Top 15 Amazing Ceiling Design 2022 Trends and Ideas

Bedroom design

When choosing a general style solution for a room, the ceiling design 2022 plays an important role.

Designers provide a wide range of options for achieving a complete, attractive look in a modern interior.

15 Amazing Ceiling Design 2022 Trends and Ideas

The ceiling design 2022 concept is centered on the use of creative decorative elements, unique textures, and sophisticated shapes in the ceiling surface finishing.

New Ceiling Design 2022: Stretch Metal Shine Ceilings

Want to get trending ceiling designs 2022? Then choose the trendy 2022 metallic effect ceilings. They became relevant last year. Feel free to combine glossy, matte and metallized surfaces in multi-level designs.

New Ceiling Design 2022: Stretch Metal Shine Ceilings

Wood ceiling design 2022

This sustainable material never goes out of style. It allows you to create a feeling of coziness and comfort in any room. It also provides excellent sound and heat insulation, and attracts with the unusually aesthetic structure of the resulting surface.

Among the advantages of wooden ceilings is a long service life.

Wood ceiling design 2022

It is not advisable to use dark kinds of wood for the decoration of small rooms, as they visually reduce the space. Light tones of wood, such as white oak, natural beech or pine, will be appropriate here.

Wooden ceilings are used today for Country, Rustic, Ranch and Eco-design interiors.

Carved ceilings 2022

Openwork or strict geometric carvings will look great on the ceiling surface. This element of the interior brings a unique touch to the atmosphere of the room, making it modern and stylish.

Mirror effect in the ceiling design 2022

To get an original decorative entourage, you do not need to make the entire ceiling mirrored. Some reflective silver elements on a small area of the ceiling are enough.

Mirror effect in the ceiling design 2022

Parquet on the ceiling 2022

If you ask what kind of ceilings are relevant right now, you might be shocked to learn that parquet is one of the most popular options. Meanwhile, this is one of the most striking ceiling trends 2022.

The parquet ceiling design 2022 looks unusual and fully corresponds to the desire of a modern man to decorate his home with only environmentally friendly materials.

Such fashionable ceiling trends 2022 will fit not only into Eco-design, but also become an excellent decoration for a Loft interior.

Ceiling Trends 2022: Textile

It must be noted that the use of glossy varnish will be inappropriate. Better to choose ceiling design 2022 with a “Rustic” effect. It will add a little environmental friendliness to the minimalist interior and make it more interesting and fresh.

Please note that a parquet ceiling should not be used with modern lighting or ultra-modern chandeliers. It’s better to use simple, almost industrial light glass fixtures.

Such an unusual solution may appeal to people who strive for extraordinary variations in the design of their house. Cozy fabric ceilings always attract attention.

Ceiling Trends 2022: Textile

Silk Plaster (Liquid Wallpaper) for the ceiling design 2022

Liquid wallpaper for the ceiling is another modern solution that will be in trend in the 2022. They allow you to create unusual textures on the ceiling. It is also a great tool for masking irregularities.

Well-known brands offer dozens of shades, but in 2022 it is better to choose different variations of gray, gold, white and pink, close to purple.

Liquid wallpaper, which contains glitter, will be especially relevant. In general, the metallic sheen in interior decoration is one of the notable trends in 2022.

Silk Plaster (Liquid Wallpaper) for the ceiling design 2022

It is not recommended to use trendy wallpapers with tropical leaves and flowers for small rooms. It is better to leave them for wall decoration.

Ceiling Design 2022: Geometry

A bold ceiling design 2022 option involves the use of laconic clear lines and strict geometric shapes on the ceiling. This design goes well with such a dynamic and revolutionary style direction as loft.

Ceiling Design 2022: Geometry


This ceiling design 2022 is typical for attic ceilings. It is invariably popular when creating the interior of country houses. Windows are often placed on slopes.

If you wish, you can supplement it with translucent air curtains or apertures, made in the form of a porthole.

Painting in a Ceiling Design 2022

Painting in a Ceiling Design 2022 Bedroom

This is a very interesting option for decorating ceiling surfaces, but in order to obtain the expected aesthetic effect, it is important to entrust this action to professionals with special skills in art painting.

