Small Bathroom Trends 2021: Best 10 Tendencies and Ideas to Use

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Are you looking for small bathroom trends 2021 to make your space look a little bit bigger? If yes, then you’re in the right place.

Of course, we all dream of having a large bathroom, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that petite bathroom can’t seem large and fancy.

Today we are going to talk about the top small bathroom trends and ideas for 2021, that will help you design your bathroom and create the illusion of more space.

So get some snacks and continue reading because we have selected a lot of small bathroom trends 2021 which will make your washroom seem like it is taken out of a magazine.

First of all, let’s start with the color scheme trends for small bathroom design 2021 because it is one of the most fundamental elements in any interior design.

So one of the most obvious color choices are the light or bright coloring shades like white, beige, grey, or other lightsome tones.

Small bathroom ideas 2021 bright colors

These color schemes are well-known for creating visual space and making the place look more open and put together.

Besides that, light colors are also easy to play around, because they go pretty much with everything and you don’t need much of an effort to decorate the space.

In other words, this is an effortless way to make your small bathroom 2021 look much more sizable.

Small Bathroom Design 2021: Dusky Colors and Full Black

Did we surprise you with this one? We know, it might seem a little bit confusing, but we assure you that dusky colors are great choices for small bathroom 2021.

Just like light and bright color schemes, darker shades bring depth to the space and because of that, they create an illusion of a larger space.

Dark colored Bathroom Design 2021

In fact, black, dusty gray, blue and dark green are some trendy color shades for a small bathroom design 2021.

What is more, moody walls also easily contrast with lightsome decorations and especially with golden add-ons, which is yet another washroom design trend of this year.

So if you are searching for some color inspiration for your little bathroom, then dusty colors are awesome picks for small bathroom design 2021.

Mirrors are not only functional items, but they are also one of the biggest small bathroom trends in 2021.

The trick with mirrors is that when the light shines through their reflective surface, it creates an illusion of a bigger space.

Mirror for Small Bathroom 2021

So if you want to create visual space, then add a big mirror or add a few smaller ones and hang them at different levels or even different walls.

What is more, rather than just hanging a mirror above the sink, you can also cover a significant portion or even the entire wall with a mirror.

Small bathroom trends 2021 are full of constructive and fashion-forward ideas and invisible shower doors are yet another indication of that.

A see-through shower door is not only an amazing design solution, but it also makes any small bathroom appear a little bigger and a lot sleeker.

Glass Shower Door for Small Bathroom 2021

It is mainly because glass doors open up the space with their transparency quality and easily blend with the rest of the walls while making the place look way more sizable.

What is more, they also look very luxurious and polished, which makes them an ideal candidate for being in the higher positions of small bathroom trends 2021.

Small Bathroom Ideas: Shower Niche As a Little Storage 

If you have been keeping up with fashion and interior trends 2021, then you are probably aware that retro design pieces are becoming more and more integrated into contemporary interior looks, and our next trend is not an exception.

Shower niches are one of the retro bathroom design components, and now they came back to show how functional and useful they can be, especially for small bathroom owners.

Small Bathroom Niche 2021

They not only look attractive, but they are also a wonderful storage solution for small washrooms, as you can keep your frequently used items in there.

So if you need some unique small bathroom ideas for 2021, then a shower niche is a beneficial solution for that.

Small Bathroom Design 2021: Use of Tiles on the Wall

Our discussion of the biggest small bathroom trends 2021 would not be full without the significant tendency of applying shower tiles on the walls of the bathroom.

Tiles are not only long-lasting and appealing as shower tiles, but they also look very creative and stylish on the walls.

Modern Tiles for Small Bathroom Design 2021

In 2021, you will see a wide selection of tiles with unique designs and textures, from ordinary square or polygon shapes to parquet and brick-like forms.

In other words, there are so many options to choose from that you can easily pick the one you like, and that matches your small bathroom design 2021.

So if you are an artistic person and you want to have an exclusive bathroom design, then use tiles as your advantage.

Small Bathroom Ideas 2021: Install a Sliding Door

There are various ways, and design tricks that can help you make your small washroom become more spacious and installing a sliding door is one of those ways.

Instead of having an ordinary door that takes up significant space in your bathroom, just set up a sliding door and save up space for more important decorations for your small washroom.

Small Bathroom Trends 2021 Sliding Door

Not only this is a great design solution, but it is also one of the best small bathroom trends in 2021.

What is more, you can also choose a full glass option, which will look more stylish and will open up your space even more.

If you consider choosing a sliding door for your small bathroom design 2021, here is some trendy inspiration for you which will help you make a final decision.

Sinks with Unique Designs

When you have a small bathroom, you tend to experiment with the ordinary functionary items and decor in order to compensate for the tiny size of the place.

If you’re also one of those people who aim to do things in their own way, then you can easily consider changing your ordinary bathroom sink to a more creative option.

Small Bathroom Design 2021 Unique Sink Idea

One of the most widespread small bathroom trends in 2021 is the unique sink design, made with uncommon shapes, materials, and colors.

For instance, you can easily decorate your bathroom with marble, steel, ceramic, stone, and many more.

On the other hand, sinks can have a wide range of designs, shapes, and styles from industrial and retro to ultra-modern and futuristic.

So if you are looking for an impressive statement piece for your small bathroom 2021, then surely choose a sink with trendy and exclusive design.

Use Closed Storage for Opening up Your Small Bathroom 2021 

Like in any other petite area, you need to open up the space with different types of storage options such as drawers, shelves, or containers.

Having storage decor is undoubtedly a must for a small bathroom, but you also need to make sure they look as organized and neat as possible.

Small Bathroom Trends 2021 Creative Storage

One of the best ways to do so is to choose closed storage options, which will easily hide all your stuff, which would otherwise catch unnecessary attention and clutter up your tiny bathroom even more.

What is more, having a closed storage is not only a wise solution, but it is also one of the tendencies of small bathroom ideas 2021, which will make your place appear cleaner and sleeker.

Go Big in a Small Area by Keeping Everything Minimal and Organized 

We’re finishing our talk about small bathroom trends 2021 with one of the most obvious and inexpensive design ideas which is to keep things as minimal and arranged as possible.

Going through hundreds of small bathroom designs 2021, we have noticed that almost all of them look very minimal without extraordinary decorations and overlaid designs.

Small Bathroom Trends 2021 Minimal and Organized

As we mentioned several times, every detail is significant and even little styling solutions can lead to a big difference, especially in tiny places.

But if you keep everything neat and in order, then your bathroom space will not only look bigger, but it will also look much more elegant and up to modern tendencies.

One last smart tip we can give you is to get cabinets that have a minimum design and unnoticeable handles or better, with no handles at all.

Final Thoughts

Designing or updating a small bathroom is certainly a difficult task, especially when you want everything to look stylish and trendy.

However, small bathroom trends of 2021 have so much to offer that everyone can easily find a lot of inspiring ideas for their space.

From installing a glass shower or having mirrors on the wall, there is an extensive selection of design plans that can help to open up your miniature space, while creating the illusion of a more sizable place.

Just pick various different small bathroom ideas 2021 and set up your space with nowadays tendencies and interior techniques.

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