Living Room Trends 2021: Best 9 Interior Ideas and Styles To Go For

living room trends 2021 colors and styles Living room design

Are you tired of the same living room and think of doing a makeover? Here are some amazing living room trends 2021 that will help you redesign your space with contemporary motives.

On this list, we included some of the trending living room design ideas 2021 that are easy to incorporate and that can transfer any space from ordinary to stylish and ultra-modern. 

living room trends 2021 colors and styles

So first of all, we want to start with the Scandinavian inspired interior. It is one of the most prevailing living room trends 2021, which distinguishes with its clean, tranquil and aesthetic vibe. 

Living rooms in this style typically include cozy furnishing pieces, simple but unique decor accents and of course neutral, muted color-scheme which plays the leading role in the set of its iconic relaxing atmosphere. 

living room trends 2021 Scandinavian inspired look

Scandinavian style living room 2021 can incorporate plenty of organic materials such as light woods, soft fabrics, black metal, as well as plenty of plants.

Along with its iconic greyish and neutral tones, Scandinavian living room 2021 sometimes also likes to stand out with moderately eye-catching decors and patterns.

living room trends 2021 Scandinavian style living room

For instance, it can be a unique rug, lamp, armchair or similar furnishing piece.

Regardless of what sort of garnishes you pick, you can be sure that your Scandinavian living room 2021 will be modish and stunning. 

Our next style trend is the urban industrial which has been on trend for already a couple of years while fascinating everyone with its charming blend of rusty & raw interior mixed with contemporary urban style.

This style is so captivating and cool that it effortlessly attracts more people and does not seem to hold back its leading positions among best interior and living room trends 2021. 

living room design ideas 2021 urban industrial style

Moreover, with each passing year, this style finds more ways to blend with other interior styles while generating plenty of new furnishing motives.

In fact, most living room design ideas 2021 are a great indication of that.

So now let us give you some more information on this style.

As we said, urban industrial typically includes lots of worn-out materials and factory-inspired furnishing elements, like textured hardwoods, exposed bricks, different metals and of course large windows. 

living room 2021 industrial chic style

The best part of this style is that in addition to bold furnishing accents, it can also incorporate such stylish elements like glass, gold metal, glossy materials as well as other elegant textures. 

By the way, urban industrial looks especially good in open space, multifunctional spaces, where there’s lots of room to work with. 

industrial style living room 2021

Living Room Design Ideas 2021: Back to the Nature

Depicting the interconnection between humans and nature through the interior is another major theme this year, which is often reflected with earthy color-scheme and eco-friendly furnishing pieces. 

In fact, because the utilization of organic and sustainable materials in living rooms is one of the biggest interior design trends 2021; therefore you’ll see lots of furniture and decor made with wood, bamboo, rattan, as well as fabrics like cotton, wool, hessian, etc.

living room decor 2021 natural materials and eco-friendly furniture

Besides, with the rise of healthy living and sustainability, more consumers try to stay away from plastic, and consequently, more interior designers focus on creating organic environments with eco-friendly furnishing items.

With that being said, if you want to have a calming and yet trendy living room 2021, then using natural decor elements and organic color-tones is a must guide for you. 

living room decor 2021 plants and natural furniture

One of the most prominent living room trends 2021 is minimalism, which refers to nearly all aspects of your interior design; from color-palette and style to furniture items and other interior garnishes. 

Minimalism has really taken the world of interior design by storm with the reduction of unnecessary ornamentation and random colors, leaving people to make wiser and more aesthetic choices when buying living room decor 2021. 

living room design ideas 2021 minimal style

Moreover, because minimalism is very interconnected to the Scandinavian and Nordic styles, both of which are major living room trends 2021, it’s no wonder that minimalism got so widespread in the interior and furniture design world. 

All in all, the beauty of minimalism is that although it prioritizes simplicity, function, and neatness, it still looks very elegant and lavish. In other words, if applied correctly, you can get maximum style with minimum components.

living room trends 2021 minimal chic style

So if you are going for an effortless chic style for your living room 2021, then minimalism is an excellent option for you. 

As you can tell, most of the living room design ideas 2021 are very stylish and exceptional and our next living room style distinguishes with its soulful and carefree feeling. 

