Best 15 Beautiful Living Room Furniture 2022 Trends And Ideas

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The living room is the heart of the house, and it is important to choose the right living room furniture 2022 and arrange it so that the space turns out to be beautiful, ergonomic and functional.

This year, designers give a simple and unambiguous advice on this matter.

15 Beautiful Living Room Furniture 2022 Trends And Ideas

Furniture should be comfortable. Since the living room is, first of all, a recreation area for a family, everything should be harmoniously combined and create an atmosphere of peace, relaxation and comfort.

For those who doubt their own sense of style and taste, in this article we present some useful recommendations and ideas.

Living Room Furniture 2022: Small Sofa, Canapés

The small sofa has an aesthetic function. It brings even greater variety and layering to the interior of the living room, creates additional coziness. This is a good way to fill in the voids in a large living room.

Living Room Furniture 2022: Small Sofa, Canapés

Stools and Benches

Stools, benches and armchairs are good for pairing around a sofa or coffee table. You can put them under the table or shelf on the wall. Benches are easy to use as tables, they are mobile, multifunctional and perfect for a party.

Living Room Furniture 2022: Stools and Benches

A spare chair is usually waiting in the wings away from the main furniture or in the back of the living room. The main thing in it is light weight and ease of movement.

These chairs are needed when suddenly a lot of guests come to you, and you do not want your dining area to be like a tightly packed collection of chairs every day. Spare chairs can often serve as an interesting object or artifact – that is, can even be defiant and contrasting.

Furniture Trends 2022: Spare Chair

Get Rid of Monotonous Furniture

A mistake that is found in most living room interiors is the lack of variety of seating furniture and its dull arrangement.

Soft furniture, chairs, stools and bar area must be chosen and arranged so as to promote the maximum and varied pastime – from intimate conversations to lively conversation at a noisy party.

The secret is to have living room furniture 2022 with different ergonomic properties and functions in the interior; you should not give the interior an ideal, fundamental and finished look, which introduces stiffness and suppresses motivation for spontaneity and dynamic communication.

It can hardly be called a good interior, where your guests, instead of sitting down or comfortably settling down for a conversation with a new acquaintance, feel awkward, not daring to move a chair to the sofa, fearing to disturb the perfectly adjusted composition of the dining area.

Get Rid of Monotonous Furniture 2022


In 2022 experts propose to organize not just a cozy space in the living room, but also to design it in an extremely practical way. The closest attention is paid to the competent placement of various storage systems and built-in living room furniture 2022.

Such an interior not only delights and gives an emotional uplift, it provides convenience and comfort for all household members. This is especially true in small houses. But the owners of spacious houses will also like extraordinary living room design 2022 solutions.

The wall console in the form of a shelf with one or more drawers looks elegant and charming, and makes it possible to place the necessary household items and cosmetics without extra costs. Usually a mirror, picture or TV is hung over it.

Shelves, roll-out and pull-out storage systems hidden behind panels and sliding doors. Such systems are hidden from eyes, do not overload the interior with unnecessary pieces of furniture, as they are usually built into niches, or to one of the walls of the room.

Choose a comfortable table and chairs for the dining area. To make the best use of the available space, get a sliding tabletop.

Living Room Design 2022: Modular Furniture

Small Living Room Design 2022: Modular Furniture

If the area is limited, instead of armchairs, you need to get a modular sofa or a transforming sofa, which are conveniently placed even in tiny living rooms.

Modular living room furniture 2022 has unique and inimitable layouts in a modern style. What is its magic? Modular furniture can be assembled into a unique configuration of your choice. It is comfortable, functional, made using the latest technologies and modern materials.

Modular living room furniture 2022 fits perfectly into any interior furnished in a modern style. Thanks to modules of different sizes, depths and colors, they provide many possibilities for arrangement.

Modular frame structures will allow you to combine the kitchen with the living room into one room.

Small Living Room Design 2022: Modular Furniture

Modern Living Room Design 2022

Professional designers say movable seats are key. Swivel chairs that can stand in front of a sofa, TV or outdoors are a modern trend today.

Other favorites are stools and stands that can be moved around to create emergency seating or to facilitate cozy conversations. Moving parts lend versatility to space, which is why they are gaining popularity so quickly.

The living room today is lightweight, minimally necessary coasters, a couple of shelves or narrow cabinets for small things. An exception is an extensive home library, a thematic collection or an abundance of souvenirs from all over the world.

