House Design 2022: Top 20 Popular Ideas and Design Concepts

Exterior Design

If you are planning a renovation, we will show you what interiors and house design 2022 will be fashionable, what current trends will make the house design 2022 in different styles even more interesting.

The pandemic has affected literally every area of our lives, from work schedules to daily routines. Living online made us appreciate the time spent with our family. And spending time at home 24/7 stimulated to create coziness around you, which influenced modern trends in house design 2022.

House Design 2022: Top 20 Popular Ideas and Design Concepts

Now many are striving for comfort, environmental friendliness and minimalism. Houses, apartments and even offices in the “expensive” style fade into the background. It is replaced by practicality, comfort and simplicity.

What has changed and what new features have appeared? In this article, you will discover 20 key house design 2022 trends.

House Design 2022: The Seventies Are Back

This trend is a reflection of our desire for better days. Hence the color combinations that can bring optimism: turquoise, light blue shades. This retro trend can be seen in patterns and more rounded forms of furniture.

House Design 2022: The Seventies Are Back

Memphis Style

Memphis style is also one of the interior design trends 2022.

It should be kept in mind when using geometric shapes and designs with influences from earlier directions such as Art Deco.

Memphis Style house-design-2022

Old but Gold

Millennials now have their own houses and miss their childhood habits.

The decor that was in the parent’s house does not seem outdated. On the contrary, it brings flavor. Bright neon colors, asymmetrical and geometric furniture, lots of funky patterns – this kind of design can be fun and eye-catching.



What better way to bring light and air than transparent walls and large windows?

Glass partitions are no longer an office attribute. Transparency is becoming a trend in both interior and graphic design, and is perceived as something fresh and modern.


For several years in a row, minimalism has not left the first positions in the ranking of the most demanded and popular styles in interior design. 2022 is no exception.

There is no room for unnecessary things. At the same time, you can focus on designer furniture, a painting or a lamp that will complement the interior.

Interior Trends 2022: Minimalism

New Minimalism

New minimalism is about paying attention to basic geometric shapes, while also retaining an unexpected element in the interior. Such elements should be focused on detail and high quality.

Another way to be minimalist without losing style is to use refined and colder finishes: stone, metals.

Interior Trends 2022: new Minimalism

Trendy Colors and Shades

The fashion for interior color solutions in the interior changes very often. In the design trends 2022, both delicate and soft and bright saturated colors are considered fashionable.

Deep dark tones with a predominance of blue, green, and marsala will add coziness to the house design 2022 and help create a more intimate atmosphere.

Fresh shades of green will bring harmony and tranquility: turquoise, avocado, mint (neo mint). Even a few items will add coziness and reflect the good taste of the owners of the house. These can be curtains, cushions, or upholstery.

Among the most fashionable tones of the new design trends 2022 is honeysuckle color, which is an active pink color with a sheen of red. In this color, you can decorate furniture, finishing elements or decor.

The perfect option is honeysuckle soft velvet as upholstery for a sofa, armchairs or chairs. Bright shades of yellow will fill the house with warmth and light: mustard, honey, ginger. These shades look especially advantageous in the interior of the kitchen.

For a bedroom in 2022, you can choose an interior in soft shades of ivory, cotton candy or caramel interspersed with contrasting shades – green, gray, brown.

Light Scandinavian interiors, which are dominated by various shades of white, will also not lose their relevance in the near future.
Scandinavian styles will not leave world trends either in 2022 or in 2023, so you can safely take this style and its color combinations as a basis in the interior of different rooms.

Trendy Colors and Shades 2022

The growing need to bring nature into our house convinces us to opt for sustainable elements such as wood, stone, bamboo and others. The use of organic materials in interiors gives us the opportunity to restore and strengthen the connection between human and nature.

The interior can use such house design 2022 trends as: marble and other less demanding and more affordable types of natural stone, natural wood, glass, metal. However, do not overdo it with expensive natural elements: the main trend of house interior 2022 is minimalism, maximum free space and natural light.

You can choose velvet and fringed fabric as a decor for furniture, table lamps, panels and interior pillows. Metal items, gilding and chrome elements will look harmonious and relevant.

Interior Trends 2022: Materials

Combined Finishing For Kitchen Backsplash

Luxurious combination finishes can include materials such as porcelain stoneware, ceramic tiles, polyurethane slabs, mirror tiles, ceramic parquet and natural marble.

And this is not a complete list of options.


