Small Bathroom Trends 2022: Best 15 Useful Ideas and Tendencies

Bathroom designs

There are numerous methods to make even the smallest area comfortable, attractive, and functional, that is why we present to your attention 15 small bathroom trends 2022.

It is very important to equip a harmonious and functional small bathroom 2022, taking into account not only current design trends, but also your own preferences.

There are various possibilities for enlarging the space in your bathroom if it is relatively small.

The best option is to combine a bathroom with a toilet. If possible, it is recommended to expand the area at the expense of the kitchen and hallway.

Considering that instead of two doors there will be only one, you can replace it with a trendy sliding door, that saves space and is appealing to the eye.

Aside from redevelopment, you can also visually increase the size of the small bathroom 2022. Light colors and cool tones will add an optical increasing effect to the size of your bathroom. You can also resort to bright accents, but it is not recommended to use contrasting colors, especially on the same wall.

This rule also applies to the choice of furniture; it must blend in with the walls and be of the same tone as the flooring.

Reflective items can also help. In addition to the traditional mirror over the sink, you can use cabinets with mirrored doors or use reflective decor elements on the floor.

Bright lighting also has advantages in this regard. The light should be saturated, and it is desirable that there are a few light sources.

Frosted or stained-glass instead of one of the bathroom walls is in small bathroom trends 2022.

Several colors will dominate in small bathroom trends 2022.


This traditional color is said to be a good choice for small spaces. It lightens the room, widens it visually, and increases the amount of light.


Leaders by nature tend to use purple in the bathroom. This color is considered energetic, powerful and influential.

It is best to focus on a noble purple tone that contributes to relaxation and peace of mind.

To add dynamism, alternate wall tiles with varying degrees of purple tones saturation. At the same time, it is taken into account that this shade requires the addition of a less active color. The most harmonious is the white tone. Green, gray and gold also go well with purple.

Purple is the perfect backdrop for white plumbing.


Calm and confident people will choose solid brown for their small bathroom 2022. When used correctly, contrast can create a pleasing, luxurious environment where cleanliness and order prevail.


Green is a positive color associated with freshness, nature and spring. It soothes and energizes at the same time, creating a serene and relaxing atmosphere.

Experts advise against using too many dark colors in small rooms. Light colors are great, as they harmonize the room, making it balanced and cozy. Almost any shade can be used as color nuances, but only in small quantities. Orange, white, yellow and beige accessories complement the toning power of green.

A practical and precise solution is the inimitable color of malachite, in harmony with the bright white bathroom fixtures.

Small Bathroom Ideas 2022: Wood

Undoubtedly, wood is a material that brings nature back to our homes. It is commonly used as floor and wall covering, but it’s also found on counters and furniture.

New wood items with amazing designs bring the natural warmth of wood to places where it was previously prohibited. It can also be used as wall decoration.

For modern bathroom designs 2022, wood pallets are also a good choice. They are perfect for bare feet because they are very warm. In this way, the cold from the tile can be balanced.

Marble or Stone in Bathroom Design 2022

Marble will come back in 2022. Although white and gray colors are popular, warm colors should not be disregarded. The layout of the space and the flow of the lines become more practical and simple. As a result, achieving organic and elegant comfort will be the goal.

In 2022, not only marble and wood will be popular as natural materials.

The stone will undoubtedly be widely used. Natural materials that contrast with each other create visual and physical texture in the space.

Gold Metals

In recent years, metal has been a hot trend, and it appears to be continuing. For example, metals with a gold tint give natural materials shine and contrast. They also reflect light and go well with industrial or glamorous styles. Bathroom design trends 2022 will be dominated by metals with a matte or smooth finish.

Another trend is metal fittings in copper and gold tones. The exquisite colors that date back to the 1970s.

Small mosaic tiles are frequently used today. It is especially elegant when it is in the form of small stripes. Also, don’t overlook the subway tiles; they are the best option for many styles.

Handcrafted tiles are now popular again. Despite their flaws, they will add a rich texture and visual appeal to bathroom designs 2022. The handcrafted tiles’ contrasting texture and the natural grain of the wood work nicely together.

Terrazzo is a modern alternative for different types of floors and some wall styles.

Smart Home Ideas

For a successful outcome, interior designers analyze the most common small bathroom trends 2022, looking back to 2021. Digitalization and smart homes, for example, will stay with us in 2022 and will reach new heights in our lives.

