the interior.

The classic gradient is a transition from white to any other shade, more daring options are when some bright, juicy tones flow into others that are not less active.

Ombre Wallpaper 2022

Wallpaper Ideas 2022: Gradient Wallpaper

Gradient patterns visually transform the space. Their direction in the room can be any: a vertical print will make the ceilings higher, a horizontal print will “push apart” the walls, and a diagonal print will add space to the room.

Gradient wallpaper trends 2022 can be used only on one wall to create a bright accent in a neutral interior, or they can be used to decorate the entire room.

In the second case, it is important to correctly select the color scheme and intensity of shades so that such a finish does not become a source of constant irritation for the room owners.

Wallpaper Ideas 2022: Gradient Wallpaper

How To Combine Wallpaper

There are certain rules here. Wallpapers without coating are suitable for bedrooms, living rooms and kids’ rooms. Use vinyl, washable wallpapers as a bathroom wallpaper 2022. It is also a perfect solution for a kitchen wallpaper 2022.

In order to successfully implement the presented idea in your home, you need to know the basic rules for combining.

It is advisable to combine wallpaper of the same texture. Only a combination of silk-screen printing with a fabric texture will look pretty decent. But the same silk-screen printing in combination with vinyl wallpaper will create dissonance in the interior.

How To Combine Wallpaper 2022

Vertical stripes are the easiest way to combine. Use it if you want to expand the space. Also, this method will allow you to emphasize protruding parts in your interior – arches, columns, niches. Alternate the selected wallpaper one after another or in 2-3 strips.

For uneven walls, choose a textured or embossed trending wallpaper 2022 with a beautiful design. They will help hide small flaws in the walls. Smooth wallpaper will accentuate any defect in the walls.

Wallpaper trends 2022 should be combined according to the laws of harmony. Use wallpaper of the same color range. Conflicting wallpaper combinations are not allowed. For example, brown and green, pink and orange, gray and dark green are not combined.

On the contrary, shades of beige (sand – ivory – chocolate) and blue colors will be well combined. Such combinations are suitable for calm, discreet interiors lovers.

How To Combine Wallpaper 2022

Wallpaper of the same color range includes such combinations as red and red-orange, yellow and yellow-red. In these color combinations, you can achieve harmony.

The polar combination is, for example, cyan (blue) and yellow, yellow and lilac (purple). Polar Harmony allows you to combine more than 2 colors. For example, dark green – olive – pink. Taking into account that the polar combination is very active, combine wallpapers of different saturations.

And one more important rule: the color palette of the combined wallpaper should be repeated in the interior.

Trendy Wallpaper Colors 2022

Mint green is a fresh, dynamic tone that can enliven any, even the most austere interior. It goes well with both neutral and brighter saturated shades. It will look especially good in Mediterranean interior concepts.

Dark blue is a sophisticated but noble shade for discreet interiors. Well suited for a classic or minimalist style. Can also be used in Modern and Art Deco interiors.

Trendy Wallpaper Colors 2022

Bright pink purple is a shade of blackcurrant juice that can act as an accent color or as a background color for a variety of ornaments.

Muted orange is an optimistic tone that easily replaces the already losing popularity shade “Curry” in interior concepts. An interior with elements in muted orange looks cheerful and energetic.

Mustard is a versatile shade that goes well with most base colors. Mustard accent elements look especially interesting on neutral gray, sand, beige or restrained blue backgrounds.

Tastefully selected wall coverings transform any interior, making it more welcoming and inviting. When choosing wall coverings, of course, you should familiarize yourself with the current trends and anti-trends in the world of interior design.

However, it is more important in this case to listen to your own feelings and emotions. No matter how fashionable the wallpaper is, if you personally do not like it, then feel free to refuse to buy it and keep looking for your option.

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