Home Decor Trends 2022: Top 25 Amazing Ideas That Actually Work

Interior Design Trends

Modern home decor trends 2022 are a combination of comfort, the latest technology and beauty. At the same time, using all the benefits of civilization, you can stay as close to nature as possible.

Every beautiful thing and every beautiful interior is based on someone’s inspiration. One small idea can grow into an entire house renovation with amazing results.

Home Decor Trends 2022: 25 Amazing Ideas That Actually Work

What if there are no ideas?

Get inspired by the work of the professionals. And also learn to look at things and phenomena differently. The way no one else has looked at them.

Take a note – here are 25 home decor trends 2022 that actually work.

Original lamps, multistage or non-standard lighting system, lighting of shelves and mirrors, “clusters” of lamps and much more: monitor the Internet for new products and trends. Look for the very idea that you don’t want to postpone.

Home Decor Trends 2022: Original Lighting

Home Decor Ideas 2022: Bright Chairs

Bright chairs are one of the most effective and simple ways to transform even the most boring interior.

A functional accent available even with a minimal budget (there are enough master classes on self-updating old chairs on the Internet).

Home Decor Ideas 2022: Bright Chairs

Winter “Insulated” Interior

Warming up your living room or bedroom for the winter means adding coziness and warmth, which you especially want with the arrival of cold weather and traditional fatigue by the end of the year.

We warm ourselves with bedspreads, carpet, soft pillows, fine decor, and light cozy shades.

Home Decor Ideas 2022

Perhaps this is exactly what you are missing. Just a “corner” for relaxation. With a cozy armchair for horizontal relaxation and minimal home decor 2022.

Home Decor Trends 2022: Relaxation Corner

How to Freshen Up Your Interior: Bathroom Ideas

If replacing the curtain, rugs and toothbrush glass does not change the situation, go to the mirror, sink and live green decor. They can drastically change the atmosphere in the bathroom.

Home Decor Trends 2022 ideas

Room Decor Ideas: Huge Clock

Home decor 2022 that will work in any interior. You can also make a huge wall clock yourself. You will need a clockwork and a bright idea.

Room Decor Ideas 2022

How to Quickly Transform Your Living Room

Just three elements – a pendant light, an accent wall and a carpet – completely change the atmosphere in the living room.

Room Decor Ideas 2022 living room

Original Home Decor 2022 Ideas: Author’s Accent

Look for non-trivial ideas. Do not rush to copy someone else’s inspiration one by one – try to look at the idea from a different angle and make something of your own based on it.

Original Home Decor 2022 Ideas: Author's Accent

Want to spice up a room with a neutral home design 2022? Make a colorful island, for example, around the sofa.

Bright pillows, a few colored accessories, pots with green plants – this contrast will not tire the eyes, but will revive and make everything around very expressive.

Interior Trends 2022: A Colorful Island

Home Design Ideas 2022: Artificial Flowers

Change your attitude towards artificial flowers – they are back in fashion. Collect them in a dense bouquet and place them in a vase, completely hiding the stems.

Home Design Ideas 2022: Artificial Flowers

Wall Quotes

Express yourself: decorate a piece of the wall with your favorite poetic quote – using a thin brush or a special letter stencil.


It is often very difficult for us to choose accessories – we doubt whether they will be combined with each other, whether they will suit furniture, wallpaper.

A simple solution: choose one leading color, for example burgundy, and pick up a lot of decorative items in the same range, and when burgundy gets boring, switch to another color. Let’s say green.

Home Decor Trends 2022: Accessories

Transform Your Bathroom into a Home Spa

Turn your bathroom into a spa. Hang up fluffy towels, buy natural soap, wooden accessories, and wicker baskets.

Home Decor Trends 2022: Accessories bathroom

A bit retro – don’t buy a full-fledged kitchen set. Equip the kitchen with open shelves and cabinets without doors, and cover them with curtains made of thick fabric.