Another top idea for the house interior 2022 is terrazzo floorings. This material is created from natural stone particles and concrete. To decorate a room in a modern style, gray and beige colors are suitable.

In addition to floors, terrazzo is used as a material for finishing furniture, tables and wall surfaces, as well as in the decor of upholstered furniture.

Decor Trends 2022: Terrazzo Flooring

In modern interiors, instead of bulky furniture, it is worth using original modular furniture models. Also, a wide variety of transformer models promise to be incredibly popular in 2022, especially for small houses.

Furniture Design Trends 2022: Modules and Transformers

The possibilities of modern printing affect the design trends 2022. In 2022 a spectacular wallpaper with high detailing of prints is quite capable of replacing fashionable monochromatic colors.

The theme can be almost any, because the main thing is to fit the element into the house design 2022 in an original and harmonious way.

Decor Trends 2022: High Detail Wallpaper

Trendy Lighting Fixtures

Lighting devices are one of the most important components of a fashionable interior, so we propose to figure out what the lighting trends will be in 2022. Designers create lighting fixtures with an emphasis on form and material.

In the new collections, you can see both simple laconic models and models with exquisite decorative elements. Trendy chandelier models look impressive both with the light on and off.

Being not only a functional element of the interior, but also its decoration, often even a central design element, the most relevant is the minimalistic design of the lamps. Many brands have offered light fixtures in a laconic style or simple geometric shape.

The main trend in lighting is the abundance of multi-level lighting and the use of glowing panels. To give dynamics to the space, it is advisable to use not only the lighting of the ceiling, but also the walls and the furniture itself.

The effect of floating things due to lighting, such as the base of the sofa, will create a feeling of levitation and will undoubtedly make the room visually interesting and elegant.

Decor Trends 2022

Environmental Friendliness

Residents of big cities really lack nature, which was once again proved by the pandemic. Therefore, your own plants in your house or office are more relevant than ever. You can decorate a green corner in the living room or in the kitchen. Even office owners do not miss the opportunity to enjoy the experience right in their office.

Interior design trends 2022 are replete with items made from natural materials. Wood, brick, rattan, bamboo, clay and natural fabrics are all essential materials for the 2022 style.

Flowers and indoor plants in the interior will become fashionable as never before. They can be located on any horizontal surfaces.

What if you don’t want to use only natural materials? There is always a way out! Design trends 2022 are very flexible, and the use of artificial fabrics, etc. is not a hindrance to giving the interior a stylish look.

For example, the velvet upholstery of armchairs and sofas is contemporary chic. Suede and velour, respectively, are not inferior to their positions in the new season, acting as excellent materials for decoration and upholstery of furniture.

eco-friendly-decor- 2022

Ethnic Motives

Naturalness is the main world trend. And in interiors, people prefer clear, time-tested materials, textured surfaces, natural elements, ethnic motives, environmentally friendly, safe solutions, or at least a sense of naturalness.

In 2020, a clear design trend was born – a craving for things with obvious ethnic notes. In 2022 it is not necessary to make the entire interior in African or Moroccan style, but adding decor with ethnic motives even to a modern interior makes it more comfortable and relevant for perception.


Free Space

Free space in the house makes it comfortable and airy.

This was not enough for many until there was an opportunity to go out into the street. Therefore, built-in appliances and furniture, the absence of handles on cabinets and doors, compact cabinets and shelves for storing things are in fashion now.

house design 2022

Calm Shades

Wallpaper with flowers, bright walls and flashy decor elements faded into the background. Instead, the homeowners want to feel the calmness that can be achieved with simple colors in the interior: white walls, wooden floors and golden decor elements do not weigh down the space.

And noble blue and green colors only complement the design.


You can add softness and comfort to the house design 2022 with the right furniture.

In 2022, rounded sofas and armchairs are in trend, there are no sharp corners on countertops and even some decorative elements: frames, mirrors, lamps, etc.

Furniture Design Trends 2022: Rounded Shapes, Soft Corners


Endless online meetings and conferences have created the need for a beautiful and cozy place to work.

Now everyone wants to have a place for privacy in the house, even if the area of the house is small.



Another trend generated by the pandemic. Home has become a place where everyone can reflect and show themselves.

Boring and uniform interiors remain faceless. But you can add zest to it with the help of your creativity.


For example, if you like to travel, then add souvenirs brought from different countries to the interior. Or do you paint? Your paintings will look great on the wall of a bedroom or living room.

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