If you haven’t guessed it already, we are talking about Bohemian style interior, which is one of the most increasingly growing living rooms trends 2021. 

living room design ideas 2021 modern bohemian chic

Bohemian style embraces cultural life and the beauty of nature through such furnishing items as bold patterns, bright colors, various plants, vintage decorations, blankets, candles, and other inviting ornaments.  

By the way, with the rise of the Bohemian interior trend, many furnishing departments began to focus on supplying more products and decor pieces of this type, and nowadays you can find plenty of Bohemian style living room decor 2021. 

living room decor 2021 bohemian decor

Overall, this style is very effortlessly chic; it is for those who want to furnish their house with culture, personality, and style. So if you were searching for something like this, then the Bohemian living room interior is just for you. 

Living Room Design Ideas 2021: Trendy Statement Walls 

You probably know that one of the best ways to accentuate any interior design is to have an eye-catching color element or a statement wall, which of course applies to living room designs too. 

As a matter of fact, statements walls and color accents are two of the most prevailing living room trends 2021, both of which offer a wide selection of design techniques and motives for every preference.

living room trends 2021 statement walls

This year, you can accentuate your wall through an eye-catching wallpapers, geometric ornaments, textured paints, and other stylish wall elements.

What is more, you can also paint your wall with attractive muted colors like neo-mint, dusty rose, terracotta or warm sandy brown, as well as navy blue tones and sage green. 

living room design ideas 2021 statement wall colors

By the way, all the mentioned colors are part of the top interior design trends 2021, so you can integrate them not only as wall coloring but also in your furnishing color-palette. 

Living Room Decor 2021: More Statement Furniture & Decorations

As mentioned before, having eye-catching furnishing pieces in your home is a must if you want it to look one of a kind and while attractive walls are an excellent choice for that, they are not the only way you can accentuate your living room 2021. 

Bold armchairs, patterned rugs, big colorful sofas, creative light-fixtures, and framed pictures are some of the biggest trends of living room decor 2021. 

statement decor for living room 2021

Moreover, if you don’t like too much color or ornamentation, you can easily pick one color or one statement element and work around it. In other words, your statement pieces do not necessarily have to be super extraordinary; they can be unique and yet quite simple.  

The best part of statement decorations is that they show your own personality while bringing some artistry in your place.

So if you are looking for creative living room design ideas 2021, then adding some artistic furnishing pieces should be on top of your guide list. 

velvet statement chair for living room 2021

Living Room Design Ideas 2021: Mix and Match Interior Styles

Going through a wide selection of living room design ideas 2021, one common tendency you might note is that very often living rooms incorporate more than one style, and this is especially widespread in sizable, multifunctional spaces.

In fact, some of the most major interior styles that are present today are a blend of multiple interior styles; such include mid-century modern, industrial-rustic, farmhouse-rustic, modern urban industrial and many others.

living room design ideas 2021 modern urban industrial

However, before integrating multiple styles in your living room 2021, there are some important rules that you need to follow if you want to create a stylish and aesthetically pleasing environment.

  1. Choose a minimal color-scheme
  2. Choose styles that have some common characteristics
  3. Find the right balance between the styles
  4. Do not overdo

These rules will help you establish an aesthetic and fashionable living room 2021 without it appearing like a crazy chaos. If you need more guidance on how to mix interior styles properly, here are some extra tips that might be useful.  

living room design ideas 2021 mixed styles

Accentuated individuality and style is one of the top living room trends 2021, which can be seen in most nowadays interiors.

Whether it’s through furniture & decor choice or highlighted color-scheme, your interior’s personality and style can be emphasized in various ways. 

living room 2021 with personality and style

As mentioned earlier, statement walls and furnishing pieces can play a substantial role in shaping the style & personality of your living room 2021 but know that small attributes are no less important. 

What is more, small garnishing items such as candles, blankets, pictures and even books can also have a notable influence on the establishment of the interior’s individuality and style, so don’t forget about them too. 

modern living room 2021 with personality and style

All in all, when setting up the interior design of your living room 2021, try to pick out such decorations that will add a particular style and identity to your room. 

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