Modern Living Room Design 2022

The living room is usually designed to receive guests and communicate with a large number of people. But guests do not come every day.

Set up a separate corner for your personal leisure, reading or evening tea.

Set up a coffee table, a couple of chairs or armchairs, and mark the privacy area with special lighting.

Furniture Trends 2022: Corner for Two

Bright Furniture and Accessories

Any gray day will become a holiday if you add bright colors and decor to the interior. Unusual colored pieces of furniture, colored dishes or textiles are ideal for chilly evenings.

Remember: comfort is in the details. Saturated warm colors will turn the apartment into a corner of calm and serenity.

Bright Furniture and Accessories living room 2022

Modern Living Room Design: High Technologies

A comfortable interior is impossible without high-tech solutions. Ideally, the living room should be maximally equipped with the most modern home appliances with programmable control, modern furniture designs and appliances.

It is not at all necessary to equip the living room in rather cold and laconic high-tech or minimalist styles. Even if you like delicate Provence or the romance of country style, you do not need to give up the benefits provided by scientific progress. Modern interior solutions allow you to combine retro elements with innovative technology.

Upholstered living room furniture 2022 with a recliner mechanism provides maximum comfort when using it. It makes it possible to adjust the position of the back and armrests, place the soft footrest in the most comfortable position by raising or lowering it.

In addition, manufacturers supply luxury products with the function of massage and heating with infrared lamps, build in audio systems and software control, install chargers for mobile phones and other gadgets.

Such living room furniture 2022 is a personal psychotherapist, massager and a place for complete relaxation.

Modern Living Room Design: High Technologies

Mixing Styles

The main charm of the fashionable interior trends 2022 is complete freedom in choosing the style and design of the room.

Despite the penchant for laconicism and minimalism, the modern living room design 2022 cannot be called austere. The tendencies towards a mixture of the most diverse directions are clearly traced.

In the middle of the high-tech living-room, a table, as if descended from the pages of “One-storied America”, is suddenly comfortably located.
And the severity of modern smooth facades is softened by a charmingly fluffy carpet and deliberately rough lines of a wicker chair.

Modern Living Room Design: Mixing styles 2022

Natural Materials or High-Quality Imitation

The environmental friendliness of the interior is one of the main advantages of this living room design 2022.

Wood remains the undisputed leader. Its unique patterns, soft play of shades are mesmerizing, giving the living room a genuine coziness and a sense of well-being and respectability.

In a room where wood plays a major role, it is always incredibly warm and pleasant. A room with wooden surfaces will become a real place for relaxation, stress relief, because wood has a positive effect on the psyche.

Stained wood is in trend this year, as well as vintage, artificially aged items. Experts also recommend paying attention to the rough beauty of untreated wood, as well as brushed textures.

Natural Materials or High-Quality Imitation 2022 living room

Elegant rattan wicker living room furniture 2022 is all the rage. It brings to the house the atmosphere of the hot south, the anticipation of a carefree vacation time. Bamboo items are also acceptable, including chic oriental-style screens. Carved gizmos made of natural wood are widely used.

Glass gives the interior the necessary lightness, weightlessness. Transparent countertops, cabinet doors, graceful shelves and lampshades create a completely charming impression. It is permissible to use colored stained-glass windows and milky-matte items, if required by the chosen style.

Not only can the body of chandeliers and lamps or furniture fittings be metal. Today, tables, chairs and armchairs with frames from different metal alloys are in trend. And shelves with metal holders are often hung on the wall. In combination with glass or transparent plastic, such products look absolutely fantastic, airy and weightless.

If desired, you can combine several materials in one living room: natural textures perfectly complement each other.

Natural Materials of living room 2022

Antique, vintage or artificially aged furnishings are back in time. But, do not lose your sense of proportion: there should be no more than one or two for the entire living room.

Living Room Furniture Trends 2022: Antique

Beautiful Living Room Design Ideas: Smooth Lines

Smooth lines, rounded and blurred shapes instead of geometrically clear shapes are in fashion. This is manifested in the design of sofas, and in the bizarrely curved lines of furniture legs, tabletops.

Beautiful Living Room Design Ideas: Smooth Lines 2022

Upholstered Colorful Furniture

Choose upholstered living room furniture 2022 with embossed, colorful types of upholstery (velvet, velour, flock), but not leather products.

living room furniture 2022

Linen, cotton, silk are perfect for curtains. A warm woolen or fur blanket will add a sense of warmth and comfort to the atmosphere of the room. Decorative pillows also look original as accents.

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