Stylish and very comfortable.

Interior Design Trends 2022: Retro

Black And White Photographs

Black and white photographs, whether yours or those of last century movie stars, are a great way to add style to any interior.

Insert them into frames of different shapes and hang them along the wall – it seems that this is a family collection that has been collected over the years.

Interior Design Trends 2022

Modern 2022 House

Modern home decor trends 2022 can include a gym or sports and play room, home theater, workshop, sauna, mini observatory, library, wine cellar, etc.

Modern 2022 House

Open Space

Do you adore admiring the view outside the window? Make a choice in favor of the “Open Space” technology.

This technology literally means “open space”, and you may have to demolish one wall. Do not be alarmed, you really do not need to stay in an open space.

It’s just that this wall will be replaced by huge windows. Now the beautiful landscape outside will become part of your interior.
It remains to think about insulation and the correct selection of colors – after all, the view outside the window changes season after season.

Modern 2022 House

Versatile Options

Versatile home decor trends 2022 – light wood wall cladding, chrome elements or monochrome interior.


It is possible to integrate nature into the home decor trends 2022 in another way – with the help of eco-decor. For example, you can put a realistic gypsum decorative tree in the corner of a room or take a bath in a “stone”.

That is, a bathtub made in the shape of a stone. The same can be the small details of the decor – a pebble candlestick, a table-top with a “river”. And ordinary cones will organically fit into the Scandinavian interior.

It is far from necessary to hide “rough” elements, such as beams on the ceiling. After all, they can become its original highlight.

Eco-Decor 2022

Second Youth

Give an old refrigerator a second youth – repaint it in a fresh, cheerful color with the help of a special paint. You don’t need to sand anything – degrease the surface and apply paint. Very fast and easy.

Home Design Ideas 2022: Old Wooden Chairs

Do not throw out old wooden chairs – now it is a very fashionable interior detail. You just need to stand them, and then paint them in bright juicy colors, or use white paint and a sponge to achieve the aging effect.

Home Design Ideas 2022: Old Wooden Chairs

Small Glass Bottles

Add sophistication to your bathroom: buy small glass bottles from decorators or antique stores and pour all the tonics, lotions and gels into them. Your shelf under the mirror will look like a boudoir from 50s Hollywood movies.

Home Design Ideas 2022

Fabrics of Different Textures

In the bedroom, try to combine fabrics of different textures – silk and corduroy, glossy and matte. This has a dramatic effect, expanding and visually enriching the space.

Home Design Ideas 2022

Home Decor Ideas 2022: A Game with Color

An interesting version of the game with color – paint only one wall in a certain color, and the whole room – walls, furniture, ceiling – in different shades of this color.

Home Decor Ideas 2022: A Game with Color

In fact, modern 2022 houses are versatile. And to the question about the style, you can answer: “What your heart desires.” However, of course, there are the most fashionable and practical styles in terms of interior design 2022. Let’s consider them.


Bionics is an ambiguous and attractive style, the embodiment of creativity and aspirations of a modern person. It combines the natural outlines of Art Nouveau and the technology of hi-tech.

In short, perfect comfort, friendship with nature and extravagance, the scope of which can truly reveal the home design 2022.

Interior Trends 2022: Which Style To Choose?

Country Style

Country, its French branch – Provence, rustic style – all these are different sides of the rustic aesthetics.

Country Style 2022

Shabby Chic

Shabby chic is the very embodiment of a somewhat nostalgic tenderness, sweetly protesting through scuffs and “aged” surfaces.

Shabby Chic 2022

Scandinavian Style

Scandinavian style – for those who like practicality, simplicity and natural materials.

Scandinavian Style 2022

A couple of bright notes will make the interior lively and cheerful. Don’t forget about the typical Nordic home decor trends 2022 – spruce branches, fun colored flags and wigwams in the kids’ room.

We hope our article on home decor trends 2022 was useful to you!

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