Such decor can be applied to plasterboard structures and emphasize the contrasting color transition with built-in ceiling lights 2022. The stripes from the ceiling can smoothly “descend” onto one of the walls.

This is an interesting solution for the wall behind the headboard in the bedroom.

The bravest ones can decorate the ceiling with a 3D lattice. It will successfully imitate the trendy caissons.

Painting in a Ceiling Design 2022 Bedroom

Fashionable ceilings 2022: Caissons

Caissons (coffers) are an architectural element that appeared in ancient times. Coffered structures are what some designers refer to when asked what type of ceilings are popular right now.

The choice of option depends on the style of room decoration. Caissons can organically fit not only into historical, but also into modern interiors.
In trendy eco-interiors, it is recommended to use such decorations for the light wood ceiling.

Caissons are also suitable for modern designs. The new ceiling design 2022 is perfect for this, with lighting playing a vital part. An excellent option is a caisson with a “bottom” made of light translucent glass with illumination.

Fashionable ceilings 2022: Caissons

Not only traditional rectangular or square options look interesting, but also round ones.

By the way, drywall is perfect for making caissons. Constructions made of this material are lightweight and have an excellent appearance. They are easy to manufacture and easy to assemble.

The only drawback is that they cannot be washed. If the coffered plasterboard ceiling has lost its attractiveness, it should simply be painted.

Photo printing

This technology is used with an infinite number of variations on stretch ceilings. Thanks to the high quality printing, the patterns are realistic and rich in shades.

The ceiling design 2022 with photo printing brings into the room a feeling of incredible freshness, comfort and home coziness. The most popular designs are images of a cloudy or starry sky, as well as floral motifs.

The ornament looks interesting, passing from the ceiling to a part of the wall. This solution allows you to elegantly zone the space, introducing an unusual decorative element into it.

New Ceiling Design 2022

The traditional white ceiling does not lose its relevance in 2022. To refresh the surface, use chalk, lime mortar or water-based paint. Color can be added if desired.

New Ceiling Design 2022: Plastic

You can decorate your home with durable plastic ceiling panels.
Such arabesques will look original. They will allow you to create a budget pseudo eco-interior.

The unconditional advantages of such ceilings include the ability to survive the “flood” without any problems. In many cases it will be enough to just remove one of the panels and drain the water.

Plastic fashionable ceilings are the perfect choice for the kitchen ceiling design 2022, especially if options without gloss are chosen. They are easy to clean and are not afraid of high humidity.

New Ceiling Design 2022: Plastic

They are also suitable for the bathroom.

New Ceiling Design 2022: Plasterboard

Did you think drywall was out of style? We want to reassure you right now. This low-cost material is ideal for renovations on a budget. It, in particular, eliminates the need to level the ceiling’s surface and remove any flaws.

Multi-level constructions with the appearance of an unusual dome are in vogue. This effect will be enhanced by using gradient coloring. It should be light on the main level and “darken” as it gets closer to the structure’s highest point.

Fashionable ceiling design 2022 is recommended to be combined with recessed lights. Perimeter ceiling lights 2022 are in trend. It allows you to visually raise the ceiling and make it higher.

As an original option, you can create a plasterboard “labyrinth” on the ceiling design 2022. LEDs are perfect for decorating it.

New Ceiling Design 2022: Plasterboard

Stretch ceilings 2022: 3D

Ceilings with photo printing of 3D images are in trend. However, stretch ceilings 2022 differ from the three-dimensional pattern options that were previously offered.

Stretch ceilings 2022: 3D

Geometric shapes and their various combinations “heading to heaven” are in vogue today. They should have a pastel, gray, blue, or pale green background. The drawings themselves should be chosen, preferably in white.

You can add creativity to this design with the help of original lighting. It will enhance the volumetric effect and make the trendy 2022 ceilings even more beautiful.

Now you know what kind of ceilings are in fashion now. We hope that we helped you decide, and you can create a fashionable interior in your home.

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