Door Design 2022: Best 15 Door Trends and Ideas

Interior Design Trends

We would like to bring to your attention the top 15 ideas for door design 2022. In addition to the obvious practical functions, doors also have a secondary function – decorative. After all, it is the doors that supplement the overall style and give each room its own sense of integrity.

Choosing doors is not an easy task, but to make it easier, we have compiled all the door trends 2022 in one article.

Door Design 2022: Best 15 Door Trends and Ideas

Door design 2022: High doors

Trendy high door designs 2022 in the interior will serve as a win-win option for apartments with low ceilings. Thanks to a door frame with a more than two meters height, it is possible to make the ceiling look higher.

The height is achieved through the use of both a long door panel and a transom, which can be made of glass.

Rectangular or semicircular glass transoms can serve as an additional light source. They let the light in and function like an additional window.

For unusual solutions lovers, we suggest paying attention to vintage transoms, assembled from multi-colored pieces of glass.
By the way, it is not necessary to make high doorways for interior doors 2022. You can use a barn door or use wall decorations to “extend” the wall.

Door design 2022: High doors

Wide doors

The extraordinary width of the doors also top the list of door trends 2022. Double-leaf doors, the leaves of which are made in different designs, or of different sizes, are at the peak of popularity.

Doors with two leaves of different widths, one of which is blank, and the second one is made of glass, will look original in door design 2022.

A new door design 2022 trend is considered to be a three-leaf door, in which a movable blank panel is framed by fixed glass doors on both sides. Such doors will look perfect in interiors with classical or neoclassical design.


Glass doors as latest door design 2022

Space zoning has been relevant for several years now and doors play an important role in this trend. Instead of separating zones of different functioning from each other, we recommend an elegant frosted glass sliding door instead of a wall. In this way, we combine the two trends of 2022.

This option is perfect if you want to separate the work area from the rest area.
Striped sliding doors, alternating matte stripes and clear glass will also serve as a beautiful and functional addition to your interior.

Glass doors as latest door design 2022

Inlay door design 2022

Doors with various types of wood inlays will serve as a decoration of any room. To avoid cluttering the overall structure, choose ornaments with few details.

This option is more suitable for oriental design lovers. Such an unusual decor will allow you to turn an interior door into a large panel.

Inlay door design 2022

Hand-painted door designs 2022

Creativity and uniqueness are exactly what will never go out of style. And what could be more unique than hand-painted door designs 2022? The painting is carried out on both glass and wooden door leaf. Acrylic paints are most commonly used when the panel is made of glass.

In a certain way, the overall interior design decides the way the drawing will be. You’ll agree that a door painted in the “abstraction” style will look inappropriate in a classic interior or in a children’s room. If the room is furnished in an eclectic or Ethno style, we recommend painting the doors with arabesques in an oriental style.

A door decorated with patterns will look good in a calm, classic interior. Delicate curls of baroque patterns will beautify the door in creamy beige or other pastel colors.

Hand-painted door designs 2022

Stained-glass doors 2022

Stained-glass door designs 2022 are considered out of competition. They can be used to decorate both the door leaf itself and the transom. Sliding stained-glass doors, the combination of two trends of 2022, is also relevant.

Designers offer different options, again depending on the overall interior. Stained-glass windows with patterns in the shape of leaves and flowers will complement the historical style of the room.

A modern 2022 door can be decorated with a mosaic of large and small rectangles of various sizes, or with a stained-glass window in the style of geometric abstraction, which will perfectly complement the white minimalistic room.

Stained-glass doors 2022


A variety of fittings will serve as a decoration for the most ordinary and minimalistic doors. So which doorknobs are in fashion in 2022?

The strict geometric shapes of the handles hold a leading position. Rectangular aluminum handles are in vogue; for convenience, you can add an electroplating coating to protect the fittings from moisture and wear.

For simplicity and brevity lovers, we recommend long straight handles, this option looks elegant and easy to use.
Creativity lovers can combine several types of materials. The combination of mat and gloss will also look great in door designs 2022.

