Wallpaper Trends 2021: The Most Popular Ideas, Prints, and Patterns

Interior Design Trends

Picking wallpaper for interior can be tough but don’t worry because we’ve got you covered. In this guide, we’ll discuss the best wallpaper trends 2021, which can guide you when purchasing wallpaper for your space. 

In this guide, we also included some of the most creative wallpaper ideas for 2021 that you can use to accentuate your environment in a new way. So get comfortable and continue reading to find out everything that you need to know about the wallpapers of this year. 

modern wallpaper design grunge pattern interior design

Tropical and botanical prints are one of the biggest wallpaper trends 2021 that looks very eye-catching and absolutely stunning in any environment. 

Whether you are choosing wallpaper for bathroom, bedroom, living room, or any other space, tropical patterns will look very stylish and will bring a feeling of nature to the room.  

top wallpaper trends 2021 tropical and botanical patterns

What is more, tropical and botanical theme wallpapers come in a large variety of pattern types, sizes, and styles for any preference and taste. 

Besides that, this type of wallpapers are especially great for a statement wall, so if you were looking for some unique statement wallpaper ideas for 2021, you should definitely give this trend a chance.

popular wallpaper ideas 2021 botanical patterns and tropical prints

Wallpaper Ideas 2021: Ultra-Thin Geometric Design

As you probably know, geometric patterned wallpapers have always been a big trend in interior design, and the great thing about them is that they continually evolve, modernize, and become better.

In fact, nowadays, thin-lined geometric patterns and prints stand among some of the most stylish wallpaper ideas 2021, and it is no surprise because they look absolutely mesmerizing. 

popular wallpaper ideas for 2021 ultra thin geometric patterns and shapes

The best part about the geometric wallpaper design 2021 is that the patterns are completely versatile; meaning there are countless different motives and ornaments suiting for all kinds of environments.

Moreover, due to the ultra-thin outlines of the geometric shapes, these types of wallpapers do not look overwhelming or “too much,” instead they seem very clean and organized, which is why they are a wonderful pick for an office, bedroom, or bathroom.

popular wallpaper trends 2021 ultra thin geometric patterns

Modern Wallpaper Design 2021: Sleek Metallic Effect

One of the most stunning wallpaper options at the moment is the metallic effect wallpaper design 2021, which looks very fashionable and elegant in any interior.

Nowadays, you can find plenty of wallpaper options with all kinds of amazing ornaments mixed with a metallic design, and this type of combination looks very luxurious and graceful.

modern wallpaper ideas 2021 metallic effect

If you have been keeping up with the latest wallpaper trends, then you probably know that 3D marble design has gained big popularity among different interior designs.  

In fact, marble continues to evolve and change with new designs and motives while maintaining its deserved label of a highly trending wallpaper 2021. 

trending wallpaper 2021 3D marble effect wallpaper

Face-line-art print is probably one of the most artistic and eye-catching wallpaper prints at the moment, which also happens to be one of the top interior design trends 2021

Due to its striking look, wallpapers with this face line art print are often incorporated for accentuating the room and for creating an accents wall in the bathroom, bedroom, living room, or in the office.

bathroom wallpaper ideas for 2021 face line art design

Bedroom Wallpaper 2021: Cinematic Gradient Design

If you are designing your bedroom and looking for an interesting bedroom wallpaper 2021 that can enhance your room with a tranquil atmosphere, then you should definitely consider getting a wallpaper with a cinematic gradient design.

These types of wallpapers look absolutely beautiful, and they have a unique quality of making the room look more relaxing, cinematic, and aesthetically pleasing, which is especially great for a bedroom environment. 

popular bedroom wallpaper ideas 2021 gradient effect

Wallpaper Ideas for 2021: Floral Print and the New Chintz

At the beginning of our trend list, we have already talked about the popularity of botanical prints among wallpaper designs, but now we want to specifically talk about the crucial role of floral print in the interior design of this year. 

As you probably know, floral patterns are one of the most classic wallpaper designs in history which do not lose their popularity and demand; instead, they evolve and always stay in trend. 

floral pattern wallpaper 2021 bathroom wallpaper

In fact, nowadays, wallpapers with this print have become more illustrative and striking; making them a perfect choice for designing a statement wall. By the way, floral patterns are actually one of the top 3 picks for bathroom wallpaper 2021. 

Chintz Wallpaper Patterns

In case you did not know, chintz is an iconic floral pattern that was used for decorating English country home interiors, and nowadays this pattern makes a comeback with a more modernized look, while immediately taking a leading positing among wallpaper trends 2021.

modern chintz wallpaper design 2021 bedroom wallpaper

In the old days, the Chintz pattern was applied in the entire house and as a decoration for all the interior walls, while nowadays it is often incorporated as a statement wall decoration mainly in bathrooms or living rooms. 

Modern Wallpaper Ideas 2021: Terrazzo Pattern

Yet another striking wallpaper choice is the Terrazzo design, which is considered to be one of the best wallpaper trends 2021, which is primarily incorporated in such interiors like the bathroom, kitchen, and bedroom. 

It is a highly stylish and playful pattern, which is capable of enhancing the room and make it visually more attractive. So if you are looking for some trendy wallpaper ideas 2021, then you should definitely consider incorporating this pattern in your interior.

popular wallpaper design 2021 terrazzo wallpaper for bathroom

Continuing our trend list, we want to mention one of the most popular and fast-growing wallpaper trends 2021, which is the dalmatian print design.

This print is very attractive and bold, but at the same time, so simple, which makes them perfect for any environment. In fact, nowadays, you can find dalmatian wallpapers pretty much everywhere, from offices and bedrooms to bathrooms and living rooms. 

stylish dalmatian wallpaper design 2021

Luxurious Wallpaper Ideas for 2021: Art Deco

The last trend on our list is the wallpapers in the art deco style, which differentiate from most designs with their luxurious and exquisite appearance. 

A typically art deco wallpaper design 2021 incorporates the iconic and lavish patterns from the 1920ies and gives them a modern twist.

So if you like this modern-retro luxury style, then you should undoubtedly incorporate it into your interior in some way. 

modern art deco wallpaper design 2021

Final Thoughts

As you see, there is a large selection of trends and wallpaper ideas 2021 to choose from.

Whether you love botanical and floral prints, or you prefer more geometric and structured patterns, there is always a stylish wallpaper option suiting your liking and taste.

To sum up, we hope this trend-guide helped you learn more about the most contemporary wallpaper patterns and eased up the process of picking stylish wallpaper for your interior.

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