Bathroom Trends 2022: Best 15 Superb Ideas For You To Try

Bathroom designs

In this article, we invite you to check out some of the most amazing bathroom trends 2022. The modern bathroom has long ceased to fulfill only a hygienic function.

Today it is not just a place where you can lie down in the bathtub or take a shower, but also a place for rest, relaxation and enjoyable leisure.

Bathroom Trends 2022: 15 Superb Ideas For You To Try

Having thought over the bathroom trends 2022, you will get a wonderful room that allows you to take a break from work, relax and forget about problems.

Who said that the bathroom must be tiled with ceramic tiles? After all, there are many more finishing materials that can decorate your bathroom, making it unique. For some reason, many people forget that a bathroom is also a room; in many prestigious hotels, it has the appropriate design.

People usually understand the concept of “harmony in the interior” literally and try to combine everything in shape, size, and color. For example, if the plumbing is burgundy, then the curtains for the bathroom should also be in similar shades.

If the rug is lilac, then all other accessories should be in this style. This is fine, of course, but not entirely correct.

Bathroom Trends 2022: Accents

The abundance of similar things in the bathroom decor 2022 will only spoil its stylish and fashionable design. A bathroom in this design will look boring and ordinary.

Therefore, in this case, it is better to abandon this monotony and make some accents in the room.

Today, there are even styles that involve the combination of various techniques (eclecticism, fusion), in which it is imperceptible that some things do not go well with each other.

Bathroom Trends 2022: Accents

Thanks to them, a very interesting original bathroom designs 2022 can be obtained.

The most correct solution in this situation may be a combination of “whitewashed” interior with bright accent spots. Having “diluted” the white tone in this way, you can visually expand the space a little.

In the trendy bathroom designs 2022, it will be appropriate to use different shades of white. For example, use pastel colors (vanilla, milky white), which sometimes look much better. Pure white can make a bathroom design 2022 cold and lifeless.


Wallpaper returns to the bathroom trends 2022, especially if you have a separate toilet or toilet area. However, thanks to the waterproof models, they can be used anywhere.

Replace your usual tile with moisture-resistant wallpaper. You will immediately see how much the atmosphere will change. Do not limit your imagination, choose any patterns you like.

You can protect wallpaper in places of frequent wetting with glass or a special protective varnish applied on top. Another advantage of such a finishing material is the relatively low cost and the ability to quickly change a boring interior.

In recent years, mosaic was considered an outdated trend, but now it is making a comeback thanks to its practicality and durability. Exceptional models, a wide selection of colors and textures are presented today.

Bathroom Trends 2022

The industrial look of the bathroom is expected to become more and more popular in the near future. This means that tall sinks with legs, pipes and taps on the walls, concrete, stone will increasingly be used for bathroom decor 2022.

But it won’t look unfinished because the industrial bathroom trends 2022 can be extremely stylish.

Here, everything is in its place. All jars with perfumes, cosmetics and hygiene products are safely hidden in cabinets or shelves, towels are neatly stacked or hung on special hooks.

Try experimenting with color. The modern bathroom 2022 can be decorated in any color scheme. As materials, you can use mosaics, stone blotches and, of course, tiles. Fortunately, the choice today is simply huge.

Industrial Bathroom Trends 2022

Bathroom Ideas 2022: Waterproof Paint

Another interesting bathroom trends 2022 option would be moisture resistant paint. Its color gamut is huge, so it will satisfy the taste of even the biggest fussy. In addition, with its help, you can make a variety of combinations.

The paint is quite capable of withstanding a humid environment in the bathroom. You don’t need any special skills or knowledge to paint the walls with it.

And you can change the color every month if you want. The plinth on the floor and ceiling will help to complement the resemblance to the room.

Of course, not everyone succeeds in immediately retraining themselves and convincing that it is possible to do without tiles in the bathroom. In this case, it is best to resort to a compromise by tiling only the “wet” areas.

The rest of the room can be painted or wallpapered, decorated with decorative plaster. This combination will give the room lightness and elegance.

The tile will be appropriate near the sink or on the countertop. The contrasting border of the tiles around the bathroom sink looks beautiful.