For a classic and vintage style of an interior, handles with an aged finish (bronze, gold, pewter) are suitable.

doors Fittings 2022

There are no particular changes in interior door color trends 2022. White is still the most functional color, that will fit absolutely in any interior.

If your room is furnished in light colors, designers recommend wenge doors to add a dark accent. This is how various shades of dark wood (maroon, dark chocolate and even black) are called. The bigger the contrast between light and dark, the more appealing it will look.

As in the previous year, green color does not lose its relevance. But in door design 2022, the leading position is taken by one of the pale shades of green – the color of neo mint. It is this shade that will be considered out of competition in 2022.

Designers also advise choosing a color for doors that matches the flooring.
You can also combine the doors with the color of the furniture. If the interior is dominated by dark furniture, you can choose a door in the same shade but a few tones lighter.

Door color trends 2022

Front doors 2022

The front door is the hallmark of your home. It is considered an important part of the interior, therefore it is recommended to pay special attention to it. Designers offer both laconic and original door designs 2022. Wooden and metal doors with forged details are considered classics.

When it comes to size, designers are leaning towards one conclusion – the wider, the better. Wide wooden door leaves look solid and emphasize the harmony of the environment and the taste of the owners.

The main anti-trend of 2022 is the front door, which merges with the facade of the house. It is recommended to combine materials such as metal with wood or glass. By the way, transoms serve as decoration not only for interior doors, but also for entrance doors.

For industrial and loft style lovers, door design 2022 made of smooth and shiny material is relevant.

Solid glass doors are also trending, allowing more natural light to enter the house. Steel doors are also good, suitable for both houses and apartments.

Front doors 2022

Hinged and sliding interior doors

Despite the presence of more interesting and extraordinary solutions, single and double swing doors are very popular.
Most often, the size of modern apartments can only afford one-leaf swing doors.

The wide opening of double-leaf doors visually enlarges the space of even the smallest room. They let the light into the rooms that don’t have windows, such as a corridor.
For small rooms, designers advise sliding door trends 2022, that visually expand and save the space.

Hinged and sliding interior doors 2022

One of the most minimalistic and at the same time trendy door design 2022 options is considered to be hidden doors. This type of door is decorated in the same color, material and in the same style as the wall in which the doorway is located.

It creates the illusion of merging the door with the wall, hence the name “invisible door”.
This solution looks original in bright colors.

Door Trends 2022: Hidden doors

Crittall style door design 2022

Crittall style doors are trendy interior partitions made of steel and glass. They combine the functions of a wall and a door. As a result, they are a fantastic find for modern laconic interiors such as hi-tech, loft and minimalism.

Thanks to such doors, the rooms retain the feeling of lightness. A variety of glasses (mirror, matte, tinted, patterned) are used to feel the steel frame. You can also choose the mechanism type – swing, sliding, folding.

Crittall style door design 2022

Sliding and swing doors

The most modern solution is sliding doors made of a single sheet of glass. They are considered the most striking interior door trends 2022. They will look very appropriate In large rooms.

And for small rooms they will become not only a stylish decoration, but also a source of additional lighting, since they let more natural light inside the room.

As for the swing doors that rotate 360 degrees, they are considered the model of ergonomics. Thanks to such a solution, there is no need to think about which side the door should open to.

And thanks to this, all sorts of inconveniences disappear. This option will suit many modern interior styles, providing them with the necessary completeness.

Sliding and swing doors 2022

Jali door design 2022

For special oriental and boho styles lovers, we recommend jali-style door designs.

This is how woodcarving is referred to. It can turn an ordinary door into a work of art. The patterns can be filled with glass elements, which will give the door a special sophistication.

Jali door design 2022

Wood door design 2022

The designers have also not forgotten about the classic wooden doors, which will never lose their relevance.

Wood door design 2022

In 2022, it is recommended to use this natural material in the fashion solutions such as: new wood door design 2022 with a blank leaf, decorated with 3D carving, doors with a natural geometric pattern, flat and smooth surfaces in the color of the walls.


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