Exterior Paint Colors 2021: 10 Best Colors for Modern Houses and Buildings

contemporary exterior paint colors 2021 best color combinations Interior Design Trends

Making a decision on exterior color-scheme is a hard task. Today we’re going to talk about the best exterior paint colors 2021 that can help you with your enrich the surface of your house or any other building.

In this list, we included some of the best exterior paint trends 2021 that not only look super stylish but are able to modernize your exterior while giving it a durable coverage. 

modern Exterior Paint Colors 2021 best paint color trends

We want to start this list with one of the most popular and stylish trends among top exterior paint colors 2021, which is the rich charcoal gray that is able to transfer any exterior from ordinary to ultra-modern.

The beauty of this modish color lies within its unique shade between black and gray but with hints of dark blue, which makes this color much more unique and extravagant.

Modern Scandinavian house exterior paint colors 2021 charcoal grey

What is more, not only this is a timelessly gorgeous color, but it is also one of the biggest exterior color trends 2021 that are currently present among the most modern houses. 

Top Exterior Paint Colors 2021: Light Grey 

Another classic paint color for this year is the light gray, which is a very sophisticated and neutral color tone that can be applied for any house or building surface.

In fact, nowadays, there is a big tendency towards this color as more and more urban style buildings incorporate it in their exterior, no wonder why light gray is among the top exterior paint colors 2021. 

Top Exterior Paint Colors 2021 Light Grey Modern House

Modern House Exterior Paint Colors 2021: All White Surface

The current tendency toward simplicity and minimalism significantly affects the development of interior and exterior design, including the color schemes, which are continually heading towards neutrals and more peaceful tones.

This probably explains the growing popularity of all-white surface look among ultra-modern houses as well as the fact that white is considered to be one of the most stylish exterior paint colors 2021. 

Popular Exterior color trends 2021 all white ultra modern house design

When speaking of the fast-growing tendency of neutral color exteriors, it would simply be wrong not to talk about some of the most popular neutrals which are taupe and beige. 

These two colors are two of the most welcoming and cozy colors among the exterior paint colors 2021 that are able to instantly enrich the surface of any sort of building while making it look contemporary and classy.

Neutral Exterior Paint Trends 2021 beige taupe modern luxury house

If you are keeping up with the latest design tendencies, then you probably know that blue-gray and many of its shades are in the list of the biggest interior and exterior paint colors 2021.

The beauty of this color lies within its unique tone which is a lovely blend of two elegant colors.

However, the best of this color that all of its shades from light blue-gray to deep dark look equally stunning on the house exterior. 

Popular Exterior Color Trends 2021 blue grey paint

What is more, nowadays blue-gray paint is especially widespread among modern farmhouse exteriors that easily stand out with their charming color scheme.

All in all, if you are looking for some interesting and fashionable exterior paint colors 2021, then you should certainly consider getting a blue-gray paint.

best exterior paint trends 2021 blue grey color house

Sage green is one of the latest but most rapidly growing color trends of the moment, which captivates many people with its soothing and sophisticated color tone.

Apart from that, sage green is also in the list of unique exterior paint trends 2021 that is capable of enhancing any type of building surface while making it more fashionable and attractive.

new Exterior Paint Trends 2021 earthy sage green

There are numerous ways to accentuate a building exterior and painting the front door is one of the best ideas that can help you with that.

In fact, painted front doors are considered to be one of the most creative and modish exterior trends 2021 that are popular not only among house exteriors but also among urban-style commercial places such as shops, cafés, boutiques, restaurants and more.

popular exterior trends 2021 blue painted front door

Besides that, although the current color trends primarily revolve around muted or neutral colors, contemporary statement doors are painted with more vibrant and eye-catching colors including turquoise blue, yellow, Neo mint, etc.

In short, if you are tired of your property exterior and you want to enhance it in an interesting way, then painting the front door is a great way to do so, especially when it is one of the best exterior trends 2021. 

creative exterior trends 2021 colored entrance door

Painting an exterior with black color might sound too bold or dramatic, but it actually looks very contemporary, sleek, and polished in all building types.  

Moreover, matte black is actually one of the top exterior paint trends 2021 which is a very popular color for modern style houses as well as urban style commercial and apartment buildings. 

best modern exterior color trends 2021 black matte Scandinavian style house design

The color black is also widely used for modern Scandinavian type houses that seem more attractive and stunning in this color scheme. 

So if you are not afraid to make bold and trendy design decisions, then you should surely consider painting your exterior with matte black paint. 

top exterior paint colors 2021 black modern house

Have you noticed that neutrals and brown colors always seem to be more inviting and cozy?

It is mainly because these colors typically have warm tones to them, which attracts the eye and associates with a homey feeling.  

The same concept works with warm brown house exteriors, which usually have additional coziness and classiness to them.

Due to this and many other qualities, warm brown shades are considered to be in the list of most elegant exterior color trends 2021. 

Inviting Exterior Color Trends 2021 house in warm brown tones

These days houses painted with one color already look pretty amazing, but, if you want to further enhance the exterior of your building and make it more exclusive, then you can always paint it with multiple colors. 

The key to stylish color combinations is to pick either harmonizing tones among neutrals or go for stylishly contrasting shades such as black and white, blue, and white, etc. 

modern house exterior color trends 2021 black and white color combination

In fact, if you want to create an ultra-modern color scheme, then you should undoubtedly go for the shades of gray as they look absolutely stunning, and are considered to be one of the best trends among exterior paint colors 2021. 

On the other hand, you can also set up a color palette from the list of top exterior paint trends 2021.

Just pick one or two fashionably harmonizing colors such as black and white, gray and white, brown, blue & taupe, or any other color scheme of your preference and paint your exterior.

creative exterior paint colors 2021 yellow and black color combinations

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