Bathroom Trends 2021: Top 10 Stunning Ideas and Features to Use In Your Bathroom

Bathroom designs 2021 luxurious black bathtub Bathroom designs

In the last years, bathrooms have gone from being simply utilitarian to more aesthetic and fashionable. Here are the top 10 bathroom trends 2021, which will help you transform your bathroom into an incredibly modish place where you can feel relaxed and calm.

So without further ado, let’s check out some of the best bathroom ideas 2021. 

bathroom trends 2021 open-space-minimal-interio

One of the first top bathroom trends 2021 we want to mention is the glass shower, which has become a must item in every modern bathroom. 

Glass showers look very ultra-modern with their minimal design and transparency factor, which also helps to display your tiles or shower wall. 

Bathroom design trends 2021 modern glass showers

Besides that, glass showers are also among the best small bathroom ideas 2021 because they create an illusion of a larger space, so if you happen to have a smaller bathroom, then glass-shower if a must for you. 

Bathroom Designs 2021: Geometric and Patterned Tiles 

Speaking of shower walls and bathroom tiles, we could not forget to discuss the most trendy tile picks of this year.

Geometric and patterned tiles are one of the leading bathroom trends 2021 that come in plenty of different shapes, textures, and finishes which can accommodate any preference and taste. 

bathroom design 2021 geometric tiles

Some of the most popular tile shapes are hexagons, chevrons, bricks, and parquet-like forms which can have glossy, matte, or other texture.

What is more, tiles not only play a substantial role in the bathroom design 2021, but they are also very durable and practical, which makes them an ideal option for such highly-functional space as the bathroom. 

bathroom designs 2021 hexagon shape black tiles

White marble is a timeless, sophisticated material that does not seem to age. In fact, it is one of the exquisite bathroom trends 2021, which can be used both for floors and walls.

Since marble is very lavish and attractive on its own, it is able to transfer these qualities into the bathroom interior, while making it look very luxurious and at the same time sophisticated. 

white marble bathroom design 2021

By the way, marble also wonderfully matches with other natural materials like woods, stones, and metals.

So if you want to enhance your bathroom design 2021, then you can easily combine it with other contemporary materials of your choice. 

Obviously, bathtubs are one of the essential features in bathrooms, but recently, they have become much more than just functional items. Nowadays they are as equal design attributes as any other bathroom decor 2021.

What is more, this year you will see tubs in a wide variety of styles, colors, and forms; however, the oval-shaped bathtubs are one of the ultra-modern bathroom trends 2021. 

bathroom design trends 2021 oval shape bathtub

Non-traditional colors and materials such as wood, stone, marble as well as black matte finish tubs are also very widespread this year. 

Overall, if you want to accentuate your bathroom design 2021 with a special element, you can always get a bathtub with some sort of exclusive quality like an abstract shape, non-traditional material, or another attractive motive. 

Bathroom designs 2021 luxurious black bathtub

Just like bathtubs, toilets, and showers, sinks are also among the essential attributes of bathrooms, which got plenty of impressive appearances this year. 

Contemporary popular sinks are one of the biggest bathroom trends 2021, which are typically reflected through the use of unconventional materials, interesting silhouettes as well as stunning finishes. 

bathroom designs 2021 modern sinks

In fact, colourful round sinks with a matte finish are one of the most popular options of this year, which stand out with their graceful attractiveness. 

In other words, modern sinks are so nice and chic that bathroom designs 2021 can confidently rely on their attractive appearance and trendiness. 

bathroom ideas 2021 round ceramic sinks

Gold detailing and features are also viral bathroom design trends 2021, which can immediately transfer any interior from ordinary to lavish.  

Gold accents are heavily integrated into bathroom faucets, and cabinet handles. They effortlessly match with a wide variety of materials such as marble, ceramic, wood, stone, and many others. 

bathroom design ideas gold faucet

What is more, gold details are perfect small interior additions that can lead to an evident change in bathroom designs 2021.

So if you were looking for interesting ideas for your bathroom design 2021, then enhancing your room with gold attributes is an amazing decision in this case. 

bathroom design 2021 soft gold faucet

Bathroom Decor 2021: Natural Elements & Cozy Accessories 

We have already mentioned that along with practicality; your bathroom should also be a space for complete relaxation and tranquillity so that you can enjoy spending your time there.

This year, natural decor and cozy accessories one of the most popular bathroom trends 2021, which help to bring calmness and comfort to your interior. 

bathroom decor 2021 wood caddy

From scented candles and aromas, natural plants, and wood accessories, there so many furnishing pieces you can add in your bathroom. 

By the way, natural and organic elements, especially plants and flowers, are one of the most popular trends among bathroom decor 2021, which help to create an organic environment while reinforcing the connection between humans and nature. 

bathroom decor 2021 natural plants and materials

Bathroom Designs 2021: Use of Muted Colors

As we all know, one of the most widespread colors for bathroom interiors are the neutrals, whites or grays, but as we saw it already, bathroom designs 2021 like to experiment with new concepts and colors play a substantial role in that. 

To be more specific, bathroom designs 2021 encourage the usage of colors with muted tones such as neo-mint or sage green, ocean blue, dusty rose, hazelnut as well as moody shades like light terracotta, midnight blue, organic red, etc. 

blue bathroom design 2021

These types of colorful accents can be incorporated through wall colors as well as decor items; the key is to have a specific muted palette instead of arbitrary colors. 

All in all, color accents and statement walls are great bathroom ideas 2021, especially if you like to bring some distinctiveness and character into your interior. 

bathroom design 2021 sage green interior

One of the best characteristics in bathroom designs 2021 is that there is so much experimentation and layering going on that it is really hard not to try it yourself. 

In fact, if you want to have a distinctive and yet fashionable bathroom design 2021, then you should definitely try layering various materials and styles in your interior. 

bathroom trends 2021 industrial chic style interior

You can layer such materials as textured woods with shiny metals, glass and ceramics, or combine industrial style with Scandinavian, or traditional with mid-century, and the list goes on.   

Such design concepts and motives are very widespread among bathroom decor 2021, and they look super stylish. So when doing a bathroom makeover, certainly think of layering multiple heavy textures and styles.

bathroom design 2021 retro industrial style interior

Bathroom Ideas 2021: Integrating Open-Space Concept 

As you can already tell, there are plenty of great bathroom ideas 2021, which can help you enhance your room and open space concept is another fantastic motive you can integrate into your interior. 

If you go through some of the best bathroom designs 2021, you will see that many of them have an open space concept, meaning there is no unnecessary clutter and everything is kept to the basic. 

bathroom trends 2021 open-space interior

Integrating an open-space concept in your bathroom design 2021, will make the interior look much organized and relaxed. Besides, all your decor and interior accessories pop-out better in such an environment rather than in an entirely furnished bathroom. 

Overall there are plenty of impressive and stunning bathroom ideas 2021, but it is only up to your preference which one to incorporate and how to furnish your space so that you can enjoy being there.

bathroom ideas 2021 open space interior 

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