Modern Curtains 2022: Best Colors, Materials And Styles

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Let’s take a look at the various possibilities for decorating your windows and see which modern curtains 2022 are in vogue.

You don’t always need to make big repairs to entirely transform the interior of a room. It only takes a couple of new details. Curtains are useful for more than just shielding a room from the sun in the morning.

Modern Curtains 2022: Best Colors, Materials And Styles

They can also serve an aesthetic purpose if the proper types and shades are chosen.

In this article, you will learn in detail everything about curtain trends 2022 and their use.

The popularity of environmental goods and products also applies to curtains. Natural materials are used in the curtain design 2022: linen, silk, cotton, satin, wool. If your interior is designed in a minimalist style, Japanese or bamboo-based roller blinds are suitable for it.

Contemporary-style curtains suggest a simple shape that falls freely to the floor. The emphasis shifts to the structure of the fabric.

Fashion is known for its cyclical nature. For example, lambrequin curtains are becoming relevant again.

Modern classic curtains should be made of light flowing fabrics (for example, voile or chiffon) in natural and pastel shades.

Mixed decoration of windows is in fashion: vertical blinds together with fabric curtains.
Pleated curtains are also gaining popularity. This is due to their ease of use: they are suitable for all types of windows.

Modern curtains 2022 can be made not only from natural materials. You can also choose artificial fabrics: viscose, velvet, polyester, acrylic, nylon.

Modern Curtains 2022: Best Colors, Materials And Styles

White modern curtains 2022 are relevant today. But don’t be limited to this color. Choose bright colors and curtains in muted colors.
If the room is spacious – large print curtains will be just right. In a small room, large prints will weigh down the interior.

Abstract patterns, geometric shapes and floral prints are gaining popularity.

You can experiment with curtains in black or dark gray. But it is better to choose them also for spacious rooms.

Window Treatment Trends 2022: Prints


Modern curtains 2022 in neo-baroque design are suitable for a room made in an aristocratic style. Otherwise, neo-baroque curtains will look inappropriate.

This design is characterized by an abundance of draperies, as well as the presence of sconces, massive chandeliers, etc.

Materials for these modern curtains 2022 can be combined and used separately from each other. Choose jacquard, silk or taffeta.

Window Treatment Trends 2022: Prints

Loft Style Modern Curtains 2022

This design has long been loved by everyone for its simplicity and versatility. Beautiful modern curtains 2022 in the Loft style are a solution for courageous, creative people.

White curtains will help to complement the interior. They will shift the accents of the room. Loft style will create lightness and spaciousness. Such curtains will protect the room from the penetration of sunlight.

If you want something brighter, then choose curtains in soft pastel colors. Patterns are welcome but should be large in size.

Loft Style Modern Curtains 2022

Minimalist Style

If the room is decorated in the direction of minimalism, then you need to decorate it with a minimum of elements. Choose one color for your curtains. Let the shades be bright, but you need to use them with care so as not to overload the interior.

Minimalism is characterized by muted shades: gray, dark blue, beige, sand, graphite and others. A combination of two colors is possible.
It is permissible to use roller and vertical blinds.

It is better to choose the following material for a minimalist style: linen, cotton, bamboo.

Minimalist Style 2022

The modern curtains 2022 in this direction are distinguished by their minimalism and brevity.

They lack elements of excessive luxury: an abundance of decor, bright flashy colors, and heavy fabrics. Preference is given to fabrics that repel moisture.

Curtain Ideas 2022: CD Curtains

A decorative CD curtain can be hung in a large doorway. These curtains will complement the hi-tech style. To make curtains from CD, you need to drill 2 holes at the top and bottom.

The discs are connected with a transparent fishing line or thin wire.

Window Covering Trends 2022

The color of the modern curtains 2022 should be selected depending on the overall color scheme. But you also need to pay attention to the actual colors, as well as to what and how they are combined.

Textile and color trends for 2022 are quite diverse. Let’s consider the most interesting ones.


To recreate the atmosphere of calmness and comfort in the room, choose shades of chocolate.

They will create a relaxed mood.

With light wood furniture, brown looks elegant, fashionable, and everything complements each other.

Curtain Trends 2022: Colors


This color is preferred by those who like minimalistic style. The white shade fills the room with airiness and purity, creates a feeling of purification of the space.

To give the room a touch of romance, you need to combine white with pastel colors.

However, it must be borne in mind that this shade gets dirty quickly enough, and the curtains will have to be washed frequently.
Since there are many shades of white, such textiles fit perfectly into the interior with a wide variety of colors.

In addition, white modern curtains 2022 made of translucent fabrics allow natural light to pass through well.

Curtain Trends 2022: Colors white


Modern curtains 2022 in this color can be bright accents in any interior. They are combined with almost all base tones.

Curtain Trends 2022: Colors


This color is also suitable for a minimalist style. You can choose from the following shades: metallic, graphite, classic gray, pearlescent gray.

Curtain Trends 2022: Colors gray


Modern curtain ideas 2022 in interior design are not complete without the presence of this color. It gives the room a touch of elegance and luxury. But it needs to be properly combined with the rest of the elements to avoid the feeling of gloom.

Black or graphite window decoration is unusual and stylish. However, it is not always advisable to use totally black. Such a decision can make the interior design 2022 extremely dark.