Smart Home has been actively used in bathrooms for a long time. Water temperature and heating, and much more can be controlled wirelessly.

Modern bathroom 2022 trends offer music devices built right into wall mirrors, adjustable LED lighting and wireless charging for smartphones and tablets.

So, for example, while in the bath, you can change the lighting for maximum comfort and relaxation. Bathroom singers can use voice control to play their favorite song and sing along.

Special bathroom wallpaper 2022

Unfortunately, in most apartments, the bathroom’s floor and wall coverings are identical: tiles. From the perspective of interior designers, this arbitrary environment is not a luxury dream of a good bathroom. This is why they are thrilled that wallpaper will become one of the hottest small bathroom trends 2022.

What factors should be considered when designing a small bathroom 2022? First, wallpaper can transform an accent wall and give it a new look. Second, it can completely transform the bathroom with a fabulous mix of fabric, color and style.

Bathroom wallpaper currently comes in a variety of styles and colors. Their technical characteristics have been improved to such an extent that even constant moisture, for example from the shower, would not damage this wall covering.

The popularity of this trend as a unique alternative to tiles will undoubtedly grow from 2021 to 2022.

Bathrooms with wood-like tiles as a win-win trend for 2022

Another noteworthy modern bathroom decor is wood-look tile cladding. The light parquet appears to reach from the living room to the bathroom, blending in effortlessly.

This method gives luxury bathrooms a more natural and warm look. In addition, the architectural solutions are reminiscent of the bamboo-floored resorts of Bali and Thailand.

Bathroom mirrors

Modern bathrooms are characterized by their oversized mirrors. Most bathrooms in 2021 will have round mirrors.

Typically, large round mirrors are combined with a countertop washbasin. Sconces are usually replaced with simple lamps that hang from the ceiling. Rectangular mirrors have not gone out of style, but they are much less common in small bathroom designs 2022 than round mirrors.


Plants were popular in the past year and will remain the same in the future. It is an integral part of the decor of the bathroom. It’s not just an accessory; it is a key component that can be altered according to the season.

Plants in bathrooms are not only trendy, but also give a beautiful look to the decor.

For example, bamboo is a beautiful low maintenance plant that delights with its foliage. The most important factor for its growth is to provide enough water. It’s easy to create a green oasis in your bathroom by placing bamboo branches in vases of water.

A fern can be used to decorate a bathroom. High humidity and partial shade are perfect for all fern species. The bathroom is ideal for their rapid development. You can arrange or hang plants in flower pots, or you can be more creative and hang them on the wall with stylish frames.

If there is no dedicated space for flowers, there will almost certainly be a place on the shelf next to cosmetics for a living plant.

Plants in bathrooms are not only trendy, but also give a beautiful look to the decor.

Geometry in Small Bathroom Design 2022

Modern bathroom design 2022 is beautifully combined with the trendy, austere style of gray concrete on the surface of the tiles with expressive abstract geometric motifs. Eventually the walls of the bathroom get a 3D look.

This pattern is dynamic, but the decor system and straight lines still dominate, ensuring harmony and order.

Black and graphite additives nicely highlight the elegance of this tile set. Such designs will look fantastic in a loft-style bathroom.


The bathroom is no longer just a place to wash your hands or a place where you can put doing your usual tasks off. For example, in the bathroom, a lovely dressing table with a stool will make you feel very at ease.

In addition to the standard bathroom accessories that we generally put on the sink or countertop, bathroom 2022 trends offer various items that can be used successfully in other parts of the house. Paintings, wicker baskets, seaweed or rattan baskets, metal or natural stone ornaments, such as candelabra, figurines, and bowls, are just a few examples.

Reduced Small Bathroom Designs 2022

In order to turn the bathroom into a place of relaxation and peace, you must separate yourself from the unimportant and concentrate on the most important aspects of life.

The minimalistic design of rain showers, faucets,  accessories contributes to the perception of the small bathroom 2022 as a useful area, not requiring ostentatious luxury to attract attention.

In the case of a careful implementation of the smart home idea, modern bathrooms are equipped with multiple sensors. They choose the desired temperature automatically, work remotely or remain hidden.

In the sense that Scandinavian style has become as fashionable as minimalism, it is extremely similar to it. The use of wooden elements is the hallmark of Scandinavian aesthetics. Brass, stone, pottery, and other materials are all admissible as substitutes.

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