Bathroom Ideas 2022: Waterproof Paint

You can hang ordinary fabric curtains on the bathroom window. If the space allows, then it is better to decorate the window opening with chic curtains, similar to those hung in the hall or bedroom.

The absence of a window is not a reason to abandon textiles. Here, the basis for the decor will be a shower curtain, which can be safely replaced with a fabric one by installing an oilcloth lining on the inside that protects from moisture.

Bathroom Design Trends 2022: Curtains

When choosing the right sink, opt for wall-mounted models that have a large splash shield to protect the wall from splashing. Under it, you can install a small chest of drawers, where towels and various little things necessary to maintain hygiene can fit.

If possible, furnish the bathroom with as much furniture as possible.

A sink placed in a wide countertop will look beautiful. You can also put a small chair next to it, then you will get a semblance of a dressing table.

In addition to seeking a more modern look, floating sinks offer other more practical benefits, including the ability to store items underneath. Floating sinks are also suitable for small bathroom design 2022, because they create the illusion of a large bathroom.

Design Trends 2022: Bathroom Sink

Bathroom furniture 2022 made from this material is the most optimal to use in this room. The original transparent chairs will effectively complement your stylish and creative bathroom design 2022 without overloading the trendy interior.

Bathroom plastic can be used everywhere. The main thing is to make sure that everything is aesthetically pleasing and functional. Modern plastic bathroom decor can harmoniously fit into any interior.

Bathroom Trends 2022: Plastic

Invisible Technique

Hide the washer (and dryer) under the countertop. And it would be even better to install decorative panels there, completely masking the presence of any equipment.

Bathroom Trends 2022: Plastic

Bathroom Design Ideas 2022: Wood

Making a wooden bathroom floor is a solution for courageous people. But if you still have such a desire, then teak or decking will help you achieve it. You can use any treated boards that are not afraid of moisture and prevent slipping.

Bathroom Design Ideas 2022: Wood

This is a special chic that people with impeccable taste can afford. But it’s actually pretty easy to do. You will be very pleased with how modern the bathroom design 2022 will look after this.

In addition to the bathtub faucet, you can install a beautiful mirror in a gilded frame above the bathroom sink, then it will be much more pleasant for you to spend time here.

A beautiful mirror in an elegant frame will add sophistication to the bathroom design 2022. And no neat cabinet with mirrored doors will ever create such an effect.

Bathroom Trends 2022: Gilding

Use of Modern Technologies

Today you will not surprise anyone with the presence of a TV, radio or the Internet in the bathroom. People spend a lot of time here, so they want to spend it to their advantage.

Bathroom Trends 2022: Gilding


It is not necessary to choose a bathtub with a traditional shape. You can install round, angular, oblong, oval – which one you have enough imagination and finances for. Today, technology allows you to install a bathtub anywhere in the room.

A modern bathroom is often equipped not only with the bathtub itself, but also with a shower cabin, bidet, Jacuzzi, mini-sauna and other devices.

Every year plumbing manufacturers come up with something new: interesting shower heads that create a tropical effect, change the lighting and even provide for different holders for soap, washcloths and other things.

Bathroom Trends 2022

Bathroom Decor 2022

Applying interesting decor will also brighten up your bathroom. These can be fresh flowers, paintings, rugs, towels, soap dishes and other accessories.

Don’t forget about the light. There should be a lot of it. The main lighting can be complemented by lamps of an unusual shape and interesting design, in harmony with the interior.

A properly selected heated towel rail can be an excellent accent. Today it is not just a heating device. Manufacturers make it from different materials and all kinds of colors that imitate precious metals: gold, platinum, silver.

Bathroom Decor 2022

Bright Colors

Color, color and color. This will be evident in all modern bathrooms. It will be present everywhere – in cabinets, fittings and tiles. People are tired of white and gray. Bet on emerald green, dark blue or even black.

Bathroom Decor 2022 and colors

The open-shelf trend that began in the kitchen has migrated to the bathroom trends 2022.

Interior Design Trends 2022: Open Shelves

Here we are talking about shelves for accessories, towels or cosmetics, there are no restrictions.

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