If you really want to use trendy black modern curtains 2022, then it is better to combine them with white ones. The fabric itself is also important. Shiny textile modern curtains 2022 look nobler than matte options.

In addition, an interesting choice is black or graphite satin modern curtains 2022 with a jacquard pattern. They fit perfectly into the neoclassical interior. It is recommended to choose options in which the pattern is as consonant as possible with the ornament on the wallpaper.

Curtain Trends 2022: Colors black


This curtain color is suitable for people who are fond of creativity. It will create coziness in the room, an atmosphere of mystery.

Lilac goes well with mustard yellow, pale pink, reddish coral colors. Together they will create contrast without overloading it in color.

Curtain Trends 2022: Colors lilac


The cold shade gives lightness to the atmosphere. The design of curtains in a modern style is suitable for both minimalism lovers and creative individuals.

For those who prefer restraint, this tone will be appreciated because it does not press and does not create a feeling of heaviness in the room. And for people engaged in creativity, blue will help to distract from extraneous thoughts.

Style Modern Curtains 2022 blue Curtain Trends 2022: Colors


For a bright accent in the room, modern curtains 2022 in this shade are suitable. If you use yellow, you can get rid of a depression and get a boost of good mood.

Curtain Trends 2022: Colors yellow


This color represents nature. Therefore, a feeling of freshness and relaxation is immediately created in the room.
This shade is best combined with peach or white wallpaper.

Curtain Trends 2022: Colors green


Curtains in beige shade shift the accents to other interior items. They create an atmosphere of calmness and warmth in the room. For a successful combination, you can choose a golden or blue pattern.

Curtain Trends 2022: Colors beinge


This shade of green is the undisputed trend of the season. Designers offer to fully equip bedrooms and living rooms in Neo-mint color. It is also suitable as a complementary color for white interiors.

Curtain Trends 2022: Colors

Floral And Geometric Print

The most relevant are tropical and geometric curtain design 2022. For example, light-colored fabrics with a pencil sketch print will do.
The size of the print should be selected in accordance with the area of the room. For example, modern curtains 2022 for the kitchen in a small apartment can be with a small floral pattern.

For spacious rooms, you can choose textiles with a large print. For example, the modern curtains 2022 for the kitchen can be with large bright green leaves on a white background. Made of cotton, they will fit perfectly into the eco-interior and will go well with light wood.

Floral And Geometric Print 2022

When choosing modern curtains 2022, pay attention to striped options. They are in trend today more than ever. The most unexpected and fashionable solution is a black and white strip 5-6 cm wide.

There are two options: horizontal or vertical strip. Designers recommend using striped curtains to visually change the geometry of the space. For example, the vertical option will “raise” the ceiling.

The modern curtains 2022 can be striped not only in color. Options from a fabric in which stripes of transparent tulle alternate with dense satin look gorgeous.

2022 Window Treatment Trends: Strips

Kids Room Curtains With Polka Dots

Minimalism is minimalism, but some bright colors will not hurt. Polka dot curtains are in trend. However, we are not talking about a trivial polka dot. A real color explosion is relevant.

Such snow-white translucent curtains with polka dots of all colors of the rainbow in the size of a large coin will decorate any kids’ room. They do not need to be paired with any companion fabric.

Kids Room Curtains With Polka Dots 2022

Modern Curtains 2022: Combining Anything And Everything

In modern interior design, the main principle is the absence of any prohibitions. This means that the combination of different types of curtains is welcomed.

You can use at the same time: classic curtains, eyelet curtains, Japanese curtains, Roman curtains, etc.
The choice of an option or a combination of several options depends on the style of the interior design.

In addition, bedroom curtains 2022 can be used together with modern blinds. This will eliminate the use of thick curtains for the evening. The idea of combining snow-white curtains for a bedroom made of natural fabrics with blinds is perfect for an interior in the Minimalist style.

A combination of unpainted linen curtains and wooden vertical blinds will look great in an eco-interior.
Roller blinds 2022 with unusual large “plant” patterns are a good alternative to traditional curtains․

Modern Curtains 2022: Combining Anything And Everything

New Curtains 2022: Gradient

The combination applies not only to the type of curtains. Window decoration with companion fabrics is encouraged. As already mentioned, white is beyond competition. It can be combined with any other color. However, “duets” and “trios” of blue, dark blue-light blue and pale blue, etc. are relevant.

When used together, they create a horizontal gradient effect, where the color saturation decreases towards the center of the window.
An alternative to this combination is curtain design 2022 with a vertical gradient.

New Curtains 2022: Gradient

Modern Curtains 2022 With Ties

Curtain design 2022 with ties in a modern interior look fresh and original. They are perfect for decorating a cozy children’s room.
For the next season, designers offer many options for such a window design.

This is both the traditional hanging of curtains with ties from the same fabric, as well as the use of large eyelets and ribbons.

Modern Curtains 2022 With Ties

An original trend – curtains in the girl’s bedroom 2022 on bows. They can be of one or more colors.

It is recommended to combine multi-colored ties with cartoon patterns, with polka dot or striped options.

Now you know what the modern curtains 2022 should be. We hope we have helped you with the choice of textile design for your home.

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