Top 15 Amazing Kids’ Room 2022 Ideas And Designs To Try

Kids room design

The kids’ room 2022 is a place that has an impact on your child’s growth in some way. Therefore, we invite you to find out what a comfortable kids’ room 2022 should be like and what you should pay attention to when designing it.

15 Amazing Kids' Room 2022 Ideas And Designs

Furniture In The Kids’ Room 2022

First and foremost, make the most use of the available space in the room. The kids’ room in 2022 should include all the required furniture, but there should also be enough of area for games.

Delimiting the area into zones – for gaming, sleeping, and studying – is a great idea.

Given the fact that children are most often restless and active, the kids’ room 2022 needs to be made spacious. There should be a place where the child could play, frolic and even run.

What to do if the apartment area does not allow all this? The answer is simple – we advise you to equip the kids’ room 2022 with transformable furniture.

Furniture In The Kids' Room 2022

This is ideal for such cases. So, if the kid wants to play, the bed can be easily pushed into the closet, and the table can be quickly folded.

For 2022, designers recommend choosing functional furniture. Of course, no one forbids you to order a car bed or to pick up a canopy in the form of a wigwam for a bed. They will also look quite relevant.

If there are two children, then a two-level bed is an excellent solution. It can also be supplemented with a wardrobe or sports equipment.
Kids’ room 2022 will become more comfortable if, when choosing furniture, you take a closer look at storage poufs.

They can be used both as a seat and as a storage for toys.

A great idea for toddlers is a hammock-like hanging chair. This frees up space, adding a playful vibe to the kids’ room 2022.

Safety First

Keep in mind that your little one is curious and will definitely start scrambling to get to hard-to-reach places, trying to get things like toys, etc. from the shelves.

Secure anything that could tip over and harm your kid. Take a look at the room through the eyes of a child, where you would like to climb and what consequences are possible if you make a small mistake. Kids’ room 2022 must be absolutely safe.

Furniture In The Kids' Room 2022

Trendy Colors For Kids’ Room 2022

Childhood should be bright and colorful.

Last year, Scandinavian almost monochrome and white design options were in trend. This year, designers recommend using rich blue, bright green and orange, as well as their various combinations.

Trendy Colors For Kids' Room 2022

If a child is over 4-5 years old, then it is worth asking him what color the kids’ room 2022 should be in his view.

It is not advised that a boys’ bedroom 2022 or a girls’ room 2022 be in dark brown or black colors. Such rooms in beige color also look boring.

Trendy Colors For Kids' Room 2022

The “pink” girls’ room 2022 has long been recognized as a sign of bad taste. But blue, or rather gray-blue, will suit both girls and boys’ bedroom 2022. Combined with white, this design will be an excellent alternative for lovers of Scandinavian interiors.

Fans of pink are advised to replace it with light purple. It is better to combine it with white. By the way, the purple and white kids’ room 2022 could easily be turned into a bedroom for a teenage girl in the future.


It is well known that sunlight has a positive effect on the well-being of a child. Therefore, try to equip the kids’ room 2022 in the lightest room. But sometimes this alone is not enough.

It is also important to place the “correct” window in the kids’ room 2022. The ideal option for this case would be the installation of a metal-plastic window that will protect your child from noise and dust from the street.

Quite often, natural lighting in the kids’ room is not enough, so additional light sources are required.

In this case, for the comfort of your baby, you need to install in the room not only ceiling lamps, but also wall, recessed lighting fixtures.

Kids' Room 2022

Wall Decoration

The walls of the kids’ room 2022 are most often covered with wallpaper. Today, manufacturers offer many options for kids, decorating wallpapers in the most incredible colors or drawing characters from their favorite cartoons on them.

When choosing what to cover the walls of the kids’ room 2022, opt for pastel colors that will not annoy and tire the baby. In addition, the wallpaper should be made from sustainable material and be practical.

Therefore, the most suitable option for a children’s room is paper and washable wallpaper.

In many families, future artists are growing up who are eager to depict their creations on the walls. In this case, you can resort to liquid wallpaper that can be repainted.

Wall Decoration 2022

Sometimes, instead of wallpaper, you can resort to painting the walls. This is a rather time-consuming operation, but it allows you to achieve a unique interior, since it involves hand-painting.

At the same time, it is important that only environmentally friendly materials are used for painting the walls, for example, acrylic paint, which is odorless and resistant to water, due to which the walls can be washed repeatedly.

Kids’ Bedroom Ideas 2022: Screen-easel

As previously mentioned, children enjoy painting on the walls.

To avoid this, construct a customized easel screen for it and set it in a convenient location. When a child wants to sketch, he won’t ruin the wallpaper; instead, he’ll use an easel to express his creative imagination.

Kids' Bedroom Ideas 2022: Screen-easel


If you follow trends in the field of interior decoration, then, for sure, you already know that next year “geometry” will be relevant.

It is suitable not only for “adult” premises. Kids’ room 2022 with geometric decor will look relevant and interesting.

For example, wallpaper in a kids’ room 2022 with rhombuses, triangles or circles of different colors will perfectly fit into the interior. The most relevant options are large and small colored polka dots. With their help, you can arrange a real color firework in the kids’ room.

Geometry can be in everything. Both in surface finishes and in the form of floor rugs and furniture. It is also suitable as a pattern on bedding and bedspreads.

Geometry 2022 for kids room

Kids’ Bedroom Ideas 2022: Bright Pillows

In addition, bright pillows will decorate the kids’ room design 2022. Surround the baby with such soft “triangles”, “circles”, “rhombuses” and other shapes. They just love them.

Kids' Bedroom Ideas 2022: Bright Pillows

Girls’ Room Ideas 2022: Sparkles

For a girls’ room 2022 you can safely use sparkles in the decor. Items with a metallic effect are in fashion. The wallpaper for a kids’ room 2022 with glitter is also suitable.

Such finishing materials should be dosed and in combination with matte counterparts.

Girls' Room Ideas 2022: Sparkles

3D decor

Children love 3D. Such images surprise and amuse them. It can be unusual wallpaper or a painting on the wall.

It is best to combine the two trends and use 3D images with geometric shapes. A boys’ bedroom 2022 or a girls’ room 2022 in the style of “Through the Looking Glass” will also look original.

Girls' Room Ideas 2022 3D walls


As a rule, parquet is used as the flooring in the modern kids’ room 2022. However, do not forget about such coatings as laminate, linoleum or carpet. When making your choice, as in previous cases, make sure that the material is safe.

The color palette is very different. For example, you can choose a coating that matches the overall color scheme of the room, or you can put an accent on it by making the floor bright.

In addition, keep in mind that children not only walk on the floor, but also run, sit, and lie on it. Therefore, durability and warmth are important properties.

Flooring kids room 2022

Kids’ Bedroom Ideas 2022: Fancy Rugs

All children, regardless of age, love to play on the floor. The kids’ room 2022 should provide them with this opportunity. However, the complete covering of the floor with textile coverings is no longer relevant. Small rugs are in trend. By the way, they are an excellent tool for space zoning.

As already mentioned, geometry is relevant. A round rug with a design in the form of a sun, orange, apple or, for example, a lawn will look great. Options in the form of a combination of geometric shapes are also suitable.

Map-rugs are also interesting. Your kid will be able to study geography during the game and find out where certain animals live.

Soft rugs made of pompoms will become an original decoration of the kids’ room.

Remember that the rug, like the rest of the textiles, is one of the interior details that can be changed as your beloved son or daughter grows up. So choose them according to their wishes and tastes.

Kids' Bedroom Ideas 2022: Fancy Rugs

School Board

Hang a small chalkboard constructed of plywood and coated with dark paint on a door or a wall to awaken a desire for knowledge in first-graders.

The child can study things while having fun with such a board.

School Board for kids room 2022

Bright Books

Bright books, on beautiful and fashionable bookshelves, are great for the trendy interior of the kids’ room 2022.

You can teach children to love reading and books from a young age, as well as tell bedtime stories, because as we know, education is very important in the modern world.

Bright Books kids room ideas 2022

Alphabet wall

The possibilities for creating an alphabet wall are endless. This is great for both genders and one of the best ideas for a kids’ room 2022, especially since they are just starting to learn letters and numbers.

Alphabet wall for kids room 2022

Choose bright letters in different shapes to attract the young minds.

Now you know what a kids’ room 2022 should be like, and you know the latest trends for the next year.

We will be glad if this information will help you to equip a beautiful and comfortable bedroom for